The Bully Project

I am a big fan of the Ellen show and truthfully, she brings in plenty of laughs and good memories whenever I think of her. She’s got a very famous parting shot at the end of every show which is,

“.. be kind to one another, good night.”

Her line strikes a familiar chord with me but this particular episode encompasses all that meaning behind the phrase. Take a little bit of your time, no more than 16 minutes to be moved to tears when you hear and witness first-hand what bullying in schools can do to your child, your friend or someone in your life.

In this instance, the boy who was bullied took his own life when the pressures of the bully didn’t cease and now, his family lives to tell the tale of what psychological impact bullying can do to one and one’s family. An early death can be prevented, if more immediate actions were taken to correct those people with tell-tale signs of bullying habits.

Giving birth to a child isn’t easy, give every child the right to live happily, go to school and chase their dreams however big they may be. Don’t live to see another bully terrorize someone in your school as you may never know if that glimpse you see of your friend may just be the last.

The movie will be out in fall 2012, watch it if you can. In fact, you must.


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