400 Days Later..

Funny how when one is at a loss of words on how to describe what reality is there in front of her, one decides to read back all her previous writings from yesteryear and that sparked off the love to write all over again.

Hello again world,

Special greetings to my 3 followers (I can’t believe that I actually do have followers!) & the 72 000+ readers whose read one or two of my articles at any one point in their lives.

I’m back in WP as the foursquare technology decided to go bonkers on me and writing here is the only way that I can remind myself where I am on a certain day in any case I get knocked down and lose my memory (okay, touch wood). But yes, you get the point right? I always, always have this fear that some day when I do grow super old, I will get amnesia and yes, those I-don’t-know-you-or-why-I-am-here moments will be aplenty. So, an online journal would serve me well into my hopeful twilight years then. Insha Allah.

Anyway, it’s refreshing to be able to write. I hope to be able to continue this journey of writing all over again on a more consistent basis. Ultimately, there will be changes in the pages, the way that I write, the people I involve in this writing but truthfully, it will still be written by me. The same person who started this WP on the year I turned 21. Heh, I am a week away from my 25th already!

How time flies.

How has your days and nights been world? Hope it is fabulous as ever?

Much love,
Yours truly


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