Waiting for Nothing.

I may be thinking differently from others but why do people adore to procrastinate? Given a choice, if I were you and were to bumming at home for the last 10 odd months without a job, I would make sure I do something beneficial for myself or the people around me. You are already reaching your mid-thirties, why do you let time pass you by like that? Aren’t you keen to do something? To achieve something in life? To hit certain goals? To continue to grow to enrich your life or that of others?


(Credits: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/christopher%20parker)

Rather than to spend your days sleeping and nights chatting online or watching TV or reading some random online articles.. Do Something! It’s troubling to see the growing mess in the room and house and granted a choice, I would gladly move out and not be an audience to your terrible Hoarder’s Syndrome.

You can deny all you want but it is clear that you need help; you need an intervention. Or maybe a miracle from God.


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