Her One & Only.

Mama & Papa

They had three wonderful kids together.

They build a house so full of love, many were jealous that they were so happy.

Even when they past their prime, they never stopped holding hands whether in private or in public.

They kissed each others’ cheeks at sporadic times that I only managed to glimpse it twice in the 25 years of my life.

The had a rock-solid marriage that sailed through the turbulent infancy of their marriage and lasted till one breathed his final breath.

They were each other’s twin; one can complete the thought of another.

They were there for each other;

Through good times & bad,

In sickness & good health


Even now when death did them part.

They’ve been married for 38 odd years.

Best friends for 40 odd years.

Each other’s worst of enemies in school.

Each other’s first, true & forever love.

Neighbors since they were little kids.

I can only imagine the huge black void that mama has in her heart now that her soulmate has answered the call of God behind the Heavenly Gates.

Stay strong mama, I know we can go through this together.

You’ve got your three kids and a network of comforting shoulders from your siblings, nieces & nephews there for you to help you get through this.

Insha Allah.


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