WEEK 1: Values and Perspectives

WEEK 1: Values and Perspectives

Day 5:

One way we lose our sparkle is by allowing tolerations (the # 1 energy leak!) to eat away at our peace of mind and energy.

Like the leaking tap that goes drip… drip… drip … could be nothing major, yet insidiously erodes anything it comes in contact with over a period of time. Often, we don’t even realise what’s happening till the damage has been done!

Today, shine the light of awareness on anything you’ve been avoiding or tolerating.


Make a decision, finish or start something, give something away, clean your desk or closet, delete computer folders, return emails, ask for help, pay a bill, let go of something that’s not serving you … big or small, doesn’t matter.

UNBLOCK that stuck energy & free your mind 😉


There are many things that I have been avoiding for days and weeks and I foresee the oversight could possibly be because of my supposed “hectic” schedule and lack of time. I personally feel that if there’s one thing that I have been avoiding, it is to make even greater use of of my time.

Ever since Papa passed away, I began on this journey to better maximize the time given to me so as to not spend the rest of my life in regret over wasted time. I have learnt that being productive is important so that we can each fulfill our own needs and quantify our time to be spent better in the company of others versus sitting around and waiting for things to happen.

I see my elder brother as a clear example of someone who isn’t making full use of his time. I would say that if I am in my mid-thirties right now, I envision myself to be a successful career woman who is in a stable and loving marriage to the man of my dreams. I envision us being in different careers but the similarities between us is the common goal that we have to butter up each other for the next promotion, next curve ball, next challenge God has planned for us. We may, or may not have kids when I am 35 but I am confident that by then, we will probably have moved in to our new home and build a bright and beautiful future together as we anticipate the arrival of a bundle of joy. I know I dream of keeping a cat or two in my future home with my husband first just to “try out” parenthood before we dive into the 9-month-of-crazy-mood-swings and a lifetime of being responsible for the upbringing of a child from God.

We may not be there yet but I know we are closer to that dream today than yesterday. So how do we get ahead and get things done?

We plan better and make better use of the time we have now. 🙂 AMIN!



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