WEEK 2: Intuition, Confidence, Vibe Raisers!

Day 7: 

Sometimes, no amount of affirmations or afformations work in the moment you need them. That’s when it’s time to bust out the WW_Ds (what would __ do). Yep, channel someone else, roleplay and act from that space! CUT OUT the over analysing, the exhausting mental calisthenics and get rowdy!

For example: If you’re feeling wimpy, ask yourself WHAT WOULD CHUCK NORRIS DO and just for a moment, BE him. Think like him, act like him, talk like him. When you can’t swing it alone, it’s time to get help from your imagination.

It doesn’t even have to be a person – could be a power animal (cheetah!), quality or object (serene pool), type of person (leader) etc.

Play with this this. When you’re faced with a decision today, ask “what would ____ do”.


When I am down, usually I will remind myself of Dad. What would he do if he were in my shoes? Usually, that’ll help me solve my doubts and questions as there are many things that I have not expected him to do but he does them anyway. For each time that I am troubled,  I always remind myself the struggles Daddy went through to raise me and also the many years he fought valiantly against cancer. Then it’ll make me miss him and remind myself  that if I want to live a life that will make him proud, I will have to do more things that I am afraid of so that I can do better for my family in the future. Amin!

Easy Life!


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