I am a strong believer in good manners. Regardless of how rich or how poor you are, I believe that the single best asset anyone can own is to be a genuinely nice human being. I see the dismal characters walking down the streets and I am grossly disappointed. What is so hard about saying please and thank you? And also, to add a little smile; even if it is a tight smile, would make a lot of difference to the conversation.

I am one who loves to smile and strike conversations with strangers on the street but I completely abhor rudeness and the lack of smiles on the face of others. I wish people will make the world a better place by smiling more often instead of scowling or frowning when asking for help or directing a query. What is even more sad is when you see the younger generation with appalling manners and I can only imagine how rude the world will be when our kids grow up.


Truly, there are so many reasons to smile and a smile generates a positive image on oneself and as a reflection on others. It is a domino effect; you smile to a stranger and they return that smile and aside from a smile back, you get that warm surge of happiness gravitating within you. Even if it lasts for a mere five seconds.

Trust me, it’s all worth it.

Manners 2


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