When I Am 35,

… in my personal life:

Wedding Rings

I would be married.

Perhaps already into our 4th year of marriage.

Happy Home

Living comfortably in our matrimonial home somewhere in the Eastern part of Singapore.

With Mummy popping by occasionally on the weekends to cook us a feast!

Weekends whereby all the families gather together in our homes and fill it with much love and boisterous laughter.

Weekend Dinners at Home

And our precious pooches will be more than settled in with the new house.

I want a Sphynx.

Sphynx Cat

The love wants a Russian Blue.

Russian Blue

(They better be both females or sterlized lest I want a hard time raising two complete opposite cats with opposing characters in the same household!) 

By 35, I would have a child already in the brood and possibly, expecting my second one. 

I hope the eldest is a boy; so that he can carry the family name and shelter his baby siblings.

The youngest I hope is a girl so that the love can dote on her endlessly like how my late father dotes on me till the end. 

And thereafter, we will live happily ever after till all of us breathe our last.


… in my career:


I want to be equipped with a degree. Ideally communications as I would love to study journalism and know the ropes to be a foreign correspondent!

I want to be successful; as a woman, as an employee and as an ambassador to my family name.

I dream of making Daddy proud. In Heaven, he’ll go like,

Daddy's Girl

“That’s my girl.”

And shower my family with abundance of good health, prosperity, happiness and wealth.

Money Tree

I would have at least 50k in savings parked into a few investments so as to meet my minimum saving sum of 100k before I am 40.

That excludes day to day savings and expenses.

Financial security is of great importance to me.

I want to be able to not worry about money for the rest of my life mainly because I started saving at a young age.

I want to have the kind of money that people talk about, naysayers dream about but none can boast about.

I strive to be humble, irrespective of how much money I have in my bank account by contributing to good causes for the betterment of animal, children and old folks in need.


That’s what 35 is going to be like for me. I just turned 26 and I can’t wait to see the fruits of my labor!




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