A Year Done & Dusted, 2015.

It may seem as though I have died off from the virtual pages of this site whereby I used to seek solace for troubled times.

It isn’t.

I am still very much alive, and kicking 🙂

I just happened to found a greater solace in silence over the last 365. It has been a good year of gathering my thoughts and life and putting things in motion while I keep my past firmly in the past.

Any regrets? No. I know things happened for a reason and although there are parts of me that ache to open up that old box of memories with old flames, I know it is best that they are all parked where they belong; in the past.

To those I have hurt in the past, please accept my apologies as I was trying to live this life and figure out what I want. Now that I am 27 going on 28, I am more or less certain with what ticks me, tugs me, melts me and it is good knowing that I have come full circle.

Thankful that God still loves me and gives me opportunities to repent and learn from my mistakes, I look forward to a brand-new chapter in 2016 and it begins today!



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