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DJ Guetta VS DJ Felli Fel

Clubbing has its pros & cons.

The pros is that I get to sift through club hits which I like and have them on my play list on replay. The last outing at Dbl-O proved to be a fruitful one since it was for my birthday bash with my lovelies from Macs. Two songs I took away from the night were these two and I can’t stop playing them and worse, humming the tune while at work! Imagine listening to these songs with an awfully awesome Dre Beats headphones; classic groove baby!

The former sounds like the kind of song my alter-ego Poison Ivy will groove to. Heh, private joke. The latter is the type of song I know I can groove to and grind somebody with on the dance floor. Like the cool boys in Macs, totally awesome dancers. Or maybe, hubs?


 Little Bad Girl
David Guetta featuring Taio Cruz & Ludacris


DJ Felli Fel featuring Akon, Pitbull & Jermaine Dupri


I am not a brands whore but I appreciate a well-executed surprise. Example today is the rarest of nights whereby I came home uber early and find the house to be dark and unoccupied. Thinking it was nothing unusual, I turned on the lights to my bedroom and there sat a huge-ass Tommy Hilfiger paper bag nestled comfortably on the corner of my desk.

I squealed in utter delight in the the near darkness !

Why you may ask ?

It wasn’t the fact that I got something branded, it was more of a case of a pleasant unexpected surprise.

I mean I came home with no inkling of what lies ahead at home so yeah, I’m very very happy and I shan’t open the wrapping until I figure out who bought the TH item for me.


Oh Christmas, you make me smile.

Fashion Digs

Excuse me, but I think you look gorgeous dear Fashionista(s) !

She exudes such elegance with those pleated skirt and the sunset orange top just lends that little bit of drama to an otherwise boring ensemble. Plus, note the brolly next to her ? The frames she wore is simply tres chic.

One, I love the boots; it just screams masculinity. Her outift veers towards androgyny which is over-exaggerated and over-exposed by people who don’t know how to carry it off but this lady here embodies androgyny so well. She’s the Agyness Deyn of the streets.

Credits to The Sartorialist


My Line of Sight

If there’s one thing I am most happy about to change in 2010, it would be the change in my line of sight. I finally mustered the courage to drop those geeky Ugly Betty spectacles and in return, wear something alot of my friends have been trying to convince me to wear for ages:

Haha, yes ! I finally mustered the courage to break free from my trusted spectacles and embrace freedom of my nose bridge ! Honestly, that was the single defining moment which changed my 2010 to the positive sort. Who knew wearing contacts could actually unleash like a whole gargantuan magnitude of confidence within me ?


Thank you to the one who was with me at the Halloween Party,
you were the reason for this life-altering change.

Parisian Glamour

I don’t know if it is the photographer, camera or the subjects he takes; they all look effortless and perfect each time, every time. There has to be some magic hidden beneath the Parisian skies that everyone else around the globe is dying to figure out.

Credits to: The Sartorialist

Perfecto !

Credits: The Sartorialist

I’d say I am going to infuse this woman’s style into mine and for starters, my next big purchase will be a statement watch ! Bet you didn’t notice her watch straps are green and pink ?


Oh, her ankle boots are to die for and her pink undies scream for subtle attention beneath the muted exterior! Lord, migrate me to Madrid already .. I want to see more of these fashionable people more than those flip-flop generation of Singapore!



To most of my peers, I stand out like a sore thumb. Mainly because I refuse to subject myself to the norm of being a typical Singaporean girl. I dress way better (in my opinion 🙂 ) than the average girl and I take great pains to ensure that my nails are cut in a certain way, my hair is always chopped regularly to maintain its shape, my eyebrows are defined and my regular trips to my favorite therapists are adhered to.

I may seem very high-maintenance for most guys but seriously, if I don’t take good care of myself, who will ? Actually if you delve a little bit deeper into my soul, you will find that what I portray to the world isn’t out of purely selfish and I-have-no-idea-where-I-want-to-throw-my-next-paycheck-on attitude. Instead, indulging in myself is my one and only way to get back to my comfort zone where I know I am doing my part to take care of my health and being.

Well at least I am not using any of your money am I ? I am indulging in things which keeps me happy and what harm is all that ?

Speaking of indulging, I’ve made my special trip to the haircut recently. You know they say to get rid of bad memories, you cut your hair ? Well, apparently that is a Chinese custom. Hence I make it a point to cut my hair regularly especially when I go through a rough patch at work, home or in my personal life. As most of you know, I have had my streaks of red highlights already. But this time around, I sourced a different inspiration for my hair. Sure, people say my hair looks very Rihanna and I am extremely humbled by that. But it’s time for a change, again. Here’s my inspiration:

Credits: The Sartorialist

Come to think of it, I love her quirky dressing, especially her sheer floral shirt and camel bag ! I’ve told Iris that I am not ready for an all-bangs fringe so she merely trimmed the fringe to make it as short as possible. Maybe some day I will muster the courage to bang up my fringe to look like one of those China girls but for now, I’ll stick to my current guns. Hee ! As for the back of the neck, she chopped off all to create the sloping effect on my neckline and it seriously looks the same as the picture above ! Now I have a more defined jawline all thanks to the minimal hair on my sides.. What I need now is a thin hairband to complete the quirky look !


The Lure of the Masses

If this Blackberry:

(a) Was launched approximately 3 months ago

(b) Comes with a built-in FM radio

(c) Runs on Android 2.1 or better

(d) Costs less than 300 buckeroos when I purchase using a normal 3.5G line

(e) Is available in an other color other than grouchy grey

(f) Isn’t as popular on the hands of the average Singaporean


I would buy it without batting an eyelid.

Sadly, the only function that was most attractive to me was the fact that it features BB MSN which will sound resoundly awesome to my good friend who owns a BB an instant messages everyone every single second. (Hello, Hobibelanja 🙂 ) With a BB, I can be this much closer to a dear friend of mine whom I dearly miss so damn much.

I miss shopping, coffee, movies, dining out, people-watching and gossiping with you Hobibelanja. It’s always our routine isn’t it ? With you, we can practically do a million and one errand and still not feel tired at the end of the day. She’s like a soul mate, you know? The kind you will only meet like once in your lifetime.

Sidenote: I’m not complaining about my Galaxy, not at all. I think it’s the greatest invention of all time and dare I say it is better than the mass-commercialized iPhone. I just think the BB pictured above marries my favorite slider feature into a dream mobile phone brand.

Leopard Prints

I have a secret.




I love leopard prints especially when they are beautifully infused in a shoe. So imagine my delight when I went shoe-shopping for my best friend’s wedding when I caught sight of the most beautiful leopard-print stilettos on the planet:

For the record, I am not a fan of sky-high 5, 6 inchers as I feel that I am already blessed enough in the height department but this pair of heels took my breath away at first sight ! You may consider this love at first sight for me so much so that even the hefty three-figure price tag did not deter me from buying it !

So imagine my even greater delight when I found out that the heels actually can pair of very well with polka dots (as feautred in The Sartorialist! :

How can it not be worth buying man ?


Stranger than Fiction

Sweetness is when a complete stranger walks up to you on a chilly rainy night and offers to walk you to the car a fair distance away with an umbrella over your head as he figured that otherwise you will be drenched by the time you dash to the parked car.

It’s little things like this that makes me melt and count my blessings that nice people still exist out there. For sure I would want to go back to the same petrol kiosk and find the same guy and thank him for his gesture that just simply oozes gentlemanliness and care.

Do you actually think I will forget your face ? I may forget to get your name and write you a complimentary letter with your name emboldened in it but for sure I will definitely not forget to save a prayer for you for being such a sweetheart. Yeah you may be working at such a far-flung place in the heart of Woodlands but trust me, I will remember your smile and eyes as it mirrored that of genuine concern and care and I will find you as I so badly want to thank you profusely from the bottom of my heart.

Gentlemen are not dead!


Tell me when was the last time you danced in the rain ? I did four days ago and my goodness, the feeling reminded me of those good old days where life was so much less stressful and filled with more rainbow nights. Consider this, I was decked out to the nines for my Halloween party and my friends would prolly not expect me to dance in the rain when I am dressed up like that. But I did. And while dancing, it unleashed something within me. I don’t know how to explain what I felt when I walked and danced in the rain but I do know, the dance changed me. In a positive light of course.


Luckily I didn’t catch a cold although I am hoping the next time I dance in the rain, I will have someone to dance in the rain with me too.

What Was She Thinking ?

While I was sipping coffee at a Starbucks joint in town, taking in the daily snaps of the typically hectic Singaporean lifestyle, I came across a fashion disaster.

I saw a matured lady (say, 26 or 27 thereabouts) dresses in a bright red top with a huge-ass rose print imprinted across her bust and get this, she paired the blinding top with an equally disastrous bright yellow skin-fit stockings only ! Yes, she wasn’t wearing any bottom except for those hideous stockings which did little to hide her flabs and worse of all, the shape of her nether region !

Mind you, I see this in the heart of Orchard Road ! The place where all the fashionistas come out to play, all decked in designer wear and the average count of a Prada bag far exceeds the actual head count on the street ! I don’t know whether to feel immensely sorry for her or just run away in sheer embarrassment as I was this close to running towards her and casting my shawl to cover up what little decency she had left. Worse was the fact that her boyfriend was horribly dressed too; in a worn-out grey T-shirt and flip-flops – a basic no-no in my books.

As consolation, thank goodness she wasn’t a local as the were holding the map of Singapore but seriously if that lady was a Singaporean, I will take the next flight to Timbuktu and rather walk the desert naked than to see yet another fashion disaster on the streets.

Sometimes I do wonder why some people always try so hard to copy the latest fashion. As in, what ever happened to individuality ? There are so many places you can seek fashion inspiration from other than the glossy pages of Vogue yet girls and ladies alike always end up as suckers for those magazines which do nothing other than to push the same people off the edge to spend their next paycheck on the latest Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter collection for the year. Sure, I do own a few of those luxury goods but I don’t buy them off my own savings; they are gifts from my parents and brothers and till date, I still refuse to spend a four-figure sum on the It bag as I feel that it is a complete waste of money. I’d rather plomp a thousand bucks on a holiday than a bag I may end up dirtying / losing / fading over the sands of time. I’d say investing on a few designer pieces that will remain as perfect fashion statements in the long run would be a better bet.

Sure, fashion may be hard to copy and emulate; especially those on the high streets but that doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands of dollars on those fashion magazines or bags or designer wear. All you need is just common sense and maybe just a little bit of patience in finding out what suits your body type best.

It took me awhile to figure out that skinny jeans will never look good on me as I’ve got big bootilicious (:) ) hips so despite the bandwagon of girls out there being able to pull the baggy shirt + skinny jeans ensemble effortlessly, I didn’t let that affect me at all. Being different from the rest made me feel unique and helps me to stand out in the crowd better than those skinny jeans girls, any day.


Here are some of the outfits I’d love to carry off when I have the space to keep them in my closet some day.


For the last shot, I think the guy’s dressing is my cup of tea in terms of a men’s sense of dressing. Everything looked perfect except for the fact that he had a cigarette stick in his mouth – that is totally unnecessary as I dislike smokers. But seriously, there are hardly guys out there who are daring enough to carry of such immaculate look on the streets of town or even Shenton Way.

Credits to: The Sartorialist

Arm Candy

I don’t understand some girls. Just because you’ve your arm wrapped around the most charming man on the street, doesn’t mean that you are the hottest girl on the planet. You’ve relegated your man to a basic accessory and I can only feel sorry for you as you need to resort to such brutal tactics just to show-off your swollen egos when you are up and about with your man. So without a man in tow, what happens to you ? Tsk tsk girls these days lack the grace and confidence of being independent, happy and single.

I feel so different from the other girls on the planet. Why is it that I can afford to be happy strutting down the streets all alone while the world around me revolves around couplehood and deems singlehood as a death sentence ? I think I am an alien stuck in the wrong planet.


Oh, Dear !

When I do get to the part of getting married to my Mister Right, I’d like to get my pre-wedding / engagement shots done by this particular photographer.

Oh, Dear Photography

Just look at the vintage shots; it’s like a life-long dream to be photographed in rusty brown colors and give off that good old 70s vibe that seems to be murdered by the fast-paced movements of modern life.

I think she’s amazing.