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WEEK 1: Values and Perspectives

WEEK 1: Values and Perspectives

Day 5:

One way we lose our sparkle is by allowing tolerations (the # 1 energy leak!) to eat away at our peace of mind and energy.

Like the leaking tap that goes drip… drip… drip … could be nothing major, yet insidiously erodes anything it comes in contact with over a period of time. Often, we don’t even realise what’s happening till the damage has been done!

Today, shine the light of awareness on anything you’ve been avoiding or tolerating.


Make a decision, finish or start something, give something away, clean your desk or closet, delete computer folders, return emails, ask for help, pay a bill, let go of something that’s not serving you … big or small, doesn’t matter.

UNBLOCK that stuck energy & free your mind 😉


There are many things that I have been avoiding for days and weeks and I foresee the oversight could possibly be because of my supposed “hectic” schedule and lack of time. I personally feel that if there’s one thing that I have been avoiding, it is to make even greater use of of my time.

Ever since Papa passed away, I began on this journey to better maximize the time given to me so as to not spend the rest of my life in regret over wasted time. I have learnt that being productive is important so that we can each fulfill our own needs and quantify our time to be spent better in the company of others versus sitting around and waiting for things to happen.

I see my elder brother as a clear example of someone who isn’t making full use of his time. I would say that if I am in my mid-thirties right now, I envision myself to be a successful career woman who is in a stable and loving marriage to the man of my dreams. I envision us being in different careers but the similarities between us is the common goal that we have to butter up each other for the next promotion, next curve ball, next challenge God has planned for us. We may, or may not have kids when I am 35 but I am confident that by then, we will probably have moved in to our new home and build a bright and beautiful future together as we anticipate the arrival of a bundle of joy. I know I dream of keeping a cat or two in my future home with my husband first just to “try out” parenthood before we dive into the 9-month-of-crazy-mood-swings and a lifetime of being responsible for the upbringing of a child from God.

We may not be there yet but I know we are closer to that dream today than yesterday. So how do we get ahead and get things done?

We plan better and make better use of the time we have now. 🙂 AMIN!


WEEK 1: Values and Perspectives

Day 4: Afformations (with an O instead of I)

Last night, I had a very fascinating conversation with the love. I asked him if he can envisioned me doing a secretarial position in PPHG when my concierge contract ends in October. Then he posed back at me the same question and asked if I can envision myself as a secretary. Then it got me thinking…

In all honesty, I am aware that I have a knack for planning and prioritizing but I never envisioned myself to be someone’s secretary. Don’t get me wrong, there are fabulous secretaries where I am working at who have done more than what I have done in my work experience and they mostly become secretaries mainly for the stability of a proper job after years of chasing the corporate ladder. Maybe I can do that when I am pushing 40? But for now I still envision myself being one of the leaders in a company more than playing a supportive role. Presently, I am in a simple routine office position that doesn’t require even rocket Science but after this, I know the future is so wide that I have plenty of places that I can go to and grow.

Leading a large team in IKEA, McDonald’s and AI has led me to the belief that given the right circumstances and good timing, I can get to where I envision myself to be in and be able to lead a team of subordinates. It may not be in a top management position or a steering committee of a conglomerate but I think I belief I can get “there” wherever my destiny will lead me.

Closer than Yesterday

Today, I afform to ask myself…

“Why am I so ambitious?”

Nuevo Capítulo

3 Paths

June is the middle of the year and I am gearing up for a fresh start in a completely new industry; hospitality. I will be fronting as a concierge with a locally-owned, globally-renowned hotel and resort giant and I am ecstatic to know the prospects that lies ahead of me in my new endeavor.

It will be something completely different than F&B, fashion and sales but it definitely holds a lot of promise since I spent 3 years of my life studying about it and it’s high time that I go back to my hospitality roots. It may be a fresh start at a risky age but I hope in the coming months, I will be able to find greater joy and satisfaction in comparison to all the previous exposures I’ve had in all the industries that I came from.

The best part? Office environment with proper office hours and weekends off. 🙂 Here’s hoping that there are greater things to hope for in the coming months. I pray for the best adventure, as always. Hope everyone is having a splashing good time midway through the year!


Miffed by Cortisol


I have been working for the last seven years of my life since graduating from school in numerous industries and I have never looked into delving into the line of sales. It was until recently that I feel that there is a reason to consider trying out sales to further hone my skills in something that I am not familiar with.

So I tried sales and although 70% of the time was spent happily serving potential consumers and giving my best in terms of customer service, I admit that I am not a pushy person by nature. Somehow, the remaining 30% of negative experience is actually detrimental to my easy-going nature as I feel that I am close to becoming an even pushier person now.

It is one thing to be a sales person in a slow-moving industry but I draw my lines at potential customers who fan all over me and when after two or three appointments, they feign ignorance of their initial interest. I don’t quite understand how people can consider being so friendly and nice one time and rude and nonchalant after that. They come across as two-faced. What ever happened to sincerity? I rather be turned away by a polite person than a person who “pretends” to be interested one minute and then says in a condescending tone that the are no longer interested.

I have to keep reminding myself not to take their words too seriously.

At the end of the day, my purpose in the sales line is mainly to gain practical knowledge on how to further boost my confidence in talking to random strangers, improve my telephone etiquette and so on but sometimes, those small negative things do hamper my spirit. Picking up new skills is the best asset I can walk away with from the sales line as trust me, it is true that sales doesn’t pay you well in terms of a basic salary but truthfully, the commissions are the reason why so many people last there for so so long.

I don’t foresee myself to last long in this industry but I do hope the lessons I learn now will help to make me a better asset to the next organization that I am going to set my sights on. I always have to keep reminding myself to take all the negativity with a pinch of salt like the saying,

“Exhale the bad, inhale the good.”

Well, I’ve got to do more inhaling now.

Follow-up calls all afternoon yesterday was remotely depressing.

I should go and kick out the excessive cortisol running through my bloodstream pronto.

The End of a February Nightmare

I admit that I have been immensely involved in work the last few months that I have been quiet online. Aside from having a new phone and having Instagram ( @ellyzselamat ) as a part of enlarging my scope of social network, I have been one too busy to write down the thoughts that have been omnipresent somewhere in the regions of my brain.

I have been lucky to be able to seek solace in reading. Presently I am reading a memoir of a breast-cancer survivor and it hadn’t been an easy book to read given that her life experiences veer real close to what I have been going through the many, many years ago before Daddy turned his light off on the dawn of 17th July 2013.

Papa, I miss you terribly and though everyone says or thinks that I am doing well, I admit that I am only human. Trust me, there are horrific days that I wake up thinking of how you left me and the topsy-turvy emotions that I feel every now and then. It feels as though I am battling some mental disorder of sorts. Psychosis or something? I genuinely hope not.

Anyway, I hope this would be a good start to writing online all over again and may this writing never fail in bringing out the words and the grief in me that I keep locked inside.

Here’s wishing one and all a beautiful day wherever you are, xoxo

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Moving On,

Sometimes I forget that I’ve started this site when I was still an incumbent; a mere child trying to be all adult about things. When I read the negative comments that I’ve garnered over the years over some of my (I dare say) controversial posts, I realized how far I have grown over the last 4 years that I penned my thoughts to writing. Funny how when you read what you read last time, you shirk in disbelief at the level of immaturity over some of the most non-significant episodes in my life. For example, my writing on the airline recruitment that I’ve attended over the years.

Gone are the days when I try to be somebody that I am not but also, there a the days that have gone too whereby I learnt to grow up and evolve into a better person this moment on. I shall not delete my controversial posts from yesteryear not to cultivate hate among some of my passionate readers. Instead, I leave them in here so as a reminder to myself on how far I’ve evolved from a then-girl with sky-high levels of insecurity to a woman who embraces her imperfections and accepts the trials and tribulations that God has set aside for me. For my long-time readers, I am sure you are able to see my growth through the years and the pages of my writing and I would like to extend my deepest thanks for sticking by me through them all.

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow. – Mary Anne Radmacher.

With much love from me to all of you out there. Have a blessed week ahead while I head off to the gym to exercise those gams that’s been on idle for way too long.


In The Name of Seriousness,

I understand there’s that clause in filling up of any application (especially job-related) that we are to fill up the details in complete honesty and with no room for mistakes or lies. So while I was filing up an application form for a private club, I actually added on an additional emergency contact detail and the person who is my 2nd next of kin (after mummy) was, Hubby.

And the relationship he has in relations to me, heh heh shall remain a secret between him & I but definitely he’s not listed as my husband – that’s veering off too far right?

And the funny thing I remember his full residential address and only got the postal codes wrong. Hmm, funny that I actually do remember as even all my previous lovers, I never got around to the level that I’ve christened him. Best part is, as much as it’s a whole different level putting him so high up there, I see there’s nothing to worry since I feel that it’s the right thing to do and yes, that’s my gut feeling talking.

Insha Allah, we may plan but ultimately He will plan what’s best for us and I’m sure our patience will bear its fruit someday.

AirAsia X 4

It was a trip of a lifetime (for this year, that is). I travelled via flight four times, went to the bustling metropolis of KL and thereafter a few days later, flew up to Langkawi Islands to get myself away from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic Singapore life and also, find myself all over again. Trust me, I couldn’t be any happier to have concluded my tenure at McDonald’s on February 2nd. That day felt like a resurrection of my tired soul as working in McDonald’s isn’t all that easy as how most people perceived. It’s little wonder that there aren’t that many locals in the system as with the bosses being ultra demanding and being surrounded by colleagues who speak only Tagalog and the mainland Chinese language, sometimes I as a local, feel like a tiny fish in a huge pond. When I go for classes, in a group of twenty, there’ll only be two locals – that’s how grossly over the percentage is of foreigners versus locals.

I will never forget the dirty-ass politics that company has thrusted me into. I will never forget the extensive unpaid hours I’ve toiled on keeping my store together from falling apart. I will never forget the experience of being the pioneer in creating a new store from ground zero. I will never forget the times I didn’t get to spend with Mummy & Daddy at the hospital due to my work commitments. But most of all, I will never cease to remember the friendships I’ve forged throughout the two years I was there.

It was the typical first-job (from hell) story but fortunately, the first job isn’t going to wind up being my last as I’ve decided earlier on that once the dust has settled in the building up of the new store, I will pack my bags and leave as I fear growing to be one of those imposters at work who do nothing more than to suck the higher-uppers’ boots and gain the popularity.

Hence, when I left Macs, I know a trip out is mandatory. Knowing the likelihood that I will most definitely travel alone, I steeled my sheltered soul on what’s there to expect in this maiden solo trip. What’s there to expect I ask my friends? They talk about drug-peddlers, muggers, no late-night outings, gang rapes and the usual theft. If I am travelling with friends, that’ll be easy to deal with but considering I am travelling alone… No word can describe the XX number of what-ifs there were in my head. My solo trip is prolly the single most-daring thing I’ve done since I never even told my parents that I was flying everywhere alone but after this experience, I know this flying and travelling alone trip won’t be my last.

It was the most liberating experience ever despite having missed one connecting flight to LGK and I proved to my humble self that indeed, I can take care of myself on the road enough. Even if the road is full of strangers on a foreign land and I have to lug that 15kg of luggage through the tarmac alone.


So Today;

Today is the concluding end to my adventure with McDonald’s Singapore. It has been a whirlwind of a ride, spouting various good and bad times with people from different walks of life and although I’d love to stay for a while more, I think the time has come for my impending departure before the company robs me off my sanity and the people who are dearest to me. Yes, this company is a good stepping stone to something better out there but for now, the fairytale is over.

I’ve learnt what I need to learn, meet the various types of people that I need to learn from and pushed myself beyond the boundaries that I never thought I was capable of. I’m thankful for the happy times, the friendships I’ve forged, the laughters and the candour. I am eternally grateful for the challeneges I was facing as without them, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

So thank you to one and all who’ve shaped me the last two years, one month, two days that I was with McDonald’s. From the time I was a Trainee Manager, to a 2nd Assistant Manager and to the concluding position as an Assistant Manager.

Tomorrow will start my new adventure to find myself all over again. I have no concrete plans as to where my next career will be but in time, I’m positive He will show me the way. I’m taking the month off to spend time with Mummy & Daddy, head out and spend time with the hubs and friends and Insha-Allah, my trip for some soul-searching will take place on the third week of February till month-end. It’s time for some me loving!


The Cherished Two

‘Cos without these two;
the Guardian Angel & the Tubby Hubby,
life wouldn’t be as complete as they both give me differing opinions on one topic yet are able to ensure that I sleep peacefully at night.

I love you both, equally much; in my own ways.
Thank you for being there, there always.
Thank you God for letting me cross paths with angels disguised as humans.

PS: If I hadn’t joined Macs in 2010, I won’t be that lucky to know that there lie a few good men in the world; and I know two. I’m eternally blessed, ‘enuff said.

Six Days Without A Swipe

Being away from work for six days is a very, very long time.

Lord knows what’s happening to my payroll. Maybe I won’t have a job after I come back? Or perhaps get demoted to FM? Hahaha, the thought of being at loggerheads with my boss actually scares the shit out of me as she has the option to terminate me anytime but what am I most afraid of is actually nothing as serious as that.

I just fear not being able to eat Macs food for free with that magical swipe card!

At work, it’s like swipe here, swipe there. One minute to punching in, I’ll prolly be making a cuppa hot tea the way I like it (tea with four sugar sticks) or punching the regular sized green tea (without ice) or even munching a piece or two of the golden brown nuggets or cheeseburger (without pickles + steamed 1/4 bun) or if I’m actually mad starving, my favorite Big Mac with no pickles and a side of regular fries with sweet & sour plus garlic chilli mixed together. When the turkey bacon was all the rage, my fave aunties will actually make me a bacon + onion omelette and also save five or six strips of bacon just for my gluttony pleasure. Let’s not mention my fave hot fudge sundae (double topping please!) eaten with a piping hot box of fries!

It is therefore quite amazing when people who hasn’t met me in a long time say that I’ve lost weight as I am practically munching or drinking something at work 24/7! Then again, I am prolly a living proof that if you choose the right food in Macs, you’ll inadvertently lose instead of gain weight!

After all, our beef products are the most healthiest,we only use a ratio of 86:14 pepper versus salt ratio and if you stay away from the fried chicken products, you are doing your heart quite a huge favor. But if you do can’t contain the craving for a serving of the McSpicy burger, eat it with steamed 1/4 bun and make sure you remove the skin on the patty as that’s where all the deliciously sinful cholesterol is loaded on! It’s equally nice with minimal skin, I can vouch for that.


Food talk always makes me hungry, let’s see what I can whip out tonight. Five days away from Mac food is driving me insane!

good night world!

Ominous October

The month of October 2011 was the month of sheer test of grit and endurance for me.

But at the end of the day, all that I would’ve hoped for was that everyone would be more understanding and compassionate towards my random mood swings and depressive thoughts that entertain every lobe in my brain as honestly it wasn’t easy dealing with such a challenge from the Almighty;

Challenge at work was to open a store from ground zero, challenge from home is to be there for Daddy at the hospital every waking moment not spent at work.

I honestly thought being transferred out of PRC would bring about a greater level of happiness and bring me another adventurous journey into Macs. But being the naive me, little did I know that being pulled to open a new store brought about another test of willpower and even greater endurance towards people.

I have to say, I was pulled completely out of my comfort zone and thrust into a world where everything moves a million times faster than when I was back in my previous store. I went to a place where everything moves so fast, I can’t even recall when was my last off day where I didn’t have anyone from store calling me endlessly asking me about this deadline or that. I knew I will be conflicting with the old-timers who have been in the system for the last decade or so but I wasn’t expecting the difference in mindset to be so stark that I am amazed that people with shallow mindsets actually exist.

I was moved to open a store so that it helps to broaden my knowledge about Macs and strengthen my core skills of the system but little did I know, moving me to another store was actually the biggest career challenge of my life. I wasn’t born & bred with ketchup in my veins thus I think differently from other managers in the system. I won’t let my mind be system-blind that I forget how the outside world function. This difference in mindset was a welcome change from my previous boss as he embraced my unique mindset as he says I bring up alternative and unique ideas that a normal Macs manager won’t think of.

Unfortunately, my new boss didn’t see it as a welcome change. Matter of fact, she despises the fact that I think differently from my team as my ideas are too extensive and risky to take. Tell me, what’s a manager to do when her own superior whom she’s supposed to look up to doesn’t appreciate nor acknowledge her ideas?

I don’t just do nothing, I challenge the system as a whole.

And dare I say, I am prolly the most hated manager in Macs now ‘cos I seek a challenge with everyone in the system; everyone who opposes my ideas.

Especially the Boss.

You may be the Restaurateur of the store, the big shot who calls the shot on everything related to the store.
You may say you are fully responsible for whatever happens in your store.
But you are nobody to me unless you improve your English and start respecting people like me who care to make a difference in the lives of the people you supposedly hired in as you didn’t do the dirty work,
I did it with all my blood, sweat and tears.
And I will stop at nothing to make sure you pay for every single tear you made me cry & every single minute of my time you’ve wasted when it was better spent with Daddy, during the duration I was transferred to this store from Septemeber 14th 2011.