Six Days Without A Swipe

Being away from work for six days is a very, very long time.

Lord knows what’s happening to my payroll. Maybe I won’t have a job after I come back? Or perhaps get demoted to FM? Hahaha, the thought of being at loggerheads with my boss actually scares the shit out of me as she has the option to terminate me anytime but what am I most afraid of is actually nothing as serious as that.

I just fear not being able to eat Macs food for free with that magical swipe card!

At work, it’s like swipe here, swipe there. One minute to punching in, I’ll prolly be making a cuppa hot tea the way I like it (tea with four sugar sticks) or punching the regular sized green tea (without ice) or even munching a piece or two of the golden brown nuggets or cheeseburger (without pickles + steamed 1/4 bun) or if I’m actually mad starving, my favorite Big Mac with no pickles and a side of regular fries with sweet & sour plus garlic chilli mixed together. When the turkey bacon was all the rage, my fave aunties will actually make me a bacon + onion omelette and also save five or six strips of bacon just for my gluttony pleasure. Let’s not mention my fave hot fudge sundae (double topping please!) eaten with a piping hot box of fries!

It is therefore quite amazing when people who hasn’t met me in a long time say that I’ve lost weight as I am practically munching or drinking something at work 24/7! Then again, I am prolly a living proof that if you choose the right food in Macs, you’ll inadvertently lose instead of gain weight!

After all, our beef products are the most healthiest,we only use a ratio of 86:14 pepper versus salt ratio and if you stay away from the fried chicken products, you are doing your heart quite a huge favor. But if you do can’t contain the craving for a serving of the McSpicy burger, eat it with steamed 1/4 bun and make sure you remove the skin on the patty as that’s where all the deliciously sinful cholesterol is loaded on! It’s equally nice with minimal skin, I can vouch for that.


Food talk always makes me hungry, let’s see what I can whip out tonight. Five days away from Mac food is driving me insane!

good night world!


Chafing Dishes

I think if history is what God wants me to see my future from, then I can assume that when I settle down and marry a man, he’ll fall in one of the following categories below:

  1. He is a chef by position or is a cook in a restaurant
  2. He has culinary skills or previously was from a culinary school
  3. He has dreams of being a chef or studying to be one
  4. He will spend at least one date cooking for me a dish or a series of dishes
  5. He cooks way better than I do, or so claims

Why do I say that?

‘Cos today I realised all the guys I dated can check at least one of the options above! One was a culinary student and he cooks for me fantastic dishes at home when we hang out. One of them served the yummiest of stuffed turkey for Christmas dinners. There’s also one mummy’s boy who helps his mummy in the kitchen and is a fabulous prawn-peeler in the kitchen and even goes grocery shopping for the mummy from across the Causeway. Another serves up a plate of wicked curry noodles when I am sick and just a few days back, I’ve gotten a plate of pasta with a lovely chocolate cupcake and suji from an admirer. I dare say admirer as that pasta wasn’t the first dish he served me. He impressed me with a home-made three-course chicken rice and the best part is he gave them to me while I was at work. Plus he says he’s studying to be a chef!

Well then, I guess I can rest easy knowing that my future husband will most definitely be able to whip up a storm for me. That is not to say that I don’t love cooking, I do! I just happen to attract guys who are just as fabulous cooks in their own  kitchen.

I’m lucky, I feel awfully blessed 🙂

A Perfect Weekend

This one-liner is inspired by one of the 50 Conversational Starter Cards I had played recently.


A Perfect Weekend…

… in the past would be to spend every waking hour with my friends, wasting our time and money away on good food, good drinks, good company and good times playing pool, doing impulsive shopping, gossiping over endless cups of coffee and cheesecake or drinking the night away.


… in the present would be to wake up on a lazy Sunday before everyone else at home and see the look of contentment on my family’s (especially my parents’) faces while they are asleep. Sometimes, seeing the look of peace people have when they are asleep makes life worth living for; somehow. I don’t need a whole hour to watch them sleep, just a few minutes will do me just fine and will make my Sunday the perfect one.

Thereafter, I will get my lazy ass off to cook breakfast in the morning for all at home. I so miss making pancakes with those dripping maple syrup + diced strawberries + melted butter and the heavy breakfast sets I love to make in the mornings. Well like what they say, in life you have to choose to give up certain things just to achieve others; making breakfast in the morning for the family is one of them. 😩 Well, I do try my best nowadays to cook something at least once a week as I fear I will lose my Midas cooking touch if I don’t continue to cook on a regular basis.



… in the future would be to wake up in lush 700 TC Egyptian cotton King-sized bed and opening my glass doors to a sandy beach barely a few feet away. The decor in the bedroom is minimalist with a touch of zen and subtle elements of earthy hues as a backdrop. As I take in the fresh air billowing from the sea, I turn around and see my husband stirring out of his slumber, giving me the smile that made me fall for him in the first place.


Sometimes I find myself veering way too close to the ideal world that I picture in my head. But there are other times I tell myself, why not ? Since after all, keeping all these promising thoughts keep my motivated and happy altogether.


With much, much love to everyone !



Cycle of Monstrosity

I figure it must be darn hard living with a forever pregnant, forever whiny sister who goes all pushy when she is craving a certain food item at such ungodly hour as she approaches her monthly crimson tide.

May God bless my brothers’ souls.

Imagine when I do get married and eventually get preggers. I fear the same repercussions will be borne by my poor future husband.

I see a pattern, aye it is a vicious cycle.

May God bless my future husband’s soul and God, please do grant me a forever loving, forever patient husband who can put up with me and my 456, 928 daily whinings for at least the next twenty-two years; the same way both my brothers are able to survive the last two decades or so.

If he lasts anywhere beyond 22 years and still loves me just the same, that would definitely be a miracle.

The Lure of the Masses

If this Blackberry:

(a) Was launched approximately 3 months ago

(b) Comes with a built-in FM radio

(c) Runs on Android 2.1 or better

(d) Costs less than 300 buckeroos when I purchase using a normal 3.5G line

(e) Is available in an other color other than grouchy grey

(f) Isn’t as popular on the hands of the average Singaporean


I would buy it without batting an eyelid.

Sadly, the only function that was most attractive to me was the fact that it features BB MSN which will sound resoundly awesome to my good friend who owns a BB an instant messages everyone every single second. (Hello, Hobibelanja 🙂 ) With a BB, I can be this much closer to a dear friend of mine whom I dearly miss so damn much.

I miss shopping, coffee, movies, dining out, people-watching and gossiping with you Hobibelanja. It’s always our routine isn’t it ? With you, we can practically do a million and one errand and still not feel tired at the end of the day. She’s like a soul mate, you know? The kind you will only meet like once in your lifetime.

Sidenote: I’m not complaining about my Galaxy, not at all. I think it’s the greatest invention of all time and dare I say it is better than the mass-commercialized iPhone. I just think the BB pictured above marries my favorite slider feature into a dream mobile phone brand.

The Firsts

I came up with this post while I was half-way through my peeing session after I woke up on a chilly Saturday morning, bear with me; I am most creative when I am peeing. At least that’s what I choose to believe.

The first thing I do when I …

… wake up is to snuggle up to my favorite teddy, Mimi and hide the alarm under my bed of teddies so that the alarm sound is muffled.


… get off bed is to draw the curtains; I hate stuffy rooms especially when the humidity level in Singapore is like 201% almost every darn freaking day and I don’t have air conditioner – I am a nature lover; we don’t destroy the already dying planet by adding on bad pollution to the depleting Ozone layers. I want to love long enough to see my grandkids dude but not long enough to witness The Apocalypse due to us humans’ errant ways.


… am about to bathe is to pee. Somehow the sound of trickling water on the tap is like nature’s way of calling out to my pee.


… am done in the showers is to wear my underpants / thong / boxers / anything but granny pants – I don’t own any of that gross underwear type, thank you very much – followed by my rolling my deodorant stick on, wear my bra then followed by my bottom and then the top I am intending to wear for the day. And no, I never leave the bathroom with a towel on my head. I have a preference of walking out of the bathroom with the just got out of shower look. For all you know, I could have some hot father’s friend’s son who is a guest in the house at the point of time I walked out of the bathroom and he get smitten by my just-got-out-of-the-shower-wet-look and we live happily after that. Surely, I can’t eliminate one possibility of a fairy tale right ?


… leave the house is to plug on to my favorite radio station and blast the music to drown the daily commuting noise I tend to hear on the bustling street. I consider the walk to the train station (and when I am walking back home from work) as my very own precious “me-time”.


… reach work is to breathe. Literally. Reason being, when you actually step into my store, it is bursting to the brim with chaos and noise and so much colors that sometimes, it gets to you that you feel queasy afterwards. When that happens, it usually means that I forget to breathe and so, I slap myself to reality and breathe. It may get overwhelming for the non-McDonald’s people, trust me.


… hear my favorite song on the radio is to SING ! Regardless of whether I am at work or half-way through my undies or whatever. Chances are if you catch me at home with my favorite song on the airwaves, you’ll prolly see me air-guitaring or even doing some dirty dancing to my imaginary friends.


… reach home after a long day at work is to unpack my bag even if I know I am going to use back the same back later the next day. I think it’s therapeutic. My brothers think I am crazy each time I do that.


… before I head to bed is to make my favorite cup of hot chocolate or hot milk and sit by the kitchen window-sill and just drift away in the late-night breeze and easy silence; the perfect way to head to slumberland.


… am about to tuck into dinner after work (at home) is to read the first page of the papers before I dine into Mama’s cooking. I read the papers and have dinner; my boss thinks I should learn to multi-task so here I am doing exactly that even when I am off work. I can even text and read and eat my dinner simultaneously ! Shaun, please be proud of me and give me a raise for being such an obedient subordinate.


Haha, so much for my firsts, what about yours ?

Multiple Notes !

  1. This month, my period is right on time and on par with my scheduled date of period. Cheers to perfect timings!
  2. I am approximately 5 / 6 days away from my first job’s first pay of my entire life! Lord, I am so looking forward to four-digit numbers in my bank accounts 🙂
  3. Joby Tiger is still sick but he seemed to be in better health these days, I look forward to feeding him his favorite salmon and mutton steak when he is given the all-clear from the doctors!
  4. I have been questioned by numerous aunties at why am I still single at 21. Lord Almighty, I feel so much like a spinster already. Imagine the horror when I have to deal with that “Why-no-boyfriend” talk for at least another good five years down the road. Somebody save me !
  5. Resort World Sentosa is bringing in Victoria Secrets as one of their premium retailers! ‘Enuff said.
  6. I dreamt that I fought with my second brother so badly that I evicted him from the house. I think the argument was that his junk was proving too bad for my hamster’s respiratory health that Joby is coughing alot in the dream due to lack of air and excess of junk – what a weird dream, I woke up with so much anger that I was sweating buckets.
  7. I want to buy a pot of flowers to grow in my garden; I am kind of sick of the greenery and totally zilch of  flowers in my balcony. Somehow all the flowers I plant at home will evolve into non-flowering plants. It’s boring, green is so passĂ© can.
  8. I miss hanging out with Hobibelanja and eating out at our choice restaurants, bitching about our life, window-shopping at Pedro and Charles & Keith and going for movie dates after that.
  9. I am considering giving up on splurging my savings on a car. Instead, I am considering saving up my moolahs for my own apartment. Considering the fact that I am not intending to commit to anyone for the short-term, wouldn’t my own apartment be the ideal investment for the future instead of a car which is a major global warming factor? That’s unless I buy hybrids but Prius looked so ewww (!) .
  10. I want to fly to Haiti to help the people and donate my efforts to the relief team. Sometimes you need these kind of disasters to keep you grounded and make you count your lucky stars for being so darn lucky as compared to the less fortunate people.

Part Three: Did You Know?

Did you know that the apple pie is the only item in the menu that takes twice as long to cook as compared to the other meat patties in the regular menu? It takes seven minutes to cook, twenty minutes to cool down and has a holding time of 1 and a half hours before it is being considered as waste!


Part Two: Did You Know?

Did you know that the ever-popular Big Mac uses a different sauce as compared to McChicken, McSpicy, Double Cheeseburger & Filet-O-Fish?

Matter of fact, it is different although I can’t tell you what is the content of the sauce. It’s collectively known as the “Big Mac Sauce“. It’s a McDonald’s trade secret and I have no right to divulge the secret ingredients of the sauce!


Part One: Did You Know?

Did you know that the Filet-O-Fish bun is the only bun in the McDonald’s regular and breakfast menu, that is steamed and not toasted like the other burger buns?

Well, I learnt something new about my all-time favorite fish menu in McDonald’s!


The Crowning Glory

Today marks the 10th week that I have gone without a haircut. I am not sure if I can prolong my pixie any longer before they start disrupting my vision and heating up my internal head temperature levels. Do you know the humidity levels in Singapore is major killing me that I can feel my pores releasing my bodily fluids even when just head out of a cold shower! Oh Lord, please grant us better weather days ahead…

Anyway, as opposed to the majority’s point of view,  it actually takes alot of effort to keep up my head worth of hair despite its length as compared to my long-haired counterparts. We short-haired girls need to trim our hairs once at least every 6 – 10 weeks to keep the hair in shape. Not that I am complaining though 🙂 The aunties at work have complimented my haircut (as pictured below in the January 3rd post) but I have yet to receive any compliments from the younger folks at work.

Does that mean that my hair is appealing to the aunties and ah peks only? Oh gawd. Then again, I love the length now. I can easily do the out-of-bed sexy look with minimum effort and I know somebody loves my hair the way it is now 🙂 Perhaps the haircut can wait a few more weeks…



31 Birthdays & Counting

Today is my second brother’s 31st birthday and what a way to celebrate it if not for me heading to my virgin first day at work on his birthday? Haha 😀 Although I figured I may give the birthday dinner a miss and be excused for the lack of presents for the birthday man, I decided to play it nice so that perhaps this year, he will remember to get me my darn external HDD which he promised to give on my 21st birthday last year.


So anyway, the five of us decided to drive down to Vivo (planned time was at 1730 hours but since my work happened to – unluckily – end at 1845 hours) to eat at our favourite family restaurant in the world, Earle Swensen’s. Here are some of the dishes served during the dinner; something definitely worth mentioning is the Waygu beef menu items which were yummmmmy. 


Come to think of it, the glorious food wasn’t the point of this post. My main intention of this post is to wish my dearest irritating brother #2,

…a wonderful 31st Birthday celebration and may he have a bountiful worth of happiness, prosperity, good health and wealth always. On top of that, I pray hard that this year, he finds The One he wants to settle down with as I am getting mad sick of his junk overwhelming my entire room.

Happy 31st Burrrp-day Cicik!


As a final note, here’s the first picture of all my family members in one shot ever since my grandmother’s passing. I love the picture so much, it’s going to be Toby’s wallpaper for the longest time from now on.

The three of us siblings look so bloody adult-ish while Mama & Papa seemed so much more aged now, how time flies.


Steakhouse Burger, NOT

To my dearest readers who do not consume beef, please ignore this post as it is beef-related.


For those of you who think Burger King’s Steakhouse Burger is worth trying, I’m afraid that I will be the bearer of bad news as really, the burger didn’t live up to its much-hyped about “Premium Angus Beef” nor the “Steakhouse Burger” taste. On contrary, it taste as dry and bland as the normal grilled beef patties they serve for their other burger counterparts and paying $7.95 for a meal and $5 odd for the burger itself is considerably a form of daylight robbery. Actually, I can’t taste any difference from the usual Whopper’s beef. Sure, I can’t possibly expect the Premium Angus Beef to come with a done-ness meter for the consumer to choose but at least, come up with a better tasting beef patty since they have claimed the beef is of Premium Angus grade.

I was extremely disappointed as the extensive marketing campaigns they have campaigned for left me with extremely high expectations but I was extremely disappointed with the food on my tray. Plus the size of the burger and the ingredients in the burger is puny to say the least, that I can’t tell whether I was merely eating a normal cheeseburger or a “Steakhouse Burger”. Honestly, Carl’s Jr serves better quality beef burgers and they are huge enough to whet my appetite for lunch and dinner –

Now those are real huge & thick beef patties & I am one big fan of their huge-ass burgers as they delivered the mega sizes as promised.


Burger King, you guys have one of the most creative marketing campaigns among the other quick-service restaurants but you ought to market the realistic ideas of the food you intend to entice consumers with. I’d consider this marketing campaign to be a failure as my mind was attracted to the marketing campaigns but my tongue did not see the burger living up to its expectations.



Today, I finally had my highly anticipated dinner with Hobibelanja and never did I expect to have such a wonderful, sumptuous, yummy, lovely & (put in all the positive adjectives here) meal. It was major, major yummy to the maximum that I know that meat and I will never (on any circumstances) ever part. I know I am a greenie and all but not eating meat will prolly drive me to my grave. Once in a while, I do crave for a plate of steak and when it happens to taste so darn nice, I sleep the night with the pure taste of heaven still lingering in my mouth.

Oh, not only is the steak full of yum, the mashed potatoes, calamari, prawns, baked potatoes, and even salad are yummy and are super darn fresh that you have to eat it to believe it. I suspect they keep live prawns and calamari in the kitchen as they taste superbly fresh! I bet they have a garden full of greens too.

For those who are living in Singapore and would love to have a steak from Heaven just as I had tonight, click the link below to find out the closest locations you can go to for the best steaks in the house – my house that is. I’ve not been lucky enough to try Lawry’s Prime Ribs yet. Hopefully in the near future perhaps.

PS: The 1-for-1 promotion happens only on Mad Mondays and will most likely end on January 2010 so don’t forget to make a reservation fast! Also, Wednesdays are Ladies Night so all the drinks are going for 50% off till closing time.


I apologise if I do offend my pure vegan fans but since this is my WordPress site, I believe I am granted some leeway to express my thoughts without worry of a backlash from anyone.

On another note, allow me to introduce my taller-than-before good friend, Hobibelanja:

She is taller now not because she went for a surgery to lengthen her legs. Lord no. She wore her 12cm heels today and finally she defeated me in terms of height after near-forever teasing from me about her wearing heels and never matching up to my height of 167cm. It’s alright, tonight, I let her have the last laugh but really Hobibelanja, I didn’t know you were that short!


Gastronomical Adventure

Today, I was introduced to a brand new dish in my F&B books.

To some it may look like scrambled egg while to others, it may look like carrot cake.

I had this with chappati today, believing that what I ate was really mutton. But my curiosity got the better of me as when the heck does mutton meat look so fair like chicken meat?! So I took my first bite anyway and then did my fellow diner surprised me with the real name of the meat.













“It’s mutton brains,”

he said with such conviction that I reckon he was hoping to see me spit everything out in his face. Sadly, I had to disappoint him and continue chewing on the dish as per normal. Although I must say thinking about eating brains of an animal after I ate it did made me wary about what else was served on my plate that night. Actually, I’d rather not know what it is until I finish the entire dinner. At least then, I won’t have to keep pondering about whether the churning tummy was due to bloated-ness or just due to the fact that I just ate an animal brain.

However, fret not my fellow readers. Mutton brains is supposedly a North Indian delicacy which is mostly eaten with chappati and I have to say, it doesn’t taste as disconcerting as it sounds. It tastes like… chicken minus the chewiness & the squirmish taste of a brain.

No, I am not kidding you.

But that will be the first and prolly the last time I eat it. It’s nice but not nice enough to warrant a second serving from me. I’d take my cow lungs in sambal balado anytime, heh. Now that is my favourite animal organ of all time although it is laden in cholesterol and fats.

I ate an animal brain and did not spit it out. Damn, I should be on Fear Factor man.


Credits to TNP for the picture!