Leap Year’s Nostalgia

… and I gladly, did.

Sweet, awesome, out-of-this-world, memorable and romantic.

Totally worth waiting up super damn bloody early to spend it in an unconventional way. He called it  Team Awesome Time, a Leap Year special episode to only be reignited again, Insha Allah four years down the road until the end of time.

Hearts to the love 🙂


Paradise Island

Now that I am back in this bustling metropolis, I find myself keep dreaming of going back to the islands and lose myself over and over again. Till the end of time perhaps? What naysayers say is indeed true; when you are sick of modern life, go get lost in an island for a good few days and do nothing but stare at greenery and basically, don’t spend the day planning anything at all. Just go with the flow and let nature take you by the reigns and let yourself go drift far, far away.

It’s amazing how much happiness doing exactly just that did to me for the week that I was away.
And then you realise and re-look into everything in your life that used to matter alot, didn’t quite matter at all.

🙂 🙂 🙂

The Concluding Episode to the Rainbow Love Story

You were a great man when you gave up your everything to see my smile.

However, it is real unfortunate that I didn’t forgive you the instant that you made that grave mistake by my balcony and I reacted by shutting you out of my life entirely. Call me childish but honestly, I can’t quite take it back as the moment has already passed and there are only lessons to be learnt.

Also, one thing I guess you already learnt about me is that I move on real fast solely because, I am not one to harp over the past. I packed my bags and left, moving on to the next available man there was. It wasn’t because I didn’t have the heart nor carry the feelings for you no more than, I still did, I just vacuumed the feeling and shelved it away. Choosing to love another man who is better at loving and taking care of me.

I’m sure my immediate choice after you was a questionable one as that man I chose over you doesn’t fall under the category of “my type” but I disregarded all that list I had and just went ahead with loving the imperfect person he was.

On the eleventh month of 2011, we broke up acrimoniously and he left a huge depressing black hole within me.

From that, I learnt one thing, I was capable of loving a purely imperfect and maniacal devil yet still be able to accept him as he is. He wasn’t the perfect boyfriend for an independent person like me. He’d fetch me everyday, every night even when I protest but he did that out of concern. But he had the same negative quality you had. He was an immensely jealous boyfriend, far worse than you. He was an ingredient of my everyday so much so that when he cheated on me over a colleague in his workplace, I was beyond bonkers. I went insane as he was capable of going from loving me intensely yesterday, breaking up with me over text today and be caught by my best friend canoodling with another woman tomorrow.

Being with him taught me many things but at the same time, he took away my independent identity. I grew into a dependant woman even I hate to see in the mirror. I became the trophy girlfriend coveted by his guy friends as I was much smarter, classier, prettier, richer and sweeter than his ex-es. I hang out with them for supper on most nights even after work to the point that it took its toll on my work and I dropped out of Fast-Track Program because I was too gooey-eyed in love to notice the ripple effect. Suddenly, I had so many new friends that my career didn’t matter. I rode on bikes, had my own helmet and was this close to signing up for Class 2B.

But at the back of my mind, I never stopped being concerned about you.

I know the park incident was too ugly to be remembered considering that you & I have spent many, many nights under the moonlight. In fact, I think it wasn’t necessary that I got my then-boyfriend to tell you that things between us was clearly over. In fact it was the mistake which proved to be my biggest downfall in love. I let a man rule my life to the point that he answered to being my backbone and my everything. He was everything that you weren’t. He was rowdy, unlike your quiet demeanour and basically, a huge mistake too. Before I found out he cheated on me, I was taking great pains to get him back. Even Reaus who was my BFF at work took the time off work to help pull me out of the rut I was in. Like what Reaus said, I was a complete shadow of my former self and needed help.

But upon realising that I was being taken for a ride again, this time by that douchebag, I saw history repeating itself. I saw love as pain. It reminded me of Izzat, of you and of every single failed relationship I’ve had. But it also made me realise that among all the failed relationships I’ve had, the one I had with you was the one I wished I could recover and revert back. Partly because, you remained the sweetheart you were then and even till now and the other reason was that my family thinks really highly of you as you acted like the perfect gentleman even after our love story concluded.

I take my hats off to you Muzzy, you were brilliant then, and you remained equally brilliant now. I just wished things between us weren’t this hostile now as I feel that the tables have been turned and it’s you whose turning me away now. My current love knows about you and your existence, he has acknowledged your presence and has no qualms about me being friends with you.

I’ll never forget you for you were a part of my history and will always be in my good thoughts as aside from that balcony incident, you never do anything wrong unto me. For all that good memories and then some, thank you boy. You were the perfect man at the perfect time but I suppose now, the perfect time has faded away between us. If I bump into on the street, I’ll definitely stop to say hello for you are one person I don’t even want to say goodbye to.

After all, the rainbow umbrella continues to be the one distinctive thing I carry to remind me that no matter how gloomy or heavy the rain maybe, I can always look up to my umbrella and I’ll see gorgeous colors of a rainbow in place each time, everytime.

Daddy’s Jellybeans, Mommy’s Everything.

I’ve got a story to share about an acquaintance of mine:

They were young.

They were madly in love.

The girl was 21, the guy was 22.

She works as a Barista, he is currently serving National Service.

They loved each other too much.

They went a little too far.

And she got pregnant.

17 weeks, with a pair of twin girls.

They both wanted to keep the babies.

They even planned such beautiful names for their twins:

Qiuraisya & Qailisya.

His parents disallowed them from marrying.

After all when you marry out of wedlock in a Muslim household, the baby will never be able to take after the name of the father.

Regardless of whether he marries the girl he spawned with.

The baby will have the “generic” name of “Abdullah” at the back of their names for their entire lifetimes.

But that’s beside the point.

The point is the two parties and the boy’s mum decided on not keeping the baby.

Even after seeing the ultrasound of the twins.

She even enclosed a photo of the ultrasound in her site.

And much to the girl’s dismay, she had to go through with the abortion as she can’t afford to let her mum and brothers find out.

So she went ahead with the abortion.

And now is living with the boy’s family.

Dare I say, co-habiting ?

So now all evidences of their five minutes of lust is wiped out.

But she bears the brunt of it all.

She’s most hardest hit.

For she feels upset she had to let her twins go and also she feels vulnerable for she’s worried he’ll leave her for someone else.

So tell me dear readers, should I feel sorry for the current predicament she’s going through?

Or should I rejoice and say, “Serve her right for being so stupid”  as she’s paying a heavy price for giving up something so precious so easily?

Her life hangs by a tiny thread that some day she’ll find the happiness with this NS boy.

But what if it doesn’t?

Will she crumble and just die ‘cos her love took everything she had away?

Everyone’s got their own choices to make and reasons for doing what they do.

I want mine to be a fairytale story with a happy ending to last a generation or two.

What would yours be?

An Impending Hiatus

Hello! In the light of Eid coming in exactly a weeks’ time, I would like to inform my fellow readers (whether humans, cats, dogs or hamsters alike) that I will be taking a short hiatus from the WordPress writings. No, I am not going on a holiday but I foresee many, many things that will be screaming out for my attention (for example: spring cleaning, cooking, and so forth…) hence I will be taking a short hiatus for a while. My posts from now till the end of my hiatus will be kept in my drafts until further notice and I promise the hiatus won’t take any longer than 2 weeks max.

For those who can’t afford to wait that long, drop me a comment! I will definitely be checking my email daily, just that I won’t have the luxury of time to write for a while until the first week of Eid is up. I appreciate you kind understanding and hope I won’t lose too much readers over this hiatus.

Till the next time you hear from me again, toodles world.

Watch this space for the adventures of THE ãdventurist within the next two weeks or so!




Also, an advance greeting to all my Muslim readers out there:

Salam Lebaran!

Moga-moga bulan Syawal ini penuh dengan keinsafan dan barakah buat you disamping keluarga tersayang.

Salam manis & salam sayang,
THE ãdventurist