My eldest brother decided to surprise me with the huge-st of surprises yesterday. Fresh from the totally traumatic time of burying Joby, he decided to “gift” me with a pair of hamsters, plus a new smaller house for one of the hamsters and the hamster shavings as hamster’s bedding.

Given another situation whereby I get a pair of hamsters the way I want to and so forth, I will definitely be happy. But to say that I am overjoyed at the prospects of overcoming the grieve by having the addition of these two identical Winter Whites does not apply here.

  1. I do not condone the buying of pets. Tell me what does it feel like if you find out that you were bought out of a family for a nominal fee? I prefer adoption.
  2. A pet is not meant to be bought or sold; no two animals have the universal DNA that will make them appeal to all humans. They all have their  ideal owners and I always believe the pet chooses the owner and not the owner chooses the pet.
  3. I am barely on the stage of recovering from the grieving and here I am stuck to take care of two hamsters who do not even have a specific birthdate. Good Lord, how am I supposed to know when are their 1st year birthdays?
  4. At least give me like a few days / hours or minutes to get over the loss of Joby! Gosh, it feels as though I treat Joby like some disposable and replaceable being that is forgotten immediately after he passes on. I know he is just an animal but at least, consider his feelings granted if you were in his shoes.
  5. I did not intend to keep another hamster, what more two? I actually had the intention to give away the cage and buy a new home for a guinea pig. At least they live longer and are large enough to be allowed to roam freely or better still, sleep on the same bed as me the way a dog / cat does.

Listed above are just 5 out of the million reasons why I oppose the purchase of the two hamsters. On top of that, my brother who has zero basic knowledge of hamsters was ripped off by the petshop owner; he got the pair for $40! OMG, I can easily get 4 of the same breed from Pet Lovers’ Centre with that price!

Sometimes turning adult is good. However, its times like these when I wish people will take note of my point of view as ultimately, I am the one caring for these animals, not the buyers. Sure, you may not want to see me moping around like a lost soul but it’s a grieving process that I ought to take. Life isn’t all about a bed of roses, right? I need to expose myself to all the jazz of life as if not, I will never be life-ready should God decide to throw me a few more pitfalls in my life. I know my brother’s intention was good; he wanted me to be happy. But I wish he’d just listen to me when I said no to the prospects of keeping anymore for the short-term.

Let me grieve, keep my mind pre-occupied by work or let me do anything non-hamster related. That was all that I asked for when Joby passed away. A pet’s love is irreplaceable, no matter how many hamsters I buy or get in one lifetime, there ought to be this mutual bond that remains unbreakable even in the eyes of death. That was the kind of bond that Joby & I shared; something that will be largely missing in the puzzle between me and the two new hamsters. By the way, their names are Betty Smith & Joe Jambul. Don’t ask why, the names just flashed across my brain repeatedly and I just had to use them.

Look out for more hamster news in the coming weeks, hopefully, all goes well for them and may they adjust to their new homes soon…