Five to Christmas

It’s five days to Christmas.

I am coming to terms with the fact that Christmas is like minutes away and 2010 is a day away from now.

Time flies by so fast this month, as compared to the other months that I have yet to be able to take a breather and update my calendar that is threatening to burst at the paper ends from the flurry of activities that I have on year’s end. How has it been for you thus far my lovely friends? Has it been the kind of year you have being dreaming of? Or has it been littered with the numerous likes and dislikes of the days that has gone by? I sincerely hope the year and God has been kind to you, always.


This year, Christmas will be different as the celebrations will be more muted than the last year’s as I have no home to go to to build the Christmas tree with. I know I am kind of obsessed with Christmas but that’s not due to the religious aspect of it. More like, I see this momentous occasion in the Christian calendar to be a month where majority of the population are nicer to each other and everyone smiles infinitely more than usual. Sometimes I really wish Christmas happens everyday so as to rub off that positivity in everyone’s eyes and hearts more easily. In retrospect, 80% of our years are spent harping over problems at work, mulling over the next paycheque to feed the family and so forth that sometimes we overlook the very things in life which makes the journey all the more sweeter and pleasant. Hence for Christmas this year, I wish to see more happy people around me and I also hope that the happiness stays beyond the coming 2010. After all, smiling never hurts doesn’t it?


On a personal level, I am saddened that I can’t decorate any Christmas tree as the good friend I used to decorate trees with has packed her bags and jet off to Melbourne on a self-imposed exile. Don’t ask me why she went there although I feel remotely guilty that I may be the root cause of it. The again, I can’t identify with her situation even up till now since she is not the kind of person I perceived her to be. Not when she claims she is in love with me and wants to spend the rest of her life with me. There’s something utterly revolting about it but if I were to have friends who turn to their own kind, I will never judge them the way I judge her. Just don’t throw yourselves all over me as even though I have a short pixie crop with the slashes of red hair & is most comfy in jeans and ballerina flats, I am all woman and I don’t fancy dating my own species. I love my men, thank you very much.

On another note, I have yet to be able to celebrate Christmas with one of my good friends since she first stepped afoot in Singapore. Come to think of it, time is getting real short for us these days that meet-ups have been reduced to the X few hours I get to spend with her before she flies back home on a monthly basis. I honestly miss those days where our outings last one entire day and we have those themed outings where we dress-up and head out to elaborate dinners together. I also miss those days when we get to watch a much-anticipated musical at Esplanade and then we chill out at the nearby restaurants thereafter. The days where we spent our after-office hours drinking the night away and rambling on and on about the nasty colleagues are all within an ear-sight that I long to go back to those days when our lives were less complicated and meeting each other was a mandatory part of our weekly schedule.

Moving on to another friend, Martian dear, it has been ages since we last met and I have like 103957847 things to tell you about. Please, please, please tell me that you are done with your exams soon as if not, I will present myself as a Christmas present at your doorstep come Christmas Day.

To another friend, tum mere doost (You know who you are), thank you for being there thus far and seeing me through the ups and downs of my career search since the start of this year. I know you have been pre-occupied with the current National Service stint, that our outings have dwindled to single digits each month, but I appreciate the flexibility to meet me on a whim and just sit down at our favourite park bench and talk the night away and do crazy things together. I honestly don’t know what’s in store for us in the future but having you here with me, whether as a doost or a jaan, makes the thrust into the corporate world less daunting on my part. Our future may seem vague and ambiguous and I really don’t want to put too much strain on the careful friendship plans we have together hence I really seek your understanding on that nay answer to love. I’d prefer to have you be my “friend with benefits” as ultimately, my roving eyes are still not tamed to just one man, yet. It’s not easy as after all, I am in the line of sight of most men who are a good 12 centimeters taller than you. Bleh!

To my other friend who is happily lapping up the Sydney snow just about now, I sincerely hope the holidays will be a welcomed relief for you since you are going to start work soon come January 2010! I am happy for you and I hope to see you real soon on my shores or if the wait gets too long, perhaps I will grace your shores instead… Sometimes I find it amazing how friends who have lost touch for a good few years are still able to reconnect after meeting up all over again. The beauty of a friendship is virtually incomprehensible yeah?


Anyway, Christmas is the Season of Giving, I hope it will remain as the warmest holidays year in, year out. Here’s to the last-minute shopping and gift-wrapping!




Send My Regards to the Koalas

Today is yet another day that a former close friend of mine migrates to Down Under, specifically Melbourne with an indefinite date of returning back to Singapore. Yes, she has bought a one-way ticket and will either choose to come back this Christmas, NYE or never at all once she settles down at a motel there.

I have no reason as to why her departure is this sudden but knowing her, I suppose impulsive decisions such as these are of second nature to her. Regardless, I wish her well and thank her for the incredible one odd year’s worth of friendship as I don’t think the friendship will continue when she comes back. Yes, we parted on bad terms and that is all meant to be that way. I have no intention of forging a friendship with her all over again as she has revealed a big secret which I cannot understand or ever accept so long as I am alive. Then again, I never expected her to harbor such ridiculous thoughts.

I see her departure as a blessing regardless of how bleak the future of the friendship is. That’s alright, in life we make lotsa good and bad friends; she happens to fall in the latter category. Thank you for being there in my life along with the rest and also for sharing the journey with me and being one of the resultant forces behind me being who I am now.

I wish you well always and hope you will be able to find the happiness you can’t find in the friendship with me.

Goodbye my friend.

PS: Sometimes when a friend leaves me for another country, I feel immensely sad to the brink of tears. But for her, I feel absolutely nothing. Maybe my tears are intending to save themselves for the next departure of yet another good friend who means more to me than this one.

Ticking to 2010

We are inching closer to 2010 and it’s a matter of time before we bid farewell to 2009.

This week in particular has been exceptionally hectic for me. From the numerous interviews I have been shortlisted to, to the irregular work hours I have put in at WOW, to the constant applications I have been filling up for a full-time job position to fill up my weekdays, to the outings with the favorite friends, to the errands that I have to run for everyone in the household and so much more.

I guess you may wonder if I do miss my good ol’ days when I was bumming around at home and waking up only at noon and sleeping at some ungodly hour, wouldn’t you? However, I have to say that throughout the entire time I was off the job and study market, I never really found the right time and space to actually just sit down and breathe and take it a day at a time. As far as I can remember, despite being jobless and no longer a student till the distant future, I have not set aside the quality time to spend and reflect on myself and what has happened throughout this entire year.

I have been going on and on everyday, definitely doing something every single hour. Whether it is to change the bedsheets or to go for an interview or to meet a friend for lunch etc, I have done them all. What I have ceased to do thus far is to slack. Yes, perhaps everyone has the notion that if you are not working nor studying, you are merely bumming around, watching reruns of Friends or The Nanny to no end. But really, I think I am here to debunk that stereotype. Not everyone spends their non-working and non-studying days bumming around and I for once, am one of them.

I feel immensely blessed to be granted this block of time to recharge my tired soul and rejuvenate my senses and appreciate everything that has come my way this year. I also am proud to say that the year 2009 has brought me spiritually closer to God and emotionally attached to my family and beloved friends. 2009 also brought along a handful of people whom I don’t wish to meet again whether in this lifetime or the next but I am grateful regardless as they have taught me a lesson or two in life.

If there’s anything I can take away from 2009, it has to be that the year 2009 has made me become significantly more matured and level-headed like never before. I guess it is true, when you turn 21, the maturity comes along as God’s birthday gift to you. I am thankful I got this priceless gift as without it, I will prolly succumb to the easy way out in everything like back then in 2002. I don’t deny it, I have changed just like everyone else. But I hope this change within me will bring about a level of happiness, warmth and sunshine to the people around me. Never did it cross my mind that I will be so open and friendly to anyone that I can strike up conversations with mere strangers or even hug my best friend on the train platform.

2009 isn’t the year for love; I know I gave up on my first love in 2008 and I am still mending my broken heart and learning from my past mistakes. Hence I have made it clear that I don’t want to be seriously dating anyone as the time I have in my hands now is too precious to be wasted fighting with a significant other. Now that I am 21, let me be free. I know when the time is right for the love to be requited, it will be. I am a firm believer of kismet; better known as fate. Also, if it is meant to be, it will always be regardless so always believe in that statement. After all, we have forever together so what does a few years of singlehood mean right?

2009 is the year I was granted the biggest life lesson I ever had in my entire life; my grandmother’s passing. Looking back, I knew a part of me died and was buried along in the grave when she went away and for a certain period of time, I admit that I lost the zest in me. But after a while, I reached a mutual understanding that I can’t go on like that forever. I have to pick up the pieces and move on with my life as she has gone away and will never ever come back to me. Many things have changed in the house thanks to my stubborn need to move things around to cope with the grief. But nothing, I mean it, nothing has or will be able to replace her presence during the first 21 years of my life. Nothing. That space she took away from my heart will never be replaced. The puzzle will never fit the same way again and I know if I don’t let go, I will prolly drive everyone else including myself to the grave.  I honestly do miss her a lot but I guess the only way I can miss her is to gift a a prayer or two for her daily and pray that He will take good care of her. Which I am very sure He will.

Come to think of it, I think I was a selfish fart to want a degree immediately after my graduation from SHATEC Institutes. I mean, as much as I am the youngest in the family and I am the only girl, I think I shouldn’t have reacted with such haughty arrogance or disappointment when my parents told me that they will not be able to fund for my degree whether abroad or locally. It took me a long, long time to understand the whole situation and I am thankful (in a way) that Papa was diagnosed with cancer before I applied for a university. Can you imagine if I had applied for my university and Papa got his diagnosis after that? Things will definitely be much harder on us then. I’m thankful I opted to listen to my parents and wait the years before my savings will accumulate to a degree.

I know it will take me quite a while before that happens and the only thing I can wish for is that some filthy rich heir to a petroleum empire or a wealthy prince is reading my sympathy-laced post today and that he will propose to marry me and guarantee that I will never have to worry about finances ever again.

Okaye, just kidding 😛

Back to the story here, 2009 has been a whirlwind roller-coaster ride for me and it’s definitely one hell of a ride worth riding and living for. Here’s to the end of 2009 and the wonderful beginning, middle and ending to 2010 and beyond!


Countries of the World

This post is written to reflect the words that I had in mind while I was working with two group of kids; one group of Caucasian Americans while the other group were French. This post is also not made in any sort of order but is written according to what pops up in my mind first and this post is something like the 25 Random Facts about me which has been a sensational hit ever since I posted it many months ago. Yet up till this very day, I have no clue as to why that post is so popular till date. Nevertheless, I’ll always be thankful to have a loyal readership count of silent readers. Better than nothing right? So take a moment to make that cuppa latte and savour the aroma as you delve greater depths into knowing me.

E N J O Y !






Map of France

France is the only country (other than Holy Land of course) that I would love to visit before I hit the grave. To be proposed on top of Eiffel Tower, to have a wonderful R&R at St. Tropez while I sip a glass of Lychee Martini, to have a quick glimpse of the English Channel, to be invited to the Cannes Film Festival and to visit The Alps from the French’s point of view will definitely be the top 5 things I want to be able to experience in this lifetime.

Yes, the French are notorious for being snooty and arrogant but with a country with spectacular architecture giants like Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe & Notre Dame, who wouldn’t be?




             Hindi Language                       French Language

Hindi and French are the only two languages in the world which I find seductively fascinating. Hearing any North Indian man talking in Hindi over the phone or in person will make me melt, especially if he is wearing a kurta. As for French, even a group of French boys speaking in French (like during work today) was enough to make me go weak trying to pick up the language from them on the spot. These two languages are so polite that even if they are cursing you in their respective tongues, you as a foreigner will definitely think they are complimenting you to no end.

And for the record, I want to learn both languages as that will give me a 50-50 chance of marrying either an Indian or a French. Both will work for me and both will grant me wonderful exotic looking future generations, hee hee. I so can’t wait!




Map of Seychelles

She sells sea shells on the seashore.

 Try saying that 5 times in a breath – the major tongue twister back during my primary school days which introduced me to this wonderful group of islands located in Africa, slightly off the top of Madagascar.

Seychelles is my dream honeymoon destination due to its deep blue and crystal clear waters and the real safari adventure just waiting to pounce at you when you walk out of the resort islands. Also, these islands are green islands and have been virtually untouched by the pollution of irresponsible humans and it’s nice to know that somewhere in this world, the true beauty of Mother Nature still exists and coexists with the people who truly respect her. Plus, who knew Africa would have island postcard photos such as these?

Seychelles View 1

Seychelles View 2

Seychelles View 3




Switzerland, home of The Alps & popular winding roads such as the following three,

Saint Gothard Pass, Switzerland

Stelvio, Switzerland

Grimsel Pass Descent, Switzerland

… is the one country I’d love to migrate and retire in should Singapore be too expensive to live in. No, I am dead serious. No jokes about that. If the government raises the GST rates anymore, I will pack my bags, find an old man to marry and inherit his million buckeroos before stepping foot on Singapore shores. Till then, you can always find me walking up and down one of these winding roads till I have enough to come back to Singapore.




HKG's Junk Boat

Hong Kong is the first country that I’ve stepped foot on my own without my parents or family in tow after I turned 16. In fact, the week-long Hong Kong trip was a few months shy of my 19th birthday and I went there with my ex-boyfriend and 3 classmates. We had a blast yes, but the trip also brought forward many quirks about my friends and ex-boyfriend which turned out to be an eye-opening experience. I’d love to go there again someday; to eat piping hot dimsums in the morning with the porridge, hearing so much Cantonese words even in Turkish restaurant, and going into MacDonalds and be amused by the fact that their menus serve pork burgers and they don’t serve chilli sauce at all. It was a wonderful, wonderful experience; I loved it very much and came back home with a Tiffany & Co too!

My Very Own Tiffany

(Apologies for the lousy picture quality; camera was my ex’s lousy Sony camera with a freaking 512 MB Memory Card with lousy Auto-Focus capabilities.)

Sure, it was a counterfeit Tiffany & Co jewellery but the fact is that Ladies Street is filled to the brim with those counterfeits; you just can’t help purchasing one even though your conscience keeps pleading with you to feel the least bit guilty about it.




Bintan, Indonesia

… was the place I ran to in search of a much-needed break after I ended my relationship with my ex-boyfriend. I went there with an ex-colleague just to “escape” the trials and tribulations of the matters at hand and also to renew my strength and faith in love. The relationship lasted a good three years before I pulled the plug on it due to the ex-boyfriend being an immensely possessive and demanding boyfriend and Bintan was the only country I had enough cash to splurge on. Rumor has it that the ex-boyfriend went to Europe to get over me for three whole weeks; well, he ought to go there after swindling my money for a good three years and refusing to pay a single cent for anything during the course of the relationship. Yes, he is that stingy. That’s why I despise stingy men ‘cos I know my parents taught me to always give and never to be stingy.




Map of Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is the sub-continent that I want to travel to before I get married. The least that I want to do is to travel to the main attractions of Southeast Asia and get to know my own Asia before I venture out of Asia. Countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, India, China are the kinds of countries that I’d love to immerse myself in as after all, we live near each other thus if we don’t visit out own neighbours, nobody else will. After conquering Southeast Asia, I will want to head Down Under to finally fulfill my dream of visiting my favorite guyfriend in Sydney and sleep under a blanket of stars with him as company as it is one of the missions that he has to do with me whether he likes it or not, hee hee.



Political Map of Singapore

Regardless of how expensive this tiny “dot of an island” is on the world map, Singapore is the only place I can confidently say that is home. As far as I can, I would love to grow old on this island and watch my future generations flourish under the good governance of the government and at the same time, be able to appreciate the country’s every step to make it the most accessible country / island in the world.

SMRT Transport Network

The picture above is the possible future of the train network in Singapore (those in light blue, navy blue, grey, mustard yellow & orange are the future plans in the works). Tell me how can I not call this home when even being stuck at the other end of the island won’t take me more than a two-hour journey back home? This is home, my home; all 647 square metres (and counting!) of it.





I think that is enough of trivia about me today, I don’t wish to end up boring you fellow readers out there. Nevertheless, hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend ahead!

Sleep tight World!

Hours Zero to Five

Today is the first day I am officially working for Wow and boy did I have a lousy start to the day at work or what. I arrived at Bishan Park promptly at 3pm as I was slated for an assignment there at 3pm to 6pm but I only arrived the exact location of the assignment in Bishan Park about an hour later.


‘Cos I got lost, literally and took one full hour to get to the location of the assignment despite arriving at the stipulated location on time!

Wait, before you say that I suck in terms of directions, I don’t okaye. My friends look up to me when it comes to bus and train routes and I rarely get lost even when I am behind the wheel. But the very location we are talking about here is Bishan Park and for the uninitiated, Bishan Park is the Botanics of the North and you can really get lost in the park real easily. Matter of fact, I’ve walked through the park with Jo and I have done prawning there before thus when I was assigned by my boss, I didn’t think it was much of a deal to reach Bishan Park as I am pretty familiar with the place.

Boy, I was so, so wrong.

 Bishan Park 1 & 2

 Bishan Park is divided by a main road and it stretched from Sin Ming Avenue (Thomson) to Bishan (Ang Mo Kio) and if you are smart enough, calculate the estimated distance between the opposing ends of the park.

However, I have to salute the cool people who were down for the same assignment with me as they were uber friendly and rather patient even though the timing was ticking past the half hour and I was nowhere in sight. They even offered to pick me up from where I was though I have no idea which part of Bishan Park I was to be able to get them to pick me up! In all, I wasted an exact one hour’s worth of pay on the “commuting” and upon arrival at the location, I realised that I just needed to walk deeper into the park and I would have found the location they were at! Yes, a trip around the perimeter of Bishan Park cost me $7, that’s how huge the park is.

Oh my Lord X 1938465 times.

I was seriously embarrassed (who wouldn’t be?) and I was close to scooting off from work but I reckon the excitement from working all over again proved to be a wee bit overwhelming that for once I met my new colleagues with the thickest skin I ever had. Better still, they were such a forgiving bunch and I honestly told them that it’s fine if boss cuts my pay or doesnt pay me for the first assignment as I wasn’t really present in the first place. But they, being the WOW bunch said,

“Don’t worry, it’s your first time and it’s great that you didn’t go absent after being lost for so long. There are some of them who were like that you know? Anyway, we are a family now; we look after each other yah?”

😀 Wow, I am amazed.

Grace, Kenny & Si Qian, thank you for being such a wonderful team and for being so darn patient with me despite being lost and exhausted even before the day was up. I really was running helter-skelter trying to reaching wherever you guys were at the shortest time possible. Also to Grace, thank you for mentoring me as your new 9th Gen despite you being rather new yourself as an 8th Gen. You are the coolest 18 year old I’ve ever met! &&&, I dig the uniform of a black polo tee and a black – grey – white camouflage print baggy pants; it screams cool man!

🙂 I am loving my job, I am loving my colleagues too; life’s great.
Thanks be to God.


Foreseeable Future

I have too many things up, and too little time. How on Earth can I find a full-time job now when my schedule is major-packed with activities, part-time work, training, meet-ups with the lovelies, shopping, and so forth?

Sometimes 24 hours isn’t really enough.

But that keeps me going. The thought that I am cramming as many things into my daily events makes me feel as though every single second is spent not thing about sad or unhappy things and that’s good.

Life is good, thanks be to God.

Now that my weekends will be jam packed with WOW, I can’t imagine what will happen to my weekly dates with the two BFFs who have Saturday and Sunday all to themselves. Heh, time to start sharing the time with everyone else yeah Hobibelanja and Muzzy-Wuzzy?

Also, Martian, Hobibelanja and Muzzy-Wuzzy remembered my training date and wished me; that’s real heart-warming to know. God, I feel so, so loved – I am real lucky.

I feel eternally blessed to have wonderful and supportive friends at any point of time.

As much as I have kinda lost a friend along the way, memories with her will always be cherished and remembered as she was there during my darkest days. Not as though she passed away, more like our friendship has been said and done and there is nothing left to pick up from where it all first disintegrated but that’s okaye, I’m positive and believe it is for the better of us.

JY, thank you for sharing a friendship with me and I am sorry things had to end between us.

Mum, Dad and brother is heading up to KL for a wedding and holiday. It will definitely be a big break for them since they’ve not stopped working since gram’s passing. I’m sure it will be well worth it. I’m sorry I am not tagging along but I reckon the “all-expenses-paid-for” tag never did tickle my fancy; after all, I am a mature adult and I don’t see a reason why I should constantly depend on family to support my spendings. Plus, how can I possibly leave my lovely sweetheart of a furry love, Jojo Tiger all alone at home? If there’s a fire, I’m sure he’s the first I will pick up in my room alongside Mimi; nothing else matters more to me than those two furballs.

Maybe one day, the five of us, plus the nephewie can head abroad and have our very first holiday together after so long – I’ll try to fulfill that dream.

It feels immensely exciting to know that I am employed, albeit on the weekends and certain Thursdays and Fridays of the month. At least I know I don’t have to worry about a quicksand kind of income and I know I am back on track to save up for my degree in the near future.

Things are looking up, I know it will only get better.

I have been on a strict dinner regime and I am resuming my exercising activities like tanning (Hee 🙂 ), badminton and so forth to equip me with a better immune system to run after kids etc during work days. Hopefully, I’ll get to learn cycling and do more intensive sports to keep me at my fittest.

I feel so much healthier than before and the best of all, I am happy 🙂

Gram’s 40th day is coming up next Tuesday, October 6th 2009 and the house is abuzz with plans for the day and combining the kenduri with that of her god-son who passed away a day before her.

I still feel her around sometimes, especially when I am alone in the house but her voices seems to get faint by the days; perhaps it’s about time.

Don’t you wish that at certain aspects of your life, you can fast-forward it so that you know what happens in the future? I always hope for that all the time and at the same time, an option to rewind and correct past mistakes and also the opportunity to meet certain people whom you’ve heard numerous great stories about yet never was lucky enough to meet them.

 Two of them are male figures in my ancestry lineage; my maternal grandfather and my paternal great-grandfather. MG to decipher what it was like to be in his shoes and see his grandchild be the subject of a tug-of-war for years between two families related by blood. PGG to see the world through the eyes of a 143 year old; well at least, that was what my late Wawa used to say about how old her father was. It prolly will be cool to say, “Great-grandpa, what was it like to live a hundred years ago as compared to now?” That would make a great show-&-tell in primary school.


I’m kind of random today, perhaps my brain just wanted to pen down certain things in no particular order. Wishing you a wonderful day ahead, carpe diem everyone!



Officially dead tired from the back-to-back outings since Friday but I have two more dawn to dusk plans till Monday and the cycle will repeat itself or get worse with meet-up with the favorite cousins for breaking fast and so many birthdays are coming up in September – October. Plus, Mooncake Festival, Eid and Christmas are coming up fast and furiously!


The things which are making me tired are all well-worth it since I will be spending days and nights with the people who matter the most to me. Also, numerous surprises are lined up for the BFFs. Why all the hush-hush and secret surprises?

Because they are worth it, really.


I see my bank account dwindling faster than the saving cycle I have been religiously doing the past three odd months. I should just declare myself broke / bankrupt to escape the gift-giving, heh. Anyone keen on contributing to the Save The ãdventurist Foundation? I will be more than willing to do work for you so long as it is legal, morally-right, provides accommodating working hours (since I have a baby hamster to take care of round the clock) and environmentally sound. Also, I need to set up another foundation to ban me from doing online shopping. I have accumulated enough purchases online to get at least another thirty good novels from the flea markets or add up to 1/8 of the price of a dream G10 or 10 pedicure sessions with Peggy or a full red color hair-coloring session plus three color highlights.


On another note: In my opinion, there can only be one spendthrift and one thrifty person in a relationship. We can’t ever have two of the same characters in one relationship as if both partners are spendthrift, they will end up broke together and will have bad credit to both names. If both are thrifty, they will end up bickering about who has the cheapest item to purchase in the house and will end up not buying anything at all! Hence, in a relationship, kindly allow me to be the spender as I am a girl and I shop; shopping is associated with women, not men and a woman can never have enough top / bottom / shoe / bag / earring / ring / belt / book / magazine and so forth.


I am feeling much, much better now loves, thank you for all your care and concern.

A Series of Back-to-Back Outings

It is with much anticipation that I announce to you my fellow readers that from today, I will be taking a much-deserved “break” through the series of pre-planned outings with the favorite boyfriend at Mustafa tonight, the cousins for a birthday bash tomorrow evening and a brazilian, shopping, movie and dinner session with the favorite girlfriend on Sunday afternoon.


I’ve not been this excited for awhile and I am real happy to know that I am truly feeling much, much better now. To the lovely friends that I have, namely, Martian, Hobibelanja, Jo, Muzzy-Wuzzy and then some, thank you so much for being there for me through the darkest period of my 2009. You don’t know how indebted I am to all of you for making me feel loved and not lonely throughout this entire period of crisis.

Thank you, I am indeed very lucky to have such wonderful friends.
I love you all, each and every bit of you, to teenie-weenie bits and pieces.


Thanks be to God for He is the Most Merciful & Kind.

Moving On Ahead

I’ve been “gifting” a few prayers every morning for her; something to keep me grounded.

I’ve changed Mum & Dad’s bedsheet to a crisp white linen; something to depict a fresh start.

I’ve been seeking solace in God during the break of dawn; something rejuvenating for my soul.

I’ve decluttered my fridge to make way for new things; something to represent the renewal of life.

I’ve washed the toilet twice this week; something to tell me that there are fewer remnants of her in the toilet.

I’ve changed my bedsheet to a sombre maroon and beige hue; something to signify a sombre but hopeful future.

I’ve been opening up my calendar dates to outings with the BFFs and cousins; something to keep me pre-occupied.

I’ve been tending to my garden and breathing in the fresh morning dew on a frequent basis; something to remind me that I am alive.

I’ve cleaned my kitchen and moved certain things to prevent me from thinking of her too much; something necessary for me.

I’ve packed her clothes and phoned my aunt to get her to give the clothes to her Mum-in-Law; something to show a moving on on my end.


I think that is enough steps of moving on, for now.
This is the dawn of the new day.
I hope I will be better after the dust has settled.
I’ve got to let it go.


Wawa; She's Now With the Angels

In Loving Memory,
my dearest and most cherished grandmother, Hasanah bte. Hussein;
whom I affectionately call Wawa since young even though I don’t know what “Wawa” means,
whom I placed high up there as one of the three people I can’t live without,
 whom I have shared priceless memories with for the entire twenty-one years of my life.

I love you always Wawa and I will miss you very, very, very much.

A Spritual 29 Days Ahead

My Salvation

Yesterday marks the first month of Ramadan and for once, I intend to make this fasting journey a spiritual one. I don’t have to elaborate here what kind of spiritual journey I am going to take as I would like to keep it between me and Him but I do want you all to know that I am going to save an extra prayer for each and every one for being in my life and for making my life the way that it is now; contented, happy and blessed.


To those who are in this fasting journey alongside me, may our faiths in God and ourselves banish the inner demons in us and bring us back to the correct path. May we fill our days and nights with nothing but good things, good thoughts and good prayers for Him, family, friends and ourselves.

To my lovely friends who are of different faiths but are indirectly affected by my fasting journey, please do not hesitate to ask me out. Fasting doesn’t mean living has to stop as some may perceive.


On a gluttony note, listed below are the food that I am very, very, very looking forward to this Ramadan:

Dendeng / BBQ-ed Meat
Lemang & Ketupat with Serunding & Rendang
Air Katirah & Air Mata Kucing
Honey Cornflakes & Mum’s Pineapple Tarts

Oh yummy.


Here’s to a wonderful fasting month ahead for one and all!


A Birthday That Came & Went

Today marks one month, one week after my inaugural twenty-first birthday.

As for the few of you who are invited to read this wordpress site of mine, you know each of you are tasked to do a birthday mission with / for me. To date, I have given out 5 out of the 7 cards I was supposed to give out. Actually, I was supposed to be left with just one card that I am going to do for myself; sort of like the icing on the cake for my 21st birthday missions and it was meant to be done on the tail-end of the month of July ’09 after all the other missions from the other people are finished. Fast forward till now, I have one envelope which has yet to be picked up by someone and two other pending birthday missions which have yet to be completed.

This brings me to another point. The two who has yet to complete the birthday mission cited reasons as frequent travelling and a life-changing moment as the reasons to why their specific missions are still not completed and I have to say I am deeply disappointed. Why? Because I put everyone ahead of myself and at the crux of the moment when the tables are turned, you do not live up to it. I know this birthday is the least bit urgent thing as compared to my other news like about Dad getting cancer and all but what I wanted out of the birthday missions was to see who are people who put me first, or at least among the first in their lives.

Family obviously put me first and I celebrated my birthday twice with them, once on the 5th of July ’09 and another time at the start of this month of August ’09. Honestly, I had a blast and it was nice to see me being on the limelight among the group of people sitting on the same table as me. Also, I had a friend who all the way down here from a country seven hours away and he celebrated my birthday in the simplest of ways even before I handed him the envelope. How simple? He just was there, his presence was all that mattered to me.On top of that, another friend has to go through an ankle surgery which was scheduled a few days after my birthday and she made her own creative effort to make sure the mission was completed even before July reached the half-way mark. Mind you, she was on a cast and wasn’t able to walk after the surgery for the next eight weeks and she gave me a goodie bag of presents which made me cry buckets in public – Muzzy can vouch for that.

I feel very blessed and lucky to have a family who dotes on me so much and makes sure the limelight is fixated on me during the entire outing and also, I am very lucky to have two friends who made sure the missions turned out right and on time before the deadline.

What about the other two? You two are just as close but up till now, the missions are postponed time and time over. It’s not the items that I want so badly. I just want to be that wee bit more important in your life for once in a lifetime. To you it may just be a birthday mission but to me, it speaks volumes about how the friendship is viewed from your end. I’m not out to bring up the good things I’ve done, I just want that bit of limelight which I have always shone on you when we do hang out together. Even if it’s just eight seconds of the limelight, I’ll take it. I never ask for anything from you, only this once I want my birthday to be a wee bit different than usual. I never write out and send birthday lists of what I want a month before my birthday; not even once. I even bought seven sets of new outfits for the seven missions – especially for the celebration you know? This 21st birthday will be the first and definitely the last that I craft out seven birthday missions for all to choose. I don’t think I can subject myself to another year of disappointment. For the remaining missions left, please don’t put the emphasis on the birthday. I think the birthday moment has come and gone; it’s already more than a month since.

Is it too much to ask for, really?

Friendship Quote

That is my promise, will you promise the same too?


I love my friends very much, so much so that I will take a bullet for them even without hesitating. But would they do the same for me? Maybe some, but definitely not all.

Face to Face with the Savaged Beast

What would you do if you meet 101 of your biggest fears in the world and have to face them all at the same time?

I’d prolly run far, far away.

What would you do if you have no idea what fears you are going to face to face with until mere minutes into the mission?

I’ll go into stress which may lead to heart attack.

What would you do if your mind is guessing a billion possibilities what the mission will be like and how you are going to achieve them?

I’ll stop guessing and hope to high heavens that I will live to see Jojo Tiger at night.

What would you do if you were given clues such as 3 metres deep, wetsuit and two hours as clues? What would you think it was?

I was thinking either jetski-ing, swimming with the dolphins or a water-based massage (I know, strange guess) as a dare by my BFF #3, Jo.








The location: Siloso Beach, Sentosa.

The bewitching hours: 1500 hours – 1845 hours.

The mission / dare:


Who's Afraid of Sharks?

 Hell yes that is one heck of a 101 fears jumbled into 1 when Jo brought me to Underwater World and handed over to me the brochure. I turned whiter than a sheet of white paper, I swear I could feel my tummy churning and doing roller-coaster effects to my just-digested-15-minutes-ago-LJS-Mango-and-Fish-Wrap, which was actually very nice. I immediately felt sick, I wanted to run or something. Good golly, what the heck did I put myself through? Why did I say yes to her dare?

Sadly, it was pre-booked many months ahead of the day today thus I can’t back out. The only thing I could do was to postpone it to a later date should I chicken out today and if I don’t show up for the next available date, the cost of the diving will be borne by Jo. No way am I going to make her pay God knows how much for a diving trip which I chickened out of. SO I tried asking her if it’s possible for me to get her instead to go for the dive. She flatly rejected the suggestion, citing the fact that she wants to be the photographer for the day and that the name has been signed to me and it was non-transferable.

Seriously, waiting for her to finalise the payment etc felt like eternity. I tried to push her to take me there on another date using the fact that my period is expected to arrive anytime soon but she refused to budge. She mentioned I have the same look when I tried prawning for the first time last year. You are kidding me Jo, that was prawning. It was in no way at all, a dangerous sport. This is diving; diving with sharks and sting rays and whatever other living sea creatures in the planet. If I am not lucky, I may get eaten alive by the sharks or get stung by the barb of a sting ray like the late Steve Irwin! For the record, he died doing what he loved doing and he is a living crocodile hunter legend! He already has a legacy when he passed on, what do I have? I am not even anywhere near being a legend damn it!

Trust me, the usual sweaty hands, restless eyes, uneasy feeling were all present the minute I stepped into Underwater World. For starters, I can’t swim. Secondly, I am swimming with sharks. Thirdly, my period may just come knocking in my body and there will be human blood of course. What is the shark smells my blood and comes after me like in Finding Nemo the movie? I am not prepared to have my face plastered over every daily newspaper in Singapore or the region for being the first human to lure a shark to her using her period blood. Gosh, that will be so gross.

I was greeted by an Indian diver, (I can’t recall his name as I was too nervous to even register my name into my numbskull brains) and he briefed me about the to-dos and not-to-dos during the dive all while he brought me through countless steps around Underwater World. He led Jo and I to a password protected door and I walked into a place which resembled that of a fish market. I am not kidding you. I don’t see any fish, just neatly arranged basins capable of putting at least 10 turtles or 2 manta rays. I was told to fill up an indemnity form and I had to confirm twice that I was above 21. The questions in the indemnity form ranged from, do you have a popping ear disorder when you ascend / descend while in a plane to do you have claustrophobia or agrophobia. Seriously, I was laughing in between answering the 20 odd Yes – No questions in that form.

After that, I was instructed to change into the full-body wetsuit and booties (Haha, I know) before I am briefed at greater length. Here’s a peek! By the way, excuse the under-eye panda eyes and dull skin, I wasn’t wearing make-up for obvious reasons.


That's Yours Truly 1/2 Way Through in the Wetsuit :]

That’s me going through the debrief with the dive guide for the day. In the picture above, I am testing out the power and non-power lenses to see which on is more comfortable with my eyes.

Excuse the Scary Face =P

I picked the power-lenses.

My "Booties"

I am not kidding you. The footwear I was wearing was called booties. I actually thought I will be wearing flippers. Apparently they don’t need flippers when diving in Underwater World; there are more walking, light-swimming and floating and leaping only.


I must be a rare find in the diving place. All the divers surrounding me were males and they took a double-take when I walked down the stairs and walked towards the assembly area.


My Full Outfit for the Dive!

The total weight of whatever I was carrying before I went in for the dive tipped the scales at 50kg. See, the oxygen tank weighed 10kg and that weight was able to sustain enough air for me to breathe for at least an hour. On top of that, I had four weights which resembled giant-sized silver belt buckles. Each weight was 10kg so if you do the math, I had 40 kg of weights strapped all around my waist. I had a hard time walking on land with the entire suit and tank ensemble as I was basically carrying my own weight! I weigh 53kg and I am carrying 50kg of weight on top of my own weight! I am no ant, I can’t carry twice of my own weight you know? However, the minute I stepped on a platform to go into the waters (which leads me to the underwater world), I felt light instantaneously; so light, I literally “float” despite weighing a grand total of 103kg on hand!

It took me a lot of guts to face my fears and having an Indian guide and another Caucasian diver who is going for his virgin dive in there did help a little bit. However, the fact that they both are certified divers did not make me feel good. They are pros while I am a literal virgin in diving etc. The Caucasian man was telling me over and over that I will enjoy the experience but I smiled weakly, not knowing what to expect when I go underwater.

I descended and was underwater within seconds. I had to constantly pinch my nose with each step that I made into the waters as my ears sort of hurt from the pressure. I wasn’t allowed to breathe through my nose thus I had to breathe in and breathe out of the oxygen tank and that was real hard for a first-timer like me. Trust me. I was doing fine when I kept on gulping seawater through my mouth-piece. I remember Raj’s (I remembered this diver’s name!) words to “blow” the water back into the mouth-piece if I encountered any seawater in my mouth and I did but more and more seawater kept going into my mouth and was getting nauseous from the taste of it. So I signalled that I wasn’t okay and waited for further instructions. By then, my head was blank, I was very close to panicking already. Trust me when I say that all that I wanted to do was to remove the mouthpiece and lenses and just breathe properly. I was already feeling sick by then. Thank God I was sane enough to not do that as if I didn, I wouldn’t be alive writing out this post. But Raj was telling me to keep calm. Gosh, given such a situation, all that I could think of was how far away I was from the platform to climb out to breathe and I just wanted to breath properly from my nose. How on earth do you expect me to keep calm?! But Raj did helped me calm down my nerves and ascend to the air properly.

Upon reaching the top of the platform, I removed the mouth-piece and finally got the much needed air to breath naturally. I told Raj about my problem with the oxygen device and how the seawater kept going into my mouth-piece and he told me that I needed to grip the mouth-piece harder. For your information, the mouth-piece looked something like this:

Mouthpiece for Diving

Yes, it resembles that of a wrestler’s mouthpiece. The only difference is that the mouthpiece is fixed to a long tube which is attached to the oxygen tank.

So I started gripping as tightly as my mouth could and descended to the bottom of the Underwater World again, attempting not to ascend until I finish the entire mission. As I was descending, I was being greeted by real playful manta rays which swim around your legs and somewhat have a “smile” on their faces. Raj also added 2 weights (!) on me to keep me from floating. That was a grand total of 123kg on my own!

That was the point when my adventure of a lifetime began.

I signalled okay to Raj, composed myself and made sure I gripped the mouthpiece with all my might as I was adamant on enjoying myself and not quitting half-way again.

Can You Find Me?

Oh yes, there were like a billion sea creatures in the Underwater World. You will literally feel small against them. Plus, they come in such a variety of sizes, shapes and color; you have to be in the water to believe it!

When You Are Calm Enough, You Flash the Victory Sign :]

Oh yes, after a while, I got the hang of breathing through my mouth and being surrounded by a billion sea creatures. Honestly, it was real cool to be able to witness the sea creatures going around with their daily routine and to have them swim around you like your own pet. You can come close to them and pat or stroke or brush against their bodies. The small ones tend to shy away while the huge ones like the eagle rays and manta rays are uber, uber, uber friendly and they love mingling with you!

After a while, gripping of the mouthpiece got tiring as it reallywas hard biting on some silicone which is not moulded to your mouth. So I went on with the diving expedition with one hand holding on to the mouthpiece to keep it from falling out and another hand was busy touching the sea creatures.

I think I grew famous over time that I was underwater. I managed to get alot of gawkers / spectators / audience watchingmy every move in the water. I guess I was the only friendly diver in the water and I think people loved that interaction I have with them. I wish I was much more daring and swam up towards the glass panels to let people take a closer shot of a diver (like me), but I think I was more caught up trying to breathe and staying alive, while breathing oxygen in and out of the mouth AND checking out the marine life in the Underwater World.

Jo was telling me that there was debate as to whether I was a girl or a boy diver since my hair was as short as that of a boy and my bosom was covered by plenty of breathing equipment. But what kept me looking like a girl was the fact that I had hot pink fingernails on my hands! Haha 😀 That was real funny.

I got two to three close encounters with the sharks but they were more interested in the feet of the divers than to swim at our chest levels. But the best part of the diving was the fact that I managed to feed the manta / eagle  rays with live cockles. Live cockles, I kid you not! Actually, I was pretty lucky to be able to feed the manta / eagle  rays as you need to be a certified diver to be able to feed them and I managed to feed one with two live cockles! Trust me when I say that it was a whole lot of fun waiting for the gigantic manta rays to swim slowly towards you. After all, they were like at least two-metres in width and the have the barbs still on their bodies! I managed to feed one and at the same time, I encountered first-hand how cockles (with the shells) are eaten alive by the rays. The rays are real smart marine animals. They feed only on cockles and when they get the cockles, they actually grind and bite the cockles (with the shells) long enough until you see the fragments of cockles’ shell flowing out of the ray’s mouth. In water, you can hear the loud sounds they make when they eat and that was real cool! The sounds of them eating the cockles were definitely much louder than the sounds of people tapping furiously on the glass panels.



After 40 odd minutes in the water, the fairy-tale had to end. I was all psyched up after getting out of the water but at the same time, the gums just completely went numb. Matter of fact is it went numb all night long! But on a serious note, I would be lying if I say I was all brave and gung-ho about going through this mission. I was real scared, I swear I could have peed in my pants. But I soldiered on and made sure I enjoyed myself. I learnt to trust complete strangers and put my life and well-being in their hands and they in turn taught me how to keep calm and collected when I am on the verge of going intoshock / panic. All in all, it was definitely the experience of a lifetime which was definitely something out of my comfort zone. WAY out of my comfort zone. But it was a worthwhile experience and a good way to celebrate my 21st. I have been daring myself to do something daring for each time I turn one year older ever since I was 16 and this definitely takes the cake.

The best and most daring birthday dare, ever. Even more daring than to go through a brazillian at 16!


Part One of the Caption on My Souveneir Tee

Part Two of the Caption on My Souveneir Tee

Thanks Jo, for sponsoring me to an underwater trip of a lifetime. It was an out-of-this-world experience and I am real thankful you were there at every step of the way from coaxing me to go through with it and “celebrating” it with me after that at Marche.

I think I really should resume my swimming or else I will be nowhere near learning the ropes to diving or my first water love, wakeboarding!




Seven Missions

5 More Days!

We are 5 days away from my 21st birthday and today, I shall reveal the secret mission I have for the wonderful friends of mine.

I have 7 (this is for you, Martian) envelopes.

Each envelope is labelled with the seven cardinal sins, namely: Lust, envy, pride, sloth, greed, wrath & gluttony.

In each envelope lies a given scenario (which you can use or choose to create one of your own) whereby the three items in the list are related to one another. To make sure all budgets are covered for, I have varied the prices of the items that I want and they fall under the categories of: priceless, affordable and slightly steep. I have thought about it long and hard and I figured since it’s my 21st, I reckon for those with larger pockets may want to indulge me in a special something which may cost slightly above $100. After all, I believe the government will be giving out GST Credits tomorrow, no? 😛 The things listed in the envelopes will be the kind of things I am willing to buy for you should the roles be reversed.

Depending on availability of your kind self and yours truly, I will give the deadline to be the tail-end of August 2009. Therefore, you are to schedule a birthday date with me anytime between now and the end of August 2009. Failure to accede to the request will result in capital punishment. (EVIL grin) Some of the items requested are also not available yet thus you may have to wait longer than expected for them to arrive too.

Plus, in each envelope lies a voucher which will be beneficial in helping you shave off some precious dollars off the presents (You are Welcome 😉 ) and also the rights to finally be able to gain access to this site of mine!

Any doubts, please feel free to approach me and I will be more than happy to assist you.


This is my 21st and this will be the first time I incorporate the use of a birthday wish list into my birthday celebrations.

The targets I have in mind as of now are Martian, HB, Jo UN, Moju and CSR.

(Note that I will always use your nicknames when I am divulging details about you guys. I understand some of you are publicity-shy :D).

That means I will have 5 takers thus far. If the other two envelopes remain unopened, I may consider getting my family to get them for me. But that won’t be fair as I have an entirely separate mission for the family, hee! For any kind souls who are interested to pick up the other two envelopes, feel free to contact me!

I have made an extensive amout of effort to make sure the items that I desire are described in great details, I hope that will make the presents hunting even more easier yeah? Looking forward to my five separate birthday dates with all of you!



 Love, love, love!


We are not the same anymore. Things between us has changed. It has, lets not deny it anymore. We are not on the same bandwidth, same wavelength no more. Maybe we are better off this way. Nevertheless, I hope the massage and sampler surprise did help ease your tensions away. After all, you are very close to your Vietnam show already.

It will all be over soon, you don’t worry too much about work yah.












COUNTDOWN: 8 days!

The REAL Birthday Wishes



In nine days’ time, it will be the day I turn a ripe old age of twenty-one. Oh yes, I am that old. Or if I look at it the other way around, I can say I am that young, hee 🙂 Anyway, for some of you readers who have met me and received my special birthday mission for you, I will input here the other things I would like to wish for on my birthday. The list below is not meant to be exhaustive, it’s just a quick glimpse of what I wish for in the new year.

🙂 Cheers!

  1. I wish for an education beyond my current diploma. It is my greatest want ever so much so that I have turned it into a desirous need. All that I want so, so, so badly is the right to study and not work. More so now when the economic climate is looking at its least brightest. I know I can just easily start working small and work my way up the corporate ladder slowly and surely but all that I have being dreaming (for more than three years already) about is a degree that will give me a foothold or two more than the average hospitality student. I don’t want to wait another two odd years thinking about the other possibilities. I know exactly what I want now-now and there is nothing anyone else can do to alter that mindset of mine. I am exceptionally stubborn, if you don’t already know and I don’t know if this stubbornness in me will be my biggest downfall or greatest strength.
  2. I wish for Papa to be healed from his cancer. When I say heal, I really mean entirely remove the cancer cells that is ravaging his bones by the days and entirely wipe out the existence of the cells. In Papa’s case, it may not be possible but I really hope some day this wish will miraculously turn into a miracle.

    I miss the jovial and smiling Papa. He used to be such a hearty and full of life man prior to the diagnosis of the cancer. Now he is but merely a frail shadow of his previous self and that saddens me greatly as I know his life took a drastic turn for the worse when news of the cancer broke out in late ’07. Only God knows what it feels like to be in his shoes but as much as I miss the old Papa, I am thankful that he came out more or less like a resilient soldier who still has life left in him. He has quietened down alot now but I am thankful that when I was growing up, he was there for me; there with me.

  3. I wish for Mama to be healed off her steroid withdrawal symptoms. Mama made the mistake of approaching a TCM practitioner in Malaysia without checking his credentials and that proved to be her biggest mistake. It pains me to see her go all weak ever so often now. Her legs swell to a ginormous size ever since she stopped the TCM medication and she has lost an incredible amount of weight. 9 kg to be exact! Now she finds it hard to walk around and I have to take over the chores at home for the time being.

    It is tiring to do the household chores but if it means that Mama will have more rest and there is nothing else that I want out of her as her health is of much importance to me.


  4. I wish for Grams to be a more positive person. I understand that she is reaching her final stages in her life and I will never know when she will ultimately leave me. But for now, I wish she will just simply stop wishing that God takes her away now as it is remotely depressing. I sleep in the same room as her and when there are those unlucky times when I am jolted off my sleep for some strange reasons, I will always hear her muttering those lines like, “I wish I was dead” or “Why aren’t you taking me away already?” and it gets absurdly annoying plus if I stay awake long enough, her lines will be repeated so often in my head that I wake up the next morning wishing I was dead.

    Grams, I know it’s tough to have many people to forget you and your past good deeds but really, it is over Grams. Get over it, they will pay back for not remembering / cherishing you in the After Life.


  5. I wish for Komi Martian to have a safe and quick recovery. I know you will be holding back plenty of emotions with me around on that day itself but as much as you don’t want me to be there, I wish you will let me to be there for you. We have an eight year friendship going on babe, plus you have been there for me through my trials and tribulations. Please allow me to be there for you, too.


  6. I wish for Hobibelanja to be a smarter and wiser young adult now that she is going through her degree. As much as you find the undergraduate degree to be hard and tough on you, I pray hard that you will ace through it with flying colors and hopefully, open up that boutique of yours.


  7. I wish for Mojo-Jojo to have a smoother time at work. I know things at work are getting way out of hand now that you are in the final stages of pre-show and the madness is going way off hand thus I hope when you touch down at Vietnam, you will have a good show and it will reflect better at Ms Susie who is constantly breathing down your neck. On another note, I highly believe that you deserve a better position and a better job which will not take you for granted and won’t treat you like an intern just because you don’t speak much Chinese. I think that is unjust and is actually a good excuse to go to MOM to report for mistreating of employees 😀
  8. I wish that Muzzy-Wuzzy will have a fruitful time in National Service and at the same time, have enough time to complete your outstanding diploma and your Class 2B license! You have waited too long Muz, it’s time you start to get your arse off the lazy couch at home. And oh, I hope you won’t being bullied too, after all you are small and boy-ish looking. Now, we both know that don’t we? How many times have you actually been stopped each time we watch a NC-16 movie? HAHA 😛
  9. I wish that Chandrasekaran Sundararajan will really come down to Singapore and celebrate my birthday with me. Not that it is that important for him to meet me on the day itself. What’s more important is that he really comes down after being Down Under for so frigging long! It has been way too long! You are terribly missed, don’t you already know that dude?


  10. Finally, I wish that the things that I have close to me will continue to be just as close. Over the past year or so, I have seen my fair share of friends who come and go and also those who stick by me through thick and thin. What I hope for the most is that these friends who have been there through it all with me will continue to be there with me till the ends of time. Also, I love the closeness that I have with my family now. Being with the X made me forget that I have my family thus now, I try to make up for the lost time by spending as much time as possible with them. They were there for me through my darkest days and never did turned their backs on me. I feel that that is enough of a reason to want to stay here in Singapore instead of flying abroad to study.


These are the 1o priceless things I really wish for my birthday. For everything else, they are in your hands, sealed in that purple envelope and labelled with the seven Cardinal sins.

Envy, sloth, wrath, gluttony, pride, greed & lust.


Have a fun time finding the presents my dear lovelies, I had as much fun planning it all out.