Oz for 26th!

I have been a fervent fan of Oz stuffs for as long as I can remember but I can hardly get them shipped over due to customs’ regulations! However, I have checked these wonderful Australian brands can ship to Singapore and two of them have books available online for order. What’s not to love about Australia? I am crazy enough to try their GSD & detox tea which was created by a Naturopath who can’t be more smarter and crazy-hot than him!

(I thank the Good Lord for such wonderful souls who look so absolutely smashing that his smile is enough to make me convert to being a big-time tea lover.  He does loads of good things for everyone too!)


Now, any kind sponsors out there? My birthday is just round the corner!





SumT Detox


Useful sites to refer to are:





WEEK 3: Self Love & Worthiness

Day 13:

What are 3 of your “victories” or successes in life? 

We often look at how far we have to go, and forget to see how far we’ve come.

Take this day to remember all the times you kicked a** and took names, acknowledge yourself for them, and resolve to toot your horn a little more.

You truly are a powerful, creative person, capable of creating any reality you want!

So … let’s hear it!

 Sweet Victory

VICTORY #1: Walking away from a physically demeaning relationship with a long-term ex-boyfriend. It had to be the hardest but boldest step I have ever taken to consider walking away from that relationship as on the plus point, he had such a lovely family to boot and such luxurious lifestyle that I can only imagine. But over the course of the relationship, I began to realize that all that luxury did not fulfill my idea of happiness so I walked away. Best decision I have ever made in my life. EVER. 🙂

VICTORY #2: Winning the SHATEC Scholarship beating out 40 others and maintaining my GPA above 3.3 till I completed my diploma studies. It was a big victory as I managed to make myself proud as I proved my mettle against the detractors who think I couldn’t make it. Yes, my chosen path isn’t a bed of roses BUT it couldn’t have been more exciting than this. I chose a path away from the norm and caved out a career in a quick-serving corporation and that brought me endless opportunities to grow and evolve into a greater person than before. 🙂

VICTORY #3: Being financially-independent since 15. It wasn’t an easy feat considering that I made that decision hastily on my 15th birthday but a decade on, I never gave up on trying to prove to myself and those around me that I am capable to bring in the moolah even when the circumstances are against me. At an age when other kids are busily spending their pocket money on country flag erasers and whatnots, I was busy saving up to have a fat bank account to the extent that Mum used to call me stingy as I don’t mind others forking out cash for me instead of me forking it out for myself. Haha! I am proud of myself for being that stubborn to want to show myself and my family what I am capable of AND still be happy to give more to others where necessary. 🙂

I know I can achieve more, so long as I set my mind to it.
You just have to wait and see.

One Act I am Dying to Watch: Le Noir

Le Noir

They have been in Singapore for their debut show in March and only recently came back for a second season earlier this month. I know the love does not appreciate arts and music the way that I do but I truly, truly, truly wish my best friend, Ms Maris Stella Djuli is back in Singapore as I am very confident she will share the same sentiment as I do towards cultured art. The second show ends on June 29th and that’s like a good two days away! I can only salivate and go gooey-eyed over the stills and short clips but I can guarantee that nothing  can beat the true experience of sitting in the theater and experiencing the full magic of a live show.


Le Noir 1

Le Noir 2

Le Noir 3

Le Noir 4

Oh Le Noir, if only I can get a little rendezvous with you.

PS: Watch the video and be astounded by their magic!

7 for 26!

I am always excited when my birthday is coming not because I will get presents galore (heck I am like frigging 26!) but mainly because I have more reasons and a large-enough pocket to splurge myself silly with a bagful of things. However, that isn’t to say that a little help from the ones around me to help fulfill my wishlist isn’t welcomed. Heh heh! Here’s a list of my wants but they are not arranged in order of importance. They are mostly arranged in the order of random wants that have been at the back of my mind since I turned 25 around 300 odd days ago! So happy searching for my presents and yes, surprise me!




Dot by March Jacobs

I have been captivated by the lightness of the top notes from the perfume since the days when I was wearing Katy Perry’s Purr perfume but I took a very long time to consider getting it as it was mad expensive in comparison for a 100ml bottle. The perfume contains Red Berries, Dragonfruit, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Coconut Water, Orange Blossom, Vanilla, Driftwood, Musk and I am especially drawn to anything fruity with a light tinge of youthfulness. If Dot is too expensive, here’s the alternative:


Girlfriend by Justin Beiber

Ignoring the face behind the perfume, Girlfriend is a tad bit similar to Dot but wins only because it has an extra ingredient in its top note; which happens to be my favorite fruit of all time!  The top note provides an exciting splash of mandarin, blackberry, pear and strawberry. The heart (middle note) is marked as “Dream” and includes accords of pink freesia, star jasmine, apricot and orange blossom. The base is a “Kiss”, containing sensual notes of vanilla orchid, luminous musk and white amber. What’s not to love when it is my favorite fruit? 🙂


Kindle by Amazon

I have an undying love for books and although I love the smell of a good paperback, this e-reader is changing my perception of technology as I am seeing Kindle quite frequently among the expats who commute to work and I thought it was a brilliant piece of technology. It comes with weeks’ long worth of battery and thousands of books titles can be browsed for free or bought for a minimal sum and they can be read almost immediately! That’s like the best thing a bookworm like me can ask for to keep me company for those long commutes to work without worrying about the weight of the next book that I want to lug to work. On top of that, there’s an in-built dictionary. Enough said already!


Lorna Jane Gymwear!

To ensure my gym sessions not get wasted, I need these LJ wear as they have only recently began shipment to Singapore from Australia all thanks to Zalora. For now, their collection with Zalora is a tad bit limited but I know in time, they will have a greater collection. You just have to wait it out for awhile till the Singapore market gets wind of these ultra cool and motivating gymwear! A bigger budget to spend on me? Here’s an alternative:


Heh, mainly because their compression series are the best in the market so far and yes, best in the market means a bigger price tag! 🙂


Sexy seamless underthings for work use, ideally is VS.

It has come to my attention that when I was chucking out my wardrobe for one of those I-feel-like-throwing-away-rarely-used-clothes day, I have an awful stash of lacy bras and thongs but the seamless bras are close to non-existent! I have a certain weakness for all things lacy and tiny but this has proved to be a difficult thing to do considering that I wear formal clothes everyday at work. Imagine wearing a crisp white shirt and what peeks underneath is a seductive black lacy bra… Total fashion faux pas right! Oh well, work requires that I remain presentable and not trashy. After all, I am in the corporate line so this is a fabulous excuse to get me some sexy underthings!  PS: I have included the site for direct perusal!




It is no secret that I have the smelliest feet in the family mainly because my sweat glands are so active especially in such a humid country like Singapore. I would definitely need breathable shoes from all the walking and I am keen to try those alleviated pumps so that I can tower over the average girls in Singapore. Heh!

3rd Quarter

Mum has confirmed with me today that Insha Allah come September, she wants to go with Daddy to Langkawi! I guess my one-day of story-telling really left a definite mark in her travel shoes and also, she used brother’s upcoming October wedding as an excuse – apparently she wants to get a wedding gift from there.


I can’t be any happier. I know I’ll go to great lengths to make myself free for this trip with them and maybe after they’re safe back in SG after LGK, I’ll sneak out to BKK or PKT on the sly!

Insha Allah, kita merancang tapi Tuhan menentukan.

AirAsia X 4

It was a trip of a lifetime (for this year, that is). I travelled via flight four times, went to the bustling metropolis of KL and thereafter a few days later, flew up to Langkawi Islands to get myself away from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic Singapore life and also, find myself all over again. Trust me, I couldn’t be any happier to have concluded my tenure at McDonald’s on February 2nd. That day felt like a resurrection of my tired soul as working in McDonald’s isn’t all that easy as how most people perceived. It’s little wonder that there aren’t that many locals in the system as with the bosses being ultra demanding and being surrounded by colleagues who speak only Tagalog and the mainland Chinese language, sometimes I as a local, feel like a tiny fish in a huge pond. When I go for classes, in a group of twenty, there’ll only be two locals – that’s how grossly over the percentage is of foreigners versus locals.

I will never forget the dirty-ass politics that company has thrusted me into. I will never forget the extensive unpaid hours I’ve toiled on keeping my store together from falling apart. I will never forget the experience of being the pioneer in creating a new store from ground zero. I will never forget the times I didn’t get to spend with Mummy & Daddy at the hospital due to my work commitments. But most of all, I will never cease to remember the friendships I’ve forged throughout the two years I was there.

It was the typical first-job (from hell) story but fortunately, the first job isn’t going to wind up being my last as I’ve decided earlier on that once the dust has settled in the building up of the new store, I will pack my bags and leave as I fear growing to be one of those imposters at work who do nothing more than to suck the higher-uppers’ boots and gain the popularity.

Hence, when I left Macs, I know a trip out is mandatory. Knowing the likelihood that I will most definitely travel alone, I steeled my sheltered soul on what’s there to expect in this maiden solo trip. What’s there to expect I ask my friends? They talk about drug-peddlers, muggers, no late-night outings, gang rapes and the usual theft. If I am travelling with friends, that’ll be easy to deal with but considering I am travelling alone… No word can describe the XX number of what-ifs there were in my head. My solo trip is prolly the single most-daring thing I’ve done since I never even told my parents that I was flying everywhere alone but after this experience, I know this flying and travelling alone trip won’t be my last.

It was the most liberating experience ever despite having missed one connecting flight to LGK and I proved to my humble self that indeed, I can take care of myself on the road enough. Even if the road is full of strangers on a foreign land and I have to lug that 15kg of luggage through the tarmac alone.



That’s Spanish for kiss me.


As you all already know, I am into Spanish and Latin music and I can’t help but include Mohombi as my favourite Latino boy for the moment! Why did I not discover him earlier is beyond me as he’s got such a raspy, sexy voice that any song he sings makes me want to groove and shake my body to his rhythm! That isn’t to say that is the only way his voice gives out an impact; when he sings his ballads, his vocal chords has the ability to make me feel whatever he’s singing.

Latino music has many inspriations from Reggaeton but I’m very pleased to say his music are of the minimal reggae beats and the lyrics are real nice. One of the first few which got me addicted is Suavemente by him and Nayer (From the Give Me Everything fame) and also features Pitbull.

There’s something absolutely gorgeous about his voice, that base-low voice that I can’t quite get enough of actually.

Well, before I go on a Mohombi-craze, allow me to introduce to you this song by him.


I think Nayer is super-hot; I have a girl-crush on her but seriously, she should’ve picked a better outfit as compared to the skin tight vinyl outfit with those strategic slashes. Perhaps a nicer beach outfit would easily make her a perfect match to Mohombi’s laid-back outfit.


PS: Mohombi’s got the dream guy character;
he’s tall, sexy as a bald man, looks gorgeous without even trying hard and has such an amazing singing voice!

I’m smitten and pardon me as I shall post more Mohombi songs in the future!

🙂 🙂

16, 18, 21 & 23

Rainy days are zee favorite days in my calendar, especially when I am stuck at home with a sprained ankle and a botox-ed face. Not that I asked for the Botox actually but that’s another story..

Now that it’s towards the tail-end of 2011, I find myself sitting down or even being caught up in my own reflections that sometimes I do it tad too frequently. I can’t quite believe how fast the year has gone by, it’s an irony I am still the same person that I am. (That is still very much settled being single, still madly in love with my furry babies at home and still living with my parents.)

When I was 16, all that I wanted was to go superbly well in my studies and ditch the hideous uniform and then head to TPJC or St Andrew’s so that I can finally start reading Political Science or Medicine. But I wanted all that without studying so where did I ended up? I flunked my Elementary Maths and decided Design School wasn’t my cup of tea. Lord, if I had gone to Design School, I think I could’ve easily become the architect of my generation. Heck, maybe I would’ve been the one who opposes what the government thinks is the Design of the Century (Read: Marina Bay Sand’s Three-pronged Building in the heart of Marina Centre)& end up designing a beautiful majestic vision of the 21st generation!

Okaye, that’s dreaming a little bit too much 🙂

I still remember when I was a young incumbent on the cusps of adulthood at 18, all that I wanted out of life was that upon blowing my 18th birthday candle, that I move out of my parents’ house and start renting my own room or better still, apartment with my then-boyfriend. Obviously that never happened since my address remains at Tampines Street 11 but honestly back then, I had no idea youngsters weren’t allowed to rent rooms unless they were foreigners. Haha, how naive of me.

At the age of 21, all that I wanted was to swear off men after the terrible episode with the first love. But luckily I didn’t exactly ventured to uncharted territories with another woman. That would be ultra yuck. Even though I was down and out with love, I never stopped hoping there’ll be a man somewhere over the rainbow for me.


So now that I am 23, I kind of forgotten what is the daring thing that I’ll want to achieve this year. Hmmm, maybe I’ll ask for a smooth-sailing year without any hiccups till the end of 2011? I think that’s hopeful enough? To others it may be easy to achieve but to me, every day is already a battle on its own, I’m just thankful I am alive everyday.

Knights in Shining Armour

I’ve reached a point in my life whereby I  go on invitation to dinner dates with different guys at a span of a few days. I’m not proud to tell the world that I am dating a couple of guys at once but since I am very much single, I don’t see any harm it has on me since all the guys already know where they stand, right?

Sometimes I do lose track who I go out wth but that is not to say that I am so full of dates that I should be proud of it. Sometimes I do feel happy knowing that a guy is bringing me out to a fanciful dinner at Scotts or something like that. (A bonus is if we have reat chemistry like Hubs & BB). Other times, I wish I can just settle down with one someone who can date me every single day of my life and he need not worry about me getting bored of him.

Will I ever find such a man to begin with?

That’s the first question. My second question will be,

“Will I ever not get sick of going on dates with the same guy for the rest of my life?”

I’m sure the guy I marry will answer yes to my two questions but I guess until that actually happens, I’ll just keep my feelings to myself and make sure I don’t settle down so fast with the first knightin shining armour.

For all I know, all that glitters isn’t exactly gold. Or it could be worse; cheap plastic.

Chafing Dishes

I think if history is what God wants me to see my future from, then I can assume that when I settle down and marry a man, he’ll fall in one of the following categories below:

  1. He is a chef by position or is a cook in a restaurant
  2. He has culinary skills or previously was from a culinary school
  3. He has dreams of being a chef or studying to be one
  4. He will spend at least one date cooking for me a dish or a series of dishes
  5. He cooks way better than I do, or so claims

Why do I say that?

‘Cos today I realised all the guys I dated can check at least one of the options above! One was a culinary student and he cooks for me fantastic dishes at home when we hang out. One of them served the yummiest of stuffed turkey for Christmas dinners. There’s also one mummy’s boy who helps his mummy in the kitchen and is a fabulous prawn-peeler in the kitchen and even goes grocery shopping for the mummy from across the Causeway. Another serves up a plate of wicked curry noodles when I am sick and just a few days back, I’ve gotten a plate of pasta with a lovely chocolate cupcake and suji from an admirer. I dare say admirer as that pasta wasn’t the first dish he served me. He impressed me with a home-made three-course chicken rice and the best part is he gave them to me while I was at work. Plus he says he’s studying to be a chef!

Well then, I guess I can rest easy knowing that my future husband will most definitely be able to whip up a storm for me. That is not to say that I don’t love cooking, I do! I just happen to attract guys who are just as fabulous cooks in their own  kitchen.

I’m lucky, I feel awfully blessed 🙂

Explaining Myself

And I can’t agree less.

I moved on and wrote it out in a page of my history in this site and when the next morning sun arrived, the world seemed like so much more of a rosy place to live in. I’m in a very happy place now, I have to thank myself for taking the bold step into the unknown and still be brave enough to want to live my life in my own terms without having to answer to anyone. We are all responsible for our own shot at happiness. Seize it while you can before loneliness and single-hood robs you off the right to be happy. When that day comes, you will be a walking debt of regret. It all lies in your hands, you have the power to your own life; don’t let anybody else tell you what to do with it.

Nobody said being single was going to be easy. But nobody said it wouldn’t be fun either.


DJ Guetta VS DJ Felli Fel

Clubbing has its pros & cons.

The pros is that I get to sift through club hits which I like and have them on my play list on replay. The last outing at Dbl-O proved to be a fruitful one since it was for my birthday bash with my lovelies from Macs. Two songs I took away from the night were these two and I can’t stop playing them and worse, humming the tune while at work! Imagine listening to these songs with an awfully awesome Dre Beats headphones; classic groove baby!

The former sounds like the kind of song my alter-ego Poison Ivy will groove to. Heh, private joke. The latter is the type of song I know I can groove to and grind somebody with on the dance floor. Like the cool boys in Macs, totally awesome dancers. Or maybe, hubs?


 Little Bad Girl
David Guetta featuring Taio Cruz & Ludacris


DJ Felli Fel featuring Akon, Pitbull & Jermaine Dupri

L O V E in simple words

I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out.

– Elizabeth B Browning

The Damsel Who Can’t Make Up Her Mind

Sometimes I wake up and roll across the bed, hoping I wake up seeing someone special lying there next to me. Or better still, have him watching me sleep. A little romanticism, no? 🙂 Other times, I just roll and being grateful that I don’t have to share my lovely bed with anyone else and I can sleep in any position that I want and not worry about farting while I’m sleeping. But most times, I wish I am already happily married and can have someone to spend the rest of my life with in and out of the bed. Then again, those of my friends who has crashed in with me will agree I’ve got lots of nasty habits in bed. Some of them, even I choose not to believe. Heh, well I do hope that when I settle down with a man, he’ll be able to deal with my sleeping habits and still love me no less.:)

You know I am a walking contradict.

My heart wants to be having her happily ever after at this exact moment. But the head slaps the heart silly and says, “You haven’t found The One, how to settle down you idiot?”

I’m such a roving idiot.

Oh Knight in Shining or even Rusty Armor, please come and save this damsel in distress before she wilts from barren-ness and utter boredom.



Ohm VS Sweat

I’m torn;
I want to spend my free time indulging in something healthy yet I have no clue where I should plonk my money at.

Yoga has always been a dream to attend since I was introduced to it by HB and still is. I always yearn for a flexible body, purely for hmm.. shall I say, pleasure reasons 🙂 I want to be flexible enough to master all the techniques in the Karma Sutra with my husband as my partner in crime. Also, who knows the regular stretching can help to make me a little bit taller and closer to my dream height of 170 cm ? Okaye, I may be past the puberty age but I’ve never stopped hoping I’ll grow length-wise. My only gripe is that the two Pure Yoga locations are only available downtown. Namely, Chevron House & Ngee Ann City. No way in hell am I going to walk down to town sans make-up.

Fitness First is opening a branch in Tampines and they’ve won me over with their convenience. I can head there easily as it is within walking distance from my home and is a mere doorstep away from my favorite massage place. The rational is that, I will be able to head next door for my monthly massage as and when I want to after fitness. But me going to a gym is like telling the world that I am getting married tomorrow. It is remotely unbelievable that I am actually considering gym to begin with ! The best part is that now FF is having the one-for-one whereby if you rope in a friend, you just pay the membership price for one!

But still… I prefer yoga. I’m into all things zen and “ohmmm”, it would be a miracle if PY actually opens up a studio here in the East. I’ll definitely be the first to sign up.
Decisions, decisions;
maybe I need to head down to their studios and see who offers the better package. But what if impulsive me ends up signing up for both ? Wish me luck !