AirAsia X 4

It was a trip of a lifetime (for this year, that is). I travelled via flight four times, went to the bustling metropolis of KL and thereafter a few days later, flew up to Langkawi Islands to get myself away from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic Singapore life and also, find myself all over again. Trust me, I couldn’t be any happier to have concluded my tenure at McDonald’s on February 2nd. That day felt like a resurrection of my tired soul as working in McDonald’s isn’t all that easy as how most people perceived. It’s little wonder that there aren’t that many locals in the system as with the bosses being ultra demanding and being surrounded by colleagues who speak only Tagalog and the mainland Chinese language, sometimes I as a local, feel like a tiny fish in a huge pond. When I go for classes, in a group of twenty, there’ll only be two locals – that’s how grossly over the percentage is of foreigners versus locals.

I will never forget the dirty-ass politics that company has thrusted me into. I will never forget the extensive unpaid hours I’ve toiled on keeping my store together from falling apart. I will never forget the experience of being the pioneer in creating a new store from ground zero. I will never forget the times I didn’t get to spend with Mummy & Daddy at the hospital due to my work commitments. But most of all, I will never cease to remember the friendships I’ve forged throughout the two years I was there.

It was the typical first-job (from hell) story but fortunately, the first job isn’t going to wind up being my last as I’ve decided earlier on that once the dust has settled in the building up of the new store, I will pack my bags and leave as I fear growing to be one of those imposters at work who do nothing more than to suck the higher-uppers’ boots and gain the popularity.

Hence, when I left Macs, I know a trip out is mandatory. Knowing the likelihood that I will most definitely travel alone, I steeled my sheltered soul on what’s there to expect in this maiden solo trip. What’s there to expect I ask my friends? They talk about drug-peddlers, muggers, no late-night outings, gang rapes and the usual theft. If I am travelling with friends, that’ll be easy to deal with but considering I am travelling alone… No word can describe the XX number of what-ifs there were in my head. My solo trip is prolly the single most-daring thing I’ve done since I never even told my parents that I was flying everywhere alone but after this experience, I know this flying and travelling alone trip won’t be my last.

It was the most liberating experience ever despite having missed one connecting flight to LGK and I proved to my humble self that indeed, I can take care of myself on the road enough. Even if the road is full of strangers on a foreign land and I have to lug that 15kg of luggage through the tarmac alone.



DJ Guetta VS DJ Felli Fel

Clubbing has its pros & cons.

The pros is that I get to sift through club hits which I like and have them on my play list on replay. The last outing at Dbl-O proved to be a fruitful one since it was for my birthday bash with my lovelies from Macs. Two songs I took away from the night were these two and I can’t stop playing them and worse, humming the tune while at work! Imagine listening to these songs with an awfully awesome Dre Beats headphones; classic groove baby!

The former sounds like the kind of song my alter-ego Poison Ivy will groove to. Heh, private joke. The latter is the type of song I know I can groove to and grind somebody with on the dance floor. Like the cool boys in Macs, totally awesome dancers. Or maybe, hubs?


 Little Bad Girl
David Guetta featuring Taio Cruz & Ludacris


DJ Felli Fel featuring Akon, Pitbull & Jermaine Dupri

Calling It Off

I’ve done what my heart says is right. I’ve traveled 52 km across the island to be there where you least expect me to be at, during the most ungodly 4am hour; driving in complete unawares of the road my car was leading me to and with the simple mission of hoping to get lost and turn homeward-bound instead. But at the end of the day, my heart proved me wrong as the Higher Calling out there, whatever it may be, led me to you even though I know I’ve never driven to your side of the island, what more, google your location on Google Maps. But I did reached there on time, even though I was later than I predicted. But at the end of it all, I arrived and followed my heart to go against the wind and make things happen. For once.

I made it happen. And though your reaction was the only thing that I wanted, I think enough is enough.

Like what I’ve told you from Day One, You will always be the guy that I fall head over heels for yet not want to have you to be mine as I know you aren’t the man I’m destined to have. Let me love you, adore you and care for you from afar but till then, don’t hope or pray I will reciprocate when life does slap you in the face and then you realized what great deal you’ve lost when you refused to acknowledge the reality of things. By then, it’ll be too late and I’ll be gone even faster than you can scream out my name.

If you are sitting and waiting for me to say it then I’m sorry to disappoint ‘cos I won’t say the words you’ve been hoping to hear. I know you don’t want to be the first to throw in the towel but I guess we both have just as great egos to be the first one. I may not muster enough courage to tell you but I did have the courage to drive in the dark and not knowing how to get to where I want to be even though I know where’s my end point. If you think I’m doing it for the sake of doing it then I think you are real blind to not have seen it from my actions from the start.

A Bubble; Burst.

I find it absurdly annoying when my outer circle of friends poke way into my inner circle of trust. Please, don’t poke into my life and assume that asking such telling questions make me feel anywhere near being comfortable. I detest being cornered into answering questions such as,

“When are you guys settling down ?”

or as generic as,

“You sure he is the One ?”

or even as detailed as,

“Have you guys slept with each other yet ?”

For the record, I don’t ask such damning insensitive questions.

My private life is exactly that, P-R-I-V-A-T-E. There’s no way in hell am I going to divulge such personal details which I reserve only for my significant other and relevant family members. Not even if you pay me a million bucks, I will never stoop so low as to please your wretched souls with what little teenie-weenie detail about my love life that I have to offer.

A Worthy Sacrifice ?

It’s Day #12 that I am virtually not home for a minimum of ten hours, yet again.

I see the outside world more often than I see my own home that I caught myself staring into the mirror of a beautiful apartment I was staying in and tearing. Everything just zooms by in a blur that sometimes I forget what time or day it is today. Don’t get me wrong, being bathed in luxury once in awhile is a good thing but being out and about due to work, friends, partner, relatives and family gatherings is not good at all. I miss being all couped up at home. I know staying home isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but it really is my source of rejuvenation for most of the time.

I love the silence, the smell of my bed and teddy bears, the smell of Mum’s cooking and even the citrus smell of my toilet ! I miss watching telly with Mum & Dad, hearing them banter about another gossip among the old folks, I miss watching brothers sleeping peacefully in the living room and worst of all, I miss Jammies & DC terribly. I feel like I’m a bad pet owner for leaving them on such long periods but it’s not as though I am doing it purposely. Forgive me my dear loved ones for I’ve been away from home more often lately.

Some things are just beyond our control, don’t you think ? I don’t know how people can stay away from their homes for extended periods of time ‘cos I know I’m having a hard time doing exactly that. Maybe I’m just born very attached to my family, and for the record, I am not complaining at all.

The Hot Milo Love Story

So you are my type and I know you’ll make the perfect and most ideal boyfriend of all time. You know I’ve had the hots for you and the feeling’s mutual. But funny how given the circumstances, we slept in the same room but nothing wild and exciting happened.

I guess there’s a teenie-weenie bit disappointment in the pits of my heart knowing that nothing scandalous actually happened.

In fact we both laughed about it the next morning as I woke up before you to prepare a special breakfast for you and the rest after a whole night of Twister, bowling, pool and late night confessions. You even said I’m the first girl to ever see you in such a horrible light (read: first thing in the morning, with you all covered in bedtime saliva). Lord if I could shut you up, I’d gladly give you a kiss on the lips to say that I don’t mind it at all.


You shared with me your life of the Other World not everyone knows about and for that I’m forever honored.You call me ever-so-frequently that sometimes I let slip to the others that I’m talking to my boyfriend. You were there when I was super-down during my uncle’s passing and you even planned a major surprised for me. You tell your mum all about me and even upload our couple shots and used it as your primary picture, even if it’s just for a good few hours. You brought me to the Other Side and showed me to all your closest friends.

You pull me along for those random outings with people you don’t quite fancy ‘cos your excuse was that, “.. at least I’ll not get bored with you around.” You make me melt each time you decide to pull me into a tight embrace in the middle of a bustling shopping centre – I bet I was the envy of plenty of girls that day. You also mentioned this liner, “Today, my eyes is only going to be on you. No one else.” You bring me along with your outings with your friends even though I’m not from the same patch. I hope they don’t mind an East Zone manager hovering around ? ūüôā You just know within two seconds of talking to me if I’m having a good day or not. And if it’s the latter, you’ll spend the whole night chasing me via the phone bugging me to tell you what’s wrong.

You were the first guy to take me out on a date and actually send me straight to my door step despite living across the Causeway and have a curfew to play around with. You remember the Hot Milo moments so fondly, I always blushed each time you mentioned them. You have the innate ability to make me swoon and stutter when you start yakking away about your life, your plans, your goals in life. You are so full of zest for life and an influential one too – after all you were the one who spurred me to shed my glasses and switch to contacts. You call me up twice as often when I’m sick and even sing me songs live in the car just to make me smile.

You showed me the trade secrets behind the Gapbuster. You shared everything that happened in your life with me, something I know is extremely hard to do considering your private persona in front of others. You even call me wifey and we both will always end up getting carried away most of the time don’t we ? ūüôā You planned off days with me so that we can hang out on our monthly dates. You even dedicated your first recording on your dream microphone just for me.

You wait for me for hours to get ready and be there wherever you are even though you hate it the most – to wait for other people; something we have in common. You are a fascinating person to engage intellectual conversations with. You speak of the truth in everything. You never seem to hide anything from me to the point that you shared with me your life story over a plate of pasta at Pasta Mania. You even surprised me at work by showing up at the most horrible of times when I’m wearing my glasses and having a bad day.

So tell me, how can I not say I still like you after all these while ? This isn’t a physical infatuation, this is a real kind of like which I wish can transcend into a real love. You aren’t always there physically but when you actually are, you leave a very last impact that even Big Bear can’t beat. I grin the widest of grins when I think of you and although there isn’t any love attached to it, thinking of you gives me happy thoughts especially during crappy times at work.

You are my idea of The One;
Easily The One I dream of falling madly in love with just like a majority of the female population in McDonald’s who have been eyeing you since they met you. But sadly, I can’t seem to fall in love with you the way the other girls do. Maybe it’s because you’ve instilled it deep in my head that you don’t want to fall in love at this moment and want to concentrate on your career. Perhaps that stopped me from venturing close to a kiss that night. I can’t imagine what we would be if we go beyond what we have now. I love the things we have, the feelings we share, the random calls we have through graveyard shifts and so much more that some times when you aren’t around, I really do miss hearing the sound of your voice. Truthfully.

I don’t expect anything more from you. I just hope and pray we will continue to be the best of good friends even in the future should we start seeing other people. If He wills that you and me should be together, I’ll not reject it. But if He wills that we find our The One in other people, I still hope you and I still can have this bond we share that goes beyond a typical platonic friendship.

I love you Hubby ūüôā Thank you for being the recipe of my many dreams by being the sweetest sweetheart I never knew I had… and will trade anything in this world just to see you smile your million-dollar smile again.


PS: The next song in the next post is dedicated to you.

The Continuation of Jacob

An arm around the waist to make me feel safe in crowded spaces.

A push to the other side of the road to make sure I wasn’t walking on the side that was closest to the main road.

A patient smile with the lines, “I’ll be here waiting whether rain or shine” each time I still am stuck at work.

An umbrella over my head and a burly arm to hold on to when the rain pelted down against my rainbow brolly.

A poke on my tummy when I do the snorty pig face at your spastic facial contortions.

A sumptuous dinner courtesy of your generosity and chasing of those 25 odd dockets you’ve been chasing.


If I don’t like you, I won’t spend the night waiting for you to finish before I send you home; not once, or twice or even thrice.

If I don’t like you, I won’t be looking forward to this special date.

If I don’t like you, I won’t change my shirts many times just to make sure I was wearing the perfect shirt.

If I don’t like you, I won’t want to spend the working hours chasing those dockets like crazy.

If I don’t like you, I won’t be texting you 24/7.

If I don’t like you, I won’t not smoke for the duration I was out with you as I know you detest smokers.

If I don’t like you, I wouldn’t give you my number and also asked for yours.

If I don’t like you, I won’t look into your eyes and say, “I meant whatever I said.”

If I don’t like you, I would send you home at 0300am as planned and missed out on saying what I just said at 0433am.

If I don’t like you, I won’t hold your hand and never let you go until you cross the slippery road safely.


The ever-so-cool face sitting down by the parapet near my store as you wait till I punch out, a good few hours before you punch in.

The late night walks home from store back to my doorstep just because I said that I’ve had bad experiences riding.

The first impression you had on me; “The minute you answered my request for a glass of water, I knew the cupid’s arrow struck me straight through my heart.”

The sweetest line, “It’s alright if you can’t ride, what’s wrong with taking public with you? It’s more romantic.”

The messying of my hair before you ride off, your idea of telling me that you do, care.

The gentle eyes that can easily send shivers down my spine when you decide to go all frosty with my nonsense; oh please don’t ever use those deadly eyes on me. Ever.

The bear hug almost every time before we part; feels as though I’m hugging a big, warm & squishy brown bear.

The quick peck on the forehead just because you feel that I deserved it after enduring a long and challenging date with you after waking up from 3 hours of sleep after graveyard.

The let’s go crazy under the rain and play in puddles of water moments; we’ll see who gets soaking wet first !


One date, one outing, one auspicious timing and one moment was what it takes for a man to reveal his innermost feelings to me. 25 days was all it takes to make someone fall. Let’s hope he isn’t in it too deeply. Feels as though the feeling that I make a man goes weak in the knees is rushing back into the picture again. It was okay when he held my hand while we crossed the road but the minute the realization set in, I pulled my hand away when I saw his hand was interlocking with mine. No, no. Holding my hand in that manner is something sacred, as sacred as my first kiss. What am I to do ? I’m not ready to commit to you, my heart is not yours to keep. All long it wasn’t meant to be this way. I appreciate all that’s been going on between us but…

You are Jacob Black.


You Had Me at Hello

I like you.

You know that.

So does the rest of the McDonald’s world.

Okaye, maybe just among our smart TCs.

I like the outings we have.

The phone calls thorough the night as we talk our graveyard shifts away.

I like knowing that you have big dreams to acheive.

The challenges we set for each other on who closes the cash sheet first.

I like the fact that you converse very well with everyone else.

The movies we promised to watch with each other.

I like the sound of your voice when you call me to share another secret about your scandals.

The places we’ve walked, drove by; they’ll all be a part of my memory.

I like what we have at present.

The strictly platonic friends label we tell the world we are.

And funny thing was that it all started out with a cup of Hot Milo which you endearingly remind me every time.

I see your people, and you have seen mine.

You’ve brought me to the other side of Singapore just to see what I’m missing in the East side.

The conversations about Lisa, John, Daniel and so many more.

Your colleagues say many sweet things.

Did you actually sit down and listen to them ?

Or is it just me swooning each time they sing praises for us ?

I don’t want to think what the future will look like for us.

As we both swore things will never happen.

Plus, it’s not as though I am in love with you.

I just enjoy your company, your self-less self and all that jazz that makes you, you.

If I were to point my fingers to a Mr. Right Now, my fingers will easily point in your direction.

But we have too many dreams between us to achieve among ourselves to want to jeopardize what we have cultivated thus far.

So if it is meant to be, it will happen.

If it doesn’t then I hope we will continue to be awesome friends like what we are now at present.

At the end of the day, even if you know that there are 4 other guys chasing after me, do remember it’s you whom I will always placed at first place.

Not the other Prince Charmings you are dying to see me date.


White Elephants

He mentioned dear in a sea of elephants. I suppose he assumes I didn’t hear it but I did. I would do anything to see something blossom between us but I know in my deepest of hearts, it will be an impulsive move on both ends. Every day I take one step away from the thought that a relationship can blossom between us. Why do I say that ? It would make things between us complicated. I’d rather we continue what we have now and just enjoy each other’s company till we get sick of it. Not that I am complaining since he is one of the very few men I know who can hold a proper conversation with me; you know the kind I like, the intellectual kind. Well, he already knows I adore him and apparently my subtle body language is non-discreet enough for the work people to sniff out. But I didn’t make any moves after that as I figure it would ruin the friendship we’ve been building of late. That’s the last thing I want, in fact I hope we both will never have to go through in our lifetimes.

He said that now it is fun knowing that we can meet up for casual chats about life but he turned sombre when he said,

“Hmm.. Confirm susah nak jumpa when you have a boyfriend.”

He surprised me there as I am not seeing anyone but his gut feeling says otherwise. Why do people always assume like that ? In fact I see it as a curse knowing other people are hoping I settle down with someone in the near future. I used to entertain those kind of thoughts but after a long while, it just got to me. It sucked the entire sanity I have and I ended up living for the future but totally forgetting about my present. You know the hopeful feeling you will meet The One tomorrow, or the day after or the week after or the month after that it ends up turning you upside down and inside out; just because someone says,

“You will have a boyfriend soon, I can sense it.”


Lord, if you can sense it then you are God already lah kan.

What is so wrong with being single ? I used to be the kind who enjoys being in a committed relationship and never imagined living a single life, happy. But till this date, I dare say that my single life going out with different people and meeting new and unique people everyday at work is like the greatest gift He has bestowed on me after I called it quits on my last relationship. It’s like finally after living twenty-two years on Earth, I finally can call more than 10 people as actual friends. Not just a friend I added on Facebook or Friendster. I think a bigger future with a question mark on who I end up settling down in the future seems more of a worthwhile wait for me.

Beauty School Dropout

Who knew I was able to listen to songs from the 70s and still have the ears to appreciate it. Sometimes it’s amazing what different people have to offer us in life despite them coming from entirely different backgrounds. Plus it didn’t hurt knowing that anyone from the new millennium was actually able to sing it live and carry off the tune fairly well. I think I want to hunt down for the DVD.

Beauty School Dropout
Grease (The Original)


It’s a good friend of mine’s Mummy’s all-time favorite song. At least he knows her favorite tune, do I actually know my Mummy’s top favorite song ? Alas, I can only say that her favorite is Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On but I can’t hold the tune to the song for nuts.

I’ll prolly end up breaking all the glassware in the house and also indirectly cause the world to lose their sense of hearing.

Multiple Notes !

  1. This month, my period is right on time and on par with my scheduled date of period. Cheers to perfect timings!
  2. I am approximately 5 / 6 days away from my first job’s first pay of my entire life! Lord, I am so looking forward to four-digit numbers in my bank accounts ūüôā
  3. Joby Tiger is still sick but he seemed to be in better health these days, I look forward to feeding him his favorite salmon and mutton steak when he is given the all-clear from the doctors!
  4. I have been questioned by numerous aunties at why am I still single at 21. Lord Almighty, I feel so much like a spinster already. Imagine the horror when I have to deal with that “Why-no-boyfriend” talk for at least another good five years down the road. Somebody save me !
  5. Resort World Sentosa is bringing in Victoria Secrets as one of their premium retailers! ‘Enuff said.
  6. I dreamt that I fought with my second brother so badly that I evicted him from the house. I think the argument was that his junk was proving too bad for my hamster’s respiratory health¬†that Joby¬†is coughing alot in the dream due to lack of air and excess of junk – what a weird dream, I woke up with so much anger that I was sweating buckets.
  7. I want to buy a pot of flowers to grow in my garden; I am kind of sick of the greenery and¬†totally zilch of ¬†flowers in my balcony. Somehow all the flowers I plant at home will evolve into non-flowering plants. It’s boring, green is so¬†pass√© can.
  8. I miss hanging out with Hobibelanja and eating out at our choice restaurants, bitching about our life, window-shopping at Pedro and Charles & Keith and going for movie dates after that.
  9. I am considering giving up on splurging my savings on a car. Instead, I am considering saving up my moolahs for my own apartment. Considering the fact that I am not intending to commit to anyone for the short-term, wouldn’t my own apartment be the ideal investment for the future¬†instead of a car which is a major global warming factor? That’s unless I buy hybrids but Prius looked so ewww (!) .
  10. I want to fly to Haiti to help the people and donate my efforts to the relief team. Sometimes you need these kind of disasters to keep you grounded and make you count your lucky stars for being so darn lucky as compared to the less fortunate people.


Today, I finally had my highly anticipated dinner with Hobibelanja and never did I expect to have such a wonderful, sumptuous, yummy, lovely & (put in all the positive adjectives here) meal. It was major, major yummy to the maximum that I know that meat and I will never (on any circumstances) ever part. I know I am a greenie and all but not eating meat will prolly drive me to my grave. Once in a while, I do crave for a plate of steak and when it happens to taste so darn nice, I sleep the night with the pure taste of heaven still lingering in my mouth.

Oh, not only is the steak full of yum, the mashed potatoes, calamari, prawns, baked potatoes, and even salad are yummy and are super darn fresh that you have to eat it to believe it. I suspect they keep live prawns and calamari in the kitchen as they taste superbly fresh! I bet they have a garden full of greens too.

For those who are living in Singapore and would love to have a steak from Heaven just as I had tonight, click the link below to find out the closest locations you can go to for the best steaks in the house – my house that is. I’ve not been lucky enough to try Lawry’s Prime Ribs yet. Hopefully in the near future perhaps.

PS: The 1-for-1 promotion happens only on Mad Mondays and will most likely end on January 2010 so don’t forget to make a reservation fast! Also, Wednesdays are Ladies Night so all the drinks are going for 50% off¬†till closing time.


I apologise if I do offend my pure vegan fans but since this is my WordPress site, I believe I am granted some leeway to express my thoughts without worry of a backlash from anyone.

On another note, allow me to introduce my taller-than-before good friend, Hobibelanja:

She is taller now not because she went for a surgery to lengthen¬†her legs. Lord no. She wore her 12cm heels today and finally she defeated me in terms of height after near-forever teasing¬†from me about her wearing heels and never matching up to my height of 167cm. It’s alright, tonight, I let her have the last laugh but really Hobibelanja, I didn’t know you were that short!


Gastronomical Adventure

Today, I was introduced to a brand new dish in my F&B books.

To some it may look like scrambled egg while to others, it may look like carrot cake.

I had this with chappati today, believing that what I ate was really mutton. But my curiosity got the better of me as when the heck does mutton meat look so fair like chicken meat?! So I took my first bite anyway and then did my fellow diner surprised me with the real name of the meat.













“It’s mutton brains,”

he said with such conviction that I reckon he was hoping to see me spit everything out in his face. Sadly, I had to disappoint him and continue chewing on the dish as per normal. Although I must say thinking about eating brains of an animal after¬†I ate it did made me wary about what else was served on my plate that night. Actually, I’d rather not know what it is until I finish the entire dinner. At least then, I won’t have to keep pondering about whether the churning tummy was due to bloated-ness or just due to the fact that I just ate an animal brain.

However, fret not my fellow readers. Mutton brains is supposedly a North Indian delicacy which is mostly eaten with chappati¬†and I have to say, it doesn’t taste as disconcerting as it sounds. It tastes like… chicken minus the chewiness¬†& the squirmish taste of a brain.

No, I am not kidding you.

But that will be the first and prolly¬†the last time I eat it. It’s nice but not nice enough to warrant a second serving from me. I’d take my cow lungs in sambal balado¬†anytime, heh. Now that is my favourite animal organ of all time although it is laden in cholesterol and fats.

I ate an animal brain and did not spit it out. Damn, I should be on Fear Factor man.


Credits to TNP for the picture!


McDonald’s Rock

I had a scrumptious McDonalds’ supper last night with my much-loved Fillet-o-Fish and the mandatory Iced Lemon Tea without ice ‘cos I still am nursing a sore throat, the quintessential Curry Sauce +¬†Garlic Chilli + Tomato Ketchup + Mayonaise¬†and the forever loved shoestring French Fries. Today, my tummy grumbled as I had an uber early dinner at 6pm and time-check now is 2326 hours (GMT +8 – Singapore time) and I have figured out an alternative if you are craving for the McDonald’s French Fries yet are too lazy to drive down to their Drive-Thru outlets.

Simply take a salted bag of potato chips of any brand that you fancy and open a tub of the popular Curry sauce from McDonald’s and voila! You get crispy chips plus the curry sauce; enough to curb the French Fries craving till the morning.

McDonald's French Fries are the BOMB!

As for me, I have decided to take one step further by posting this picture of the French Fries I ate yesterday and do the counting sheep technique to lull me to sleep tonight. Darn, it must be PMS.

Good Night & Good Morning World!