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My Apologies









My Apologies


I have an additional post to post today and it will be a protected post made especially for Mr. Oz who has departed for Sydney early this morning. I know I have outstanding posts between 14th till date and that includes my diving trip and the early morning send-off but I have to put all that on hold prolly till Monday as I will be packed to the brim over the weekend with a wedding, a BBQ, a shopping outing and two movies!

Thus, I would like to apologise if I have kept all of you √£dventurist¬† readers waiting. I promise, I will be back with the updates on the previous few dates’s posts. They are all in Draft mode now, I have yet to upload the pictures and I hope you will be kind enough to grant me some form of clemency.


The next post is dedicated to Chandrasekaran Sundararajan, the pictures are in the post as promised. I reckon by the time you read this, you will prolly have landed safely in Sydney so yeah, have a good time mate! I really hope you will like the stuffs in the big red box! By the way, the protected post is scheduled to be posted at 2025 hours (SG time) which equates to 2225 hours (Oz time). Three hours; I hope that will give you enough time to settle down at home before reading my site yeah!

PS. Mr. Oz, check your email for the password!



RECAP: March 18th, 2009

It was the day Jo & I were supposed to start our shortlisting of the scholarships I intend to try for. She came over bright and early, at 11am to be exact. I propped Toby (my laptop) on the dining table, brought along Mimi to seat alongside Jo to see me through the day I thought will be filled be plenty of dreams, plenty of hope. I always start by checking my email for any emails regarding the university applications and today was no different. I logged in and there it was, the letter which I was waiting and having sleepless nights for.

It was an email from SMU regarding my application into their Lee Kong Chian School of Business. After numerous calls, voicemails and an email during the previous few days, I managed to get a response from SMU. It didn’t matter that they didn’t pick up my calls, what mattered was they just replied my email and in the next few seconds, I am going to read the email.

I stole a quick glance at Jo and she nodded, spurring me to open the email right away.

And so I did…





Thank you for your strong interest in Singapore Management University and also congratulations on your outstanding achievements in SHATEC.


Admissions is on competitive basis and every year SMU receives thousands of applications from outstanding applicants like yourself.  The admissions criteria has been set by the Admissions Committee and has been approved by MOE.  The guideline is such that only polytechnic diplomas will be accepted for admissions purposes.  I strongly encourage you not to be discouraged but explore other options like the private institutions in Singapore.  There are several outstanding private institutions in Singapore which you can consider.




 Before I say anything about the major emotional outburst that I had, allow me to highlight certain parts in the email.

  1. “…Also congratulations on your outstanding achievements in SHATEC. ”
  2. “…Admissions criteria has been set by the Admissions Committee and has been approved by MOE.¬† The guideline is such that only polytechnic diplomas will be accepted for admissions purposes…”
  3. “… I strongly encourage you not to be discouraged but explore other options like the private institutions in Singapore.¬† There are several outstanding private institutions in Singapore which you can consider…”



 My responses to the three statements above:

  1. When I went to their Open House on March 7th, 2009, the Director of Admissions mentioned that they won’t review any applications before the closing date of April 8th, 2009. It seems that they did not honor that “promise”.
  2. As per according to the Dean himself, they willaccept anyone and everyone so long as they have the commitment and dedication that will see them throughout the entire course of degree period. But it seems that they turned me down immediately just because of my ineligibleDiploma in Tourism Management and not taking a second to consider my achievements in the school and my CCA.
  3. I am insulted by the statement as even though I am from a private tertiary institution, it doesn’t mean that I want to remain specialized in the tourism industry.¬† My diploma is highly-specialized and it is not my intention to stay in the tourism line all the way as I highly believe that I need a general business degree should I want to go back mainstream someday and a business degree will do me good.


    After graduation, I will have a highly-specialized diploma & a business degree; wouldn’t that make me an asset in an organization as I am equipped with the basic foundations of an industry (tourism), and I am also equipped with the advanced knowledge of a macro component of the tourism industry which is business?


Immediately after reading the not-so-favorable email, I tried to recompose myself. But as much as I tried, I know deep down inside I am well-aware that I couldn’t. I was in major shambles, I was beaten & broken even before the war was started. I understand the fact that being highly-specialized in diploma level is good if I were to have the intentions to pursue a long-term career in the tourism industry but what if I choose to go back to mainstream? Does that mean I will never be able to go back mainstream just because I chose the unconventional way to earn a diploma? Why can people go from having a broad-based tertiary level of education be able to specialize in their degrees and not the other way around too? What if I have a mid-life crisis and intend to switch to a completely different industry all together? Will that mean that my diploma and degree is rendered void and I won’t be able to switch ever again? Will that mean I am less employable as compared to my peers?


It is all a question of “What ifs…” and I can’t help but be very helpless with regards to the situation as I am in no position to challenge the system that SMU has set aside as a guideline.

The degree that I was interested to take up from SMU was the Bachelor of Business (Management). I feel that to be taking a business degree from a reputable local university as compared to a foreign university will incur less damage on my wallet as being based in SGmeans that I will be able to stay in the country that I was born and raised in and will not be fraught with cultural / settling in issues as compared to studying abroad in a totally foreign country which is out of my comfort zone.


Having a Diploma in Tourism Management from a private hospitality institution doesn’t equate to me being a failure during my “O” Levels and thus since my parents have the money, they should just enrol me in one of the region’s most expensive tertiary education¬†institutions

That wasn’t the primary reason.

I chose to take up a diploma from SHATEC Institutes as back then, word was is that the SG government was planning to build two IntegratedResorts and being equipped with a diploma which is specialized for the tourism market will make me an asset to any tourism-related organization. Since I knew I always had a passion for service, I decided to enrol into SHATEC Institutes as it doesn’t hurt to want to learn from the best hospitality schools in the region. Back then TPcame up with a tourism-related diploma too, but I wasn’t keen on the school / diploma as they were still relatively new in the industry as compared to SHATEC Institutes who is a veteran in the industry.

Going into a private tertiary institution doesn’t equate to us being the lousiest bunch of students who have the money yet don’t have the secondary educational qualifications to go far.


That was and still is a common sterotype that people will have when they hear that you are from SHATEC Institutes. I am very certain the stereotypes are wrong as my previous alumni includes top chefs and restaurant owners like Ignatius Chan from the highly-rated Iggy’s and so on. The school has developed and nurtured many talents who are already making big bucks in the tourism industry and some even have gone around owning their own events company all thanks to SHATEC Institutes who has been the best-est investment of a launch pad for a career in the tourism industry; that I don’t deny and I am sure the graduates will agree with me too.

: )

For now, I bear no resentment against SMU despite the major (I don’t deny it) crush to the man-ego that I have. I’ll take in my stride;

It’s not my loss, it’s theirs.


PS: I hope there will be a school that will grant me a place in their school to pursue my degree course. I will work hard, I won’t let you down and I will make your investment in me an investment worth every single penny and dime.

That’s my promise.

March 13th, 2009: SSC

After spending the last week or so with the SMU application forms (I submitted my online application form today!), Jo decided to give me a much-needed treat.

She said we are heading somewhere in the West and we need to hurry before 7.30pm so yeah, immediately after tying up the loose ends of the SMU application, we boarded the train to Jurong East. Upon descending, she hurried me to the bus interchange and we hopped on to a bus (which I can’t remember for the life of me) and the bus sped off in the near darkness of nightfall.

Then I came across Science Centre when I was in the bus and she rushed for the bell and we exitted the bus.

So apparently, my special treat was:

Welcome to Singapore Science Centre!
I thought the mad rushing was done.

I was so, so wrong.

Haha ūüôā In Science Centre, Jo rushed (for the umpteenth time) and I was losing my breath just catching up with her. She bought a pair of tickets and proceeded to the Alps Exhibition. The Alps Exhibition was cool! It was full of all the details about how the glacial formations came about and how global warming is affecting the glaciers in a negative way. I seriously thought that was it until Jo pulled me to a counter and told me that we are watching a movie.


I thought it was a typical theatre until I stepped in, it looked super cool! It’s dome shape and Jo said that the seats moved! I was wow-ed over! I couldn’t believe my ears!

“Moving seats?! Will I fall off the seat?”


I kept asking her the same question over and over again.

They MOVE!

When the movie started, I couldn’t stop gushing over how amazing the entire atmosphere just felt surreal. I find the Rules & Regulations prior to the movie absolutely hilarious as one of the rule was something like,

If you feel dizzy from the intense movement of the film, please be advised to close your eyes for a while…”


We watched an IMAX Movie,¬†The Alps. It was as though I am in The Alps! The entire dome-shaped screen was filled with the images and the seats really moved! Thank goodness I didn’t feel dizzy or else I’ll prolly have to close my eyes and miss out on the show, even if it was for a wee bit!

The movie is about the mountaineer,¬†Josh Harlin III who conquered the Northern phase of the Alps, known to be the most dangerous and tiring route to the top of the Alps, ever. He was doing the climb to inspire his daughter Sienna and also in memory of his father, (RIP) Josh Harlin II who met his untimely death during his one and only climb up the same route. Josh Harlin III carried the burden of his father’s death for over twenty years before he plucked up the courage to take the challenge of putting his past behind him by attempting the climb. He was accompanied by a husband & wife team of mountaineers who were real good in the sport and they managed to make their way up to the Alps despite the less-than-encouraging dipping temperatures.

It was a very engaging and somewhat bittersweet movie but the bummer was it was short. Approximately 45 minutes?


Oh yes, before the movie started, we camwhored. Like usual : )


After the movie, I was rushed through one of the galleries and instructed to follow Jo’s lead. She brought me to the observation tower to view stars! Sadly, that night was pretty cloudy and there was only one star which I could see with my naked eyes but it sure was a thrill!

Plus, the influx of adorable yet superbly friendly smarty-pants / geeks didn’t hurt one bit.


You see, I heart geeks.


It definitely would be a better outing if the weather was much more co-operating but again, I guess He has his ways of doing things yah? Nevertheless, a million thanks to Jo for planning this up, I sure had truckloads of fun and I hope you did too!


March 11th, 2009: Impromptu 1

It was an impromptu meet-up of sorts as I wasn’t expecting to meet up with him at Roxy.

But, I did ; )

And boy was I surprised yet elated at the same time as I had a good company to go window-shopping with after my pedicure session.


I had McDonald’s for brunch in the pedicure place and when I met Muzzy, he wanted to eat McDonald’s as a quick fill-me-up before we headed out so we headed to opposite PP to dine at the McDonald’s outlet there. Whilst he was eating, he commented I had a bugger in my nose. Being the vain pot that I am, I actually believed him, excused myself and went to the restroom to do a quick check.


I actually fell for the trick, you asshole.


Upon reaching back at the table, other than the fact that I was greeted with a sinister-looking Muzzy, I was greeted with another patron of McDonald’s!

Check her out!

Ms Ladybird

Her name is Ms Ladybird. How unoriginal, I know but yeah. That was the only name in my mind back then. But I can safely say that this is the first time that I come across a ladybird which is orange and not the usual red-with-black-dots ladybird as popularized by the toddler and young adult books that I’ve read. Strange but true.

Much to my disapproval, Muzzy intended to leave her there. Gosh! Imagine how unsafe McDonalds may be. People may just end up squashing her to death or swat her against the walls and then it wouldn’t be a pretty sight to see in a fastfood restaurant isn’t it? For all you know, that could be the last few ladybird species in the world!

So I did Ms Ladybird a favor by putting her on my hand (oh yes, I don’t go all queasy in the presence of animals / insects sans roaches and lizards and frogs) and brought her to the garden nearby McDonald’s. I hope she’s safe there and will stop eating in the outlet and start mixing with her own kind! Heh : )




After that, we headed to Suntec with the intention of going to the Body Shop’s Warehouse Sale. We walked around and around but we really are pretty bad with memorizing the details man. ANYWAY, when we finally did arrive at the Warehouse Sale, we were greeted with women, plenty and plenty of women sandwiched between each other just trying to make their way to the front-row to grab whatever their hands could grab.

I didn’t last 10 minutes there, I got all claustrophobic even though I had some times in mind to buy and decided to exit. Oh yes, the thing about me is if I get claustrophobic, I get a cold sweat so yeah. It was tough leaving the place when all TBS’s items are going at slashed prices but I’d rather shop at the comforts of my own space in any given TBS outlet than to push and shove my way through the crowds.

My biggest fear will be to pick up the last thing on the shelf and only to end up on a “pulling” frenzy against another customer who was eyeing the other end of the thing and we end up tearing each other’s hair out.

Eww, that would be horrific and totally not glamorous at all.




So we headed to Andersen’s (again) to eat a light waffles¬†dessert before dinner time¬†as I was craving for waffles. It didn’t take us long before the smell of fresh waffles were wafting the air and we both were like two small kids prancing restlessly on the seat waiting for our waffles!


 He says I look evil in the peekture, like some pixie / imp.

Ah, first day you know me Muzzy?

= P




We dined in at Siam Kitchen and I did a similar dare to Muzzy as what I dared Jo before but this time, the bet was upped to a cool $5.

Check out his face:

Padi Dare!

I actually took a two minute clip of the entire dare but Muzzy have yet to send me the CD with the entire photos of all of our recent outings.

Slow poke.

After the spicy yet yummilicious Thai dinner, we headed to our *SECRET* favorite new place at Changi.


There, we talked and watched the planes take-off while we watched the night magically turned into a midnight blue as the night progressed into early morning.




Times with Muzzy are always fun; it’s amazing how I never talked to him during my first few encounters with him in SHATEC Institutes. Maybe He has His reasons yeah?

: ) Maybe.

March 7th, 2009: SMU&J

It was a dream Open House, Singapore Management University. It was so surreal, I thought I was just dreaming. Even a cruel twist of fate of a major eye infection (which swelled up my entire right eye) didn’t stop me from attending the Open House. The day started out cloudy and I was adamant on going despite the pain in the eye.

After breaking up with X in Jul ’09, graduating from SHATEC Institutes in Nov ’09 and physically being there at home to keep an eye on Dad & Grams, I was finally, taking the next step to crafting out my future.

Yes, future.

A word non-existent in my life when I was living a tormenting life with the X.

A word so highly-forbidden, just muttering it softly under my breath is for me to get an earful lecture (or two!) from X.

Yes. He was one of those who believe that women shouldn’t bother studying as they will end up being home-makers and thus rendering their degrees useless and a waste of time / money. He believed that women, should always be submissive and listen to their powerful significant other even when it comes to what color underwear I want to wear of the day.

And to think that I am the sort of girl who views my independence and liberty as a given right and, not a choice.

It wasn’t easy living through three years of brainwashing. It wasn’t easy trying to live up to someone’s expectations. It wasn’t easy trying to be someone you know you so are not meant to be. It wasn’t easy being forced to do countless things you know is morally wrong yet have to go through them all to prove how much you love the other party. And through all of that shit I went through, it wasn’t easy to come out alive and virtually unscathed.

I’m lucky to be able to sit down here and share my painful first love experience that I have had; even though it is the last thing I ever want to remember, and all that I want is to be struck with amnesia for the period from Aug ’05 to Aug ’08 just because the thought of how naive and stupid I was is enough to make me cry my lungs out over and over again.

He will never leave my mind, as much as I want to. I will always be haunted by him. But the time I took between the break-up until now are spent to get my life back on track. And in March ’09, I felt that I was ready to get out of my nest and thrust myself into the future and what lies ahead for me in the next few years thus, what better way to start it out if it wasn’t to go for the SMU Open House ’09.

I remember walking under the MRT tracks as I was making my way to meet Jo to go for the SMU and having flashes of the past flooding through my head.


“You can’t get a degree, you are too stupid to¬†get it.”

“You don’t have the money to get the degree you bitch.”

“You think you will get that BMW with a degree?”

“You are a fucking Malay, you won’t make it big.”

“You will only make it if you sleep around with the right people.”

“I am not getting a degree, you shouldn’t too.”

“You will be paid more than me, that will make you arrogant.”

“You are meant to be my wife and my wife will do nothing but to be a loyal housewife and there is no way I am going to let her work. She’ll prolly be a tramp if she does work!”


Oh yes. I will remember those. Not because they hurt (they still do) but because they serve as a reminder to how high my expectations of myself will be when it comes to achieving my best and proving my detractors wrong.


Anyway, it was a fruitful experience. More so with Jo as a fabulous company. And and and, the Vietnamese restaurant we dined at was superbly nice!


Here are some of the peektures!

Fried Vegetable PopiahLemongrass ChickenJo's Pho Soup


I initiated a $2 dare for Jo to eat that spicy chilli padi without drinking water for at least 1 minute. HAHA : ) She was leading until she rushed for her drink at the tail-end of the minute. I did give her $2 for being such a good sport though. And honestly, one teenie-weenie bot of the chilli padi is enough to get you to gulp down the entire glass of water that you have on the table. The worse part? The spiciness lingers even after the meal regardless of what you drink to drown the spiciness!

: )

It sure was a ball of fun though, we created such a buzz in the restaurant, we prolly did a favor to the restaurant to by bringing in the dinner crowds from our ruckus and noise!

Here is my favorite peekture for the day and so far in all our photos taken together:


And by the way, that was Shot #32.

Oh yes, we camwhore truckloads together! And I love every bit of the camwhoring & the company; she is da Bomb!



March 6th, 2009: SM&J

I have an obsession. Ok, maybe not exactly an obsession but more like an addiction. I am addicted to this:
Tempura Prawn Fettucine in Wafu Sauce!

I have to say, Shokudo serves the best pasta yet I am somewhat surprised my friends are not as much of a huge fan of them like me. Le sigh. You know,¬† I honestly can go on and on about how I contemplated getting a second serving of this same pasta but yeah, my feminine side stopped me. I don’t want to risk looking like a glutton who hadn’t eaten in as many weeks and end up scaring my Prince Charming who could possibly be walking around Cineleisure and seeing me in my glutton-worse.

Hee : )

Ok, so talking about food is making me crave about it all over again so I should move on to the next topic. On that day, I lunched with Jo and we discussed about my university options from the sackful of brochures I got from the C&C Fair the previous day!

Jojo 2

And oh! Check out the mess that she left behind at Shokudo!

Jo's Mess

I can’t take it can. She’s so messy. Gosh.

Anyway, after the lunch / dinner, we headed to the movies to watch Marley & Me. There are two reasons why I wanted to catch the movie:

1) I love Golden Retrievers and I read somewhere if I were to keep a dog, it had to be a Labrador Retriever as the breed matches my personality. Marley & Me features a Lab Retriever!

2) I basically love dogs, ok, animals in general. But I resorted to cats as they are much more easier to take care of and they are not prohibited by my religion. However, after my break-up with the then-boyfriend, I stayed away from cats as they reminded me of my cats under the then-boyfriends care. Those cats were my life and if there is anything I regret from the break-up, it has to be the regret of not being able to see my cats anymore.

Le sigh.




I’ll show the different cats under “our” care back then in chronological order.

BabyMimi the StrayVik




(Left-Right: Baby, Boy, Mimi (First Row) Nick, Romeo, Boy (Second Row))

I will talk more about them in due time, I promise.

Well, don’t worry. I have Jojo Tiger now to keep me happy and I am more than happy to shower all the love I have to offer to him, and only him.

: )

Till then, toodles!


: )