Miffed by Cortisol


I have been working for the last seven years of my life since graduating from school in numerous industries and I have never looked into delving into the line of sales. It was until recently that I feel that there is a reason to consider trying out sales to further hone my skills in something that I am not familiar with.

So I tried sales and although 70% of the time was spent happily serving potential consumers and giving my best in terms of customer service, I admit that I am not a pushy person by nature. Somehow, the remaining 30% of negative experience is actually detrimental to my easy-going nature as I feel that I am close to becoming an even pushier person now.

It is one thing to be a sales person in a slow-moving industry but I draw my lines at potential customers who fan all over me and when after two or three appointments, they feign ignorance of their initial interest. I don’t quite understand how people can consider being so friendly and nice one time and rude and nonchalant after that. They come across as two-faced. What ever happened to sincerity? I rather be turned away by a polite person than a person who “pretends” to be interested one minute and then says in a condescending tone that the are no longer interested.

I have to keep reminding myself not to take their words too seriously.

At the end of the day, my purpose in the sales line is mainly to gain practical knowledge on how to further boost my confidence in talking to random strangers, improve my telephone etiquette and so on but sometimes, those small negative things do hamper my spirit. Picking up new skills is the best asset I can walk away with from the sales line as trust me, it is true that sales doesn’t pay you well in terms of a basic salary but truthfully, the commissions are the reason why so many people last there for so so long.

I don’t foresee myself to last long in this industry but I do hope the lessons I learn now will help to make me a better asset to the next organization that I am going to set my sights on. I always have to keep reminding myself to take all the negativity with a pinch of salt like the saying,

“Exhale the bad, inhale the good.”

Well, I’ve got to do more inhaling now.

Follow-up calls all afternoon yesterday was remotely depressing.

I should go and kick out the excessive cortisol running through my bloodstream pronto.