January to May 2010

As I sat down in quiet contentment at 0439 am this morning, listening to some mellow Indonesian music, I reflected on the months of January – May 2010 that has gone by in a jiffy.


I recalled January being the start of my McDonald’s adventure. It was scary, nerve-wrecking but at the same time, not knowing what’s there ahead of me made the whole ride extremely thrilling. It was daunting to begin with as technically, I’ve never worked my entire life and this was officially my first job. How would I fare, I asked myself a million times ? I guess only time could tell everything.

February was traditionally the month of Love. Till this month, I was officially single for the last 18 months and counting. Not bad considering I was the sort who was devoted to one guy for 3 years of my life and did not even turned around to see the other wonderful guys out there available for me. I thought I wouldn’t survive living alone, without a boyfriend’s arm wrapped around me but thanks to Him, I was able to stand up and walk all over again. Thanks be to God. Oh yes, how can I forget February 15th was day my ex’s Mum and sister spotted me working at WS. That was the defining moment whereby I thought my bubble had burst.

March, I remembered her being the month I was slaughtered upside down, inside out by this thing called WSQ. I still remember the person who nearly ruined my hope of settling down in McDonald’s. I mean, who doesn’t ? Her name was Jenny Kwa and she was the internal Assessor for McDonald’s and her psychological tests on me were brutal, I walked home bawling my eyes out and threatening to quit the system on the very same day. March was also the date I met a new friend, let’s just call him SJ. To say we went out on a date would be true but it wasn’t the I-see-a-potential-boyfriend-in-him-and-vice-versa kind of date. It was more of testing waters as to whether I am ready to start meeting and getting to know new guys.

April; sadly was the only April in recent times that I did not fall for any pranks set up by my friends. It would have been my 6th Month Anniversary with The WOW Experience on April 2nd if I was still with them. Oh yes, that was truly one of the best holiday jobs I’ve ever had 🙂 April also was my 1st Assistant’s wedding day, April 4th. This was also the month I realised that SJ isn’t my type of guy when I realised his ego is greater than that of any man. Associating the word “dog” was enough to raise the ire in his eyes and that totally reminded me of Isaac; so totally not cool at all. April 16th was the day I ran my first shift !

May is officially the Hobibelanja month as it was her 23rd Birthday:

There’s nothing else more important than her birthday. Period 🙂


So anyway, the purpose of this post isn’t to bring up past hurt or broadcast my dwindling social life. It is more of a testament as to how the months of 2010 has evolved me as a person. A better person in my opinion, far better than before.



The What-Ifs in Life

Funny how when it comes to dealing with anything blood or emergency, I am the first one to respond to the call. Sometimes I wonder whether my stint in this frontline service industry is just my second-best choice meant to cover up my actual desire to serve others in a hospital or an emergency kind of environment. After all, I didn’t work hard enough during my “O” Levels and I have no one but myself to be blamed. I needed sterling results to enrol into a top Junior College so that I can study medicine at NUS but back then, I didn’t have much drive to want to excel.

Back then, my motto was just to have fun 365 days a year. It took me a long while before I realised how far behind I am when it comes to achieving my dream and by then, the opportunity has already gone off with the wind just like always. People say, golden opportunities knock only once in your lifetime and sadly, I was too blinded by silver that I forgot the golden pot hidden behind every rainbow.

So I told myself, just try out this service industry where our lives revolve around making others happy by serving up sizeable portions of food and service from the heart. It is definitely a different kind of “service” as compared to the medical industry but it is somewhat similar isn’t it? But there are times whereby I feel that what satisfaction I get isn’t up to the level I was yearning to feel.

If I really let my mind wander, I always wondered what it’s like to be donning the white lab coat and having a stethoscope hung loosely around my neck. But other times, I slap myself for thinking too much about the what-ifs in life. I’m not saying I don’t treasure my time in the service industry. I do, it fact starting out from SHATEC Institutes and garnering that elusive scholarship gave me a sense of redemption of sorts. But considering the fact that I don’t freak out when I’m faced with blood and road accidents; it should mean something shouldn’t it? I don’t need a show-stopping career move; maybe just something that will make me feel that my mission in life is actually on the road of fulfilment.


 I think I have grown more drawn to staying home and doing my own things as compared to heading out to hang out till the late nights. As strange as it may seem, I feel myself veering towards spending my time with just the selected, treasured few as opposed to the newly-found friends as WOW & McDonald’s.

Lord, I think I am the only 21 year old who doesn’t club, has stopped drinking and is the most contented when she’s home tending to her gardens, playing with her hamster or just blog-shopping. I have evolved into a Plain Jane and I love the entrance into a more peaceful and solitude kind of life.

I think I just need yoga to make me complete now. Or perhaps, that much dreamed about class at Jitterbugs to unleash the inner Shakira in me, heh.


Have a Peaceful Day Everyone!

What Would You Do?

If at this very point in time, you are told to abandon the very outlet that look forward to each and every weekend for the recent months so as to keep to the contractual terms you have with your new venture?





















It will definitely be the most difficult decision for me to make and I will definitely take my time and hopefully, come up with a consensus soon before word leaks out to the rest of the world.


I seriously hate choosing, why can’t I have the best of both worlds should I be able to cope with it?

Major News!

Since I am blessed with the luxury of time today, I shall announce to my fellow loyal readers out there and also to confirm to my dearest BFFs that from tomorrow onwards, I will be a Trainee Manager at McDonald’s Singapore’s outlet in the Eastern side of Singapore. I have been blessed to be selected for the Fast-Track Development Program whereby I will be tasked to take up the position of a Restaurant Manager by going through the non-conventional three-year route instead of the conventional six-years to be a full-fledged Restaurant Manager. I will be understudying the Restaurant Manager & his Assistant Managers for a period of four months, before I become promoted to a 2nd Assistant Manager for a period of 10 months, then 1st Assistant Manager for the next 10 months and subsequently, a Restaurant Manager within three years. It will be a major pressure-cooker environment for me as aside from the fact that I am not McDonald’s trained, I will have to learn everything from scratch like a normal Crew on top of handling the responsibilities of a Manager. A Restaurant Manager owns the same outlet that he / she oversees the entire spectrum of restaurant management and she will be directly responsible for the restaurant that he or she owns.

Tell me, is that coolness or what?! I know I have an uphill battle against time but at the same time, I am all jittery just thinking about it! Let’s hope that the next few years will be a pleasant experience ahead for me and also, I pray, pray hard that my new crew and managers will be nice to me.


As for WOW, I have yet to consider resigning or not. My heart and head tells me to stay but my new contractual obligations forbids me from undertaking another job outside McDonald’s. I’m looking forward to meeting my WOW boss end of next week and hope that things will be as rosy as always.

People, wish and pray for the best for me. I am mad scared to lose WOW when I know I am having the best time of my life there. I understand that my loyalty lies with McDonald’s now but just because McDonald’s has gone around offering me a lucrative full-time job, I know it isn’t right if I forget the very few people who have been good to me when the job-hunt has been bad on me. I am fiercely loyal, the last thing that I want is to forgo a wonderful relationship with a bunch of wonderful people for the sake of moving ahead in my career life.



2 0 1 0

Today, as the clock strikes midnight and we usher in the new year, I won’t be joining the throngs of crowds located at the 19 over countdown parties held all around Singapore. Unlike the majority of the Singaporeans out there, I will not be celebrating the dawn of a new year in the company of a thousand and one strangers.

Matter of fact, I am sitting idly at home, waiting for the date clocks around the house to move the year notch from 2009 to 2010. I don’t know, perhaps that is the only kind of celebration that I am seeking this year. And yes, I am spending my new year at home, in the quiet comforts of my Toby and Joby.

(The former is the laptop, the latter is the hamster 🙂 )

I feel very toned down this year as compared to the previous few years where I celebrated the new year with endless fireworks deafening my eyes till and partying till the wee hours of the morning. I feel rather old as compared to the party-going crowd as I have turned down countdown parties planned by the WOW people and some friends as well.  I guess turning 21 has made me become more adult; I have successfully kept to my 2009 resolution to quit the drinking and I am very proud of that as honestly, kicking the habit is the single most hardest thing to curb in my entire life as my weekly schedule revolves heavily on it.

So for this year, I resolute to make it another year that I quit alcohol and also, I would love to be able to carve out a proper career path for myself. Come January 3rd 2010, many things will happen in terms of career-wise and I look forward to it as I think I am ready to put away the past 2009 which was filled with more obstacles than the previous few years. I look forward to better days ahead with the lovely family and although I know the friendships I have now will be severely tested by the distance and time together, I hope the three solid friendships that I have with over in the last few years will be able to withstand the sands of time. Also, I hope the friendships with the other friends be even closer like never before.

Here’s a special dedication to the three most wonderful friends God has bestowed upon me:

To Martian, cheers to the nine-year old friendship, let’s make it to the decade mark next year with a holiday ok? To Hobibelanja, thank you for standing by me from the first day in SHATEC Institutes till now. Also, I really appreciated your presence when I broke up with my ex-boyfriend (and how you offered to come over to my place to be with me then) and when my grandmother passed away (and you stayed with me the entire night and came down straight after school for the funeral); they are all still very fresh in my mind. To Muzzy-Wuzzy, sometimes I think it’s ironic that the boy I tease endlessly happen to actually harbor feelings for me during those school days. Nevertheless, thank you for taking a step out of your comfort zone and being an accidental friend and then some. Looking forward to paaj sal baad!


Happy New Year 2010 Everyone,
May your new year be filled with nothing but love, love and more love.


Confession #2850

I am writing this post in the aftermath from yesterday’s Christmas Party with the WOW family. To say that I had buckets of fun would be an understatement although I believe the memory will serve to be the best form of reminder for the days and years to come. The party brought together a large part of the WOW company, namely 34 PT & FT Combatants came together for this trip to Batam. The location was at Batam View Beach Hotel & Resort whereby a picturesque environment awaits you when you set afoot here.

Check out there corporate website and you’ll understand what I am talking about:

I would gladly extend my stay here to discover more uncharted parts of Batam but with the halting Bahasa Indonesia that I have on hand & the lack of the usual travelling suspects, I left Batam with a heavy heart as I know there is more to the island than the typical name of an “Ah Pek’s Paradise“. Sure, the place is not as developed as Singapore and they won’t win awards as compared to my 2008 trip to Bintan but I know granted time, I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up being on par or even better than Bintan. I’d love to come here again with an Indonesian so as to make me feel more like a local. I know next year, I will be heading to an Indonesian state to celebrate a major event in my best friend’s life. For that trip, I know my stay will hover between five to seven days and I am so looking forward to immersing myself even deeper into the Indonesian way of life.

I mean, the food’s awesome possum, the things there are jaw-droppingly cheap and the climate isn’t much of a difference as compared to Singapore thus I’d love to discover Indonesia, one state and a time. Plus, I know Indonesia is one of the very few places where I can go to and be a millionaire.

🙂 Ka-ching! Ka-ching!

The Batam trip with the WOW people highlighted numerous facts about the company. The first and most obvious one is the company works as hard as they play. I like that working culture very much and I really still think it’s the best job on Planet Earth. Secondly, drinking is a WOW way of life. Yes, many of those closest to me know about my past transgressions with the bubbly but most of you don’t know that since the start of 2009, I have made the resolution / vow to stay away from the alcohol. I don’t have a reason behind giving up on my alcoholic ways but I reckon its more of me outgrowing my old habits. Thus far, I have been able to keep to my resolution and coming to the Batam trip, I was very hesitant about counting in my attendance as I know drinking will definitely be the only Order of the Day & Night. Even XY was telling me the 1001 reasons why I shouldn’t go and 501 of them revolve around,

“Batam Trip is about getting drunk, you vowed to stay away from it so why do you want to seek the trouble?”

(The 500 other reasons why he didn’t want me to go as he says he will miss me too much, heh. Sorry XY, I just have to add this part in!)


But anyway, being the ever-so-stubborn me (It’s a proven Cancerian trait), I went ahead with the trip. My main reason for going was to see whether I can handle the temptation of the alcohol since I know my boss will be bringing and ordering plenty of them. Yes, it’s kind of the anti of prudence but I know I wouldn’t know whether I have kicked the addiction to alcohol unless I try surrounding myself in them. It was a huge ass gamble to take but I know regardless, I would be responsible for my own actions.

At lunch-time, the drinks served before boarding the ferry were the heavy beers such as Amsterdam Maximator & Amsterdam Navigator. Good Lord, for the alcoholic life of me, I never drink when the sun is up. There is some sort of “weirdness” to drinking in the day, full-stop. A couple of the men bought like 24 cans of the premium lager and this went around to anyone and everyone who was up for beer at 1345 hours. On top of that, they brought along three bottles of red wine, two bottles of rum and a bottle of Smirnoff. I thought that was all the alcohol they are bringing in to Batam but apparently I was so wrong. At the duty-free, they bought 3 bottles of Chivas VSOP, two Jose Cuervo Tequila and another bottle of Smirnoff.

I seriously don’t understand why people prefer Smirnoff to Absolut. I’ll gladly bottoms up the latter any day.

Anyway, fast forward to the party, Heineken was served in cans and it was free flow all night long. Imagine the amount of alcohol that was there all night long! We played some games along the way and honestly, I was one of the two people out of the 34 who didn’t drink and I seriously felt my strength at its weakest.

I could smell the tequila and Chivas everywhere around me as everyone was told to down two shots each time they lose the game and my colleague gamely downed my two shots on my behalf. Trust me when I say that I feel utterly helpless just watching everyone else downing the shots and dancing merrily while I was watching everyone turn from sober to sheer drunken-ness beyond contempt. I miss those days, really. I won’t try to lie to you ‘cos I know those days when I get to dance and make merry all night long with the groupies were one of the best days of my life. Life seemed a million times more easier then. 

But I guess age has taken its toll on me despite only being a 21-year-old. I decided that since I can’t drink, I do the pouring and mixing of the shots since there was a time where I wished I could be a bartender as I love the mixing of drinks. Doing that kept my mind away from the need to drink and I was well on my way to getting my colleagues even more tipsy than ever.


When everyone was on the dance floor, one of my colleagues pulled me along to dance with him and I relented. I’ve never danced without drinking and for once, I knew what that felt like. It was different, yes but at the same time, I know I am in the right state of mind to know what is going on and whether someone is grabbing my ass out of sheer drunkenness or pretend drunkenness. Thankfully, my ass wasn’t groped that night as despite downing over 25 shots a piece, the men were pretty strong drinkers. I kinda wished I could challenge with them as I know during my heydays, I easily beat the boys when it comes to who survives the shots at the end of the night without getting wasted.

When I grew tired of dancing, I told my room-mate who is in the Halal Room 338 (The name was coined up as a private joke between the 98% of the Non-Muslims in the company and the 2% of Muslims) as me that I was going to go back to the room to put away the remaining cupcakes in the fridge. She continued partying and drinking and I went ahead to my room. There were a couple of them who were not into the drinking and dancing and they were in their respective rooms too and I felt less “different” than the drinking groups. I went to my room, put the cupcakes near the fridge and just stared into space. Literally.

Gone were the days where I would drink merrily without a care in the world. I honestly felt down that I have really wriggled my way out of alcohol that I felt immensely lonely. It felt like cold turkey you know? Even Mimi as company wasn’t enough. So I decided to call home as I know that Mama & Papa’s voice are the comfort that I always cherish in times of need.

I called home despite rudely waking my parents up from their sleep (time in SG is one hour ahead of Batam and I called them at 2300 hours Indo time) and upon hearing my Mama’s voice, my soul was soothed and nursed back to “health”. I talked to Mama for awhile and then later on called XY to tell him that I have not sipped a single bit of alcohol and that kept me happy for a while. Pathetic, I know.

I don’t know how much I’ve changed over this year but I know this change would be the best change that has happened to me. I’m so proud to know that despite dabbling with the bubbly at such a tender age of 17, I was able to kick the habit at 21 where drinking is a way of life. My family played a pivotal role in this change although they don’t know a word about my past but I know at the end of the day, I’m glad I make the switch back to the right path. So, so glad that I have finally outgrown my immatured ways and being more of a responsible adult.

Oh, as for the party, the wasted ones were the girls as they created such a big ruckus in the hotel that the Management was this close to throwing them out of the hotel. But lo behold, when a girl gets wasted, it’s always messy and never pretty. I do pity the girls who were puking their heads off in the lift, the walkways, the toilet, the room and have their hair being soaked in their own vomit. As much as it’s a night to drink and party the night away, it still is a company trip and professionalism is still part of the rules.

HELLO From Batam!

This is the view that will be greeting me in the morning tomorrow when I wake up after the Christmas Party & Induction. Lovely isn’t it? It’s like a picture straight out of Bali instead of Batam! Plus, this is only like the first few views at this resort, Lord knows how much more beauty we have in stored for us for this trip!

Oh and yes, I brought along cupcakes made especially for the WOW people as a treat to them for being such lovely souls thus far, here are the pictures of the cupcakes for the bosses (Cupcake Quantity: 4) & for the colleagues (Cupcake Quantity: 35) >>>

I so so so can’t wait for the party later on tonight as the theme is “Kids R Us” and I have brought along my props to transform my humble self into me when I was 4 years old and attending pre-primary school / kindergarten!


The Season of Giving

I feel that this month of December is zooming by faster than a Bugatti Veyron hitting the century mark. Good golly, it is already like mid-way through December and I have not wrapped my Christmas presents yet! Since when does time sit on top of me, I thought I have the better grip of time all this while..

Speaking of time, if there is one thing I regret out of my year-long sabbatical away from a full-time job and pursuing my studies, it would have to be the fact that I didn’t spend a portion of my time doing what I love to do best without the need of any moolahs.


It has been ages since I last invested time in worth causes apart from my climate-changing projects as at the end of the day, a work-life balance is mandatory to ensure that one continues to stay grounded in life. Now that my days are spent counting down to 2010 when my career at McDonald’s takes off, I have this teenie-weenie dollop of regret that I didn’t spend my free time contributing back to the community and people who have made me who I am now. Granted, I would love to be able to invest my time to the needy kids and elderly. More of the former for sure since I love kids so much 🙂 But hopefully when I start McDonald’s, I will be able to continue my position at WOW and be able to contribute to the community and also set aside time for some self-development on my end.

I am a better person walking out of 2009 and I strive to be even better in 2010. It’s time I make a difference, however small in this world.

WOW in TNP (Sunday Edition)

For those of you who want to know even more about Combat Skirmish (A subsidary of The WOW Experience), here’s today’s The New Paper (Sunday Edition) which features one of the activities available in our company. Also, it is one of the two most popular activities in WOW apart from Water ZOVB!


Here are the players from the Dating Challenge (they were playing last week but the feature was slated for today only!) feature in The New Paper with a fraction of our guns and harnesses:

Here’s the two-page feature on the centre-page of The New Paper on Sunday, dated December 13th 2009:

I’ve conveniently zoomed in to the write-up and it will be in the next three pictures!

I am proud to say that I was one of the three WOW staff who was involved in coordinating the actual day of the event although the photographers did not add any pictures with us in it.


I guess the three of us are too cute for the cameras and may inadvertently steal the limelight from the Dating Challenge people?

But anyway, if you guys are interested on conducting anything outdoors, you know who to call yeah? The numbers are all there but if you want an even faster response, leave a comment in my WP here. After all, I am working with WOW and would gladly help to create the ideal outdoor party for you, your brothers, your  your uncles, your cousins and so forth; you get the drift!


Houston, We Have A Problem!

Today, a bloody (and I mean literally) accident happened during the last mission for my workslot at NTU with 36 NTU undergraduates from the CAC Club. One tall and very charming looking (a little bit metro-ish too) man – I can’t possibly call a 23, 24-year-old “boy” right? – had a very bad fall and went back to my base to seek medical treatment. Being the doctor that wasn’t meant to be, I ran after him to check on the injuries which I reckon wasn just like a grazed knee or something. When he laid down, waiting for the First Aid box to arrive, many people swarmed around him but almost immediately took a step back. I didn’t know why until I made my way through the crowd and what greeted me was definitely the worst injury I’ve ever seen throughout the 20 odd deals I have done with WOW.

He had injuries on five parts of his body; his right palm which has stones cleared embedding the skin, his finger which scrapped through a twig or broken branch on the field, his grazed right knee with a blue-black sign of a future bruise and the worst of all, he tore (yes, tore) the epidermis just below his left knee and it was a bloody, messy sight to behold.

It was so bad that the other men walked aside and had that “induced vomiting” effect when you see something extremely bloody & bad. No guess where the girls were; they were screaming in agony while the actual injured man just laid on the grass as I and another girl attended to him. But where were my three other staff? They stood far, far away despite being made up of two men who have gone through National Service and a woman. Good Lord, I was the youngest among all of them yet I was the one who readily approached the injured man, not knowing what to expect.

It was like a scene straight out of ER or Grey’s Anatomy, only that the injured man isn’t dying but more of turning pale for the extensive loss of blood to the grass that he laid on. The best part was he was superbly brave. He didn’t flinch in pain even though I know the pain must be unbearable since he had five injuries across his body and his skin on his shin / lower knee is dangling precariously in the sea of blood and membrane. I suspected that he has somewhat knocked out the second layer of dermis as the blood was flowing fast and furiously regardless of how all of us tried to stop the bleeding.

I removed any extra debris on his other injuries to prevent complications or the possibility of tetanus while the other girl pressed on the bloodied shin / knee. All this while, not one of my WOW staff came forth to help and neither did the other players from both teams; they gawked. The First Aid kit wasn’t adequately filled up with the all-important iodine solution or alcohol swabs hence we had to improvise by using layers and layers of gauze and sealed that with a thick layer of tissue and plasters to stop the bleeding and after like twenty eternity minutes of attending to him, he was able to stand and have a less gross shin / knee to show everyone. I insisted that one of the guys send him directly to a clinic or hospital to get his shin / knee stitched up and to get a round of tetanus jab before anything happens and I ensured he constantly keeps himself hydrated as he was getting paler by the minutes.

I was thankful that I was there as if I wasn’t, nobody who have been able to offer the proper medical attention to him and he would have possible gone into shock from the extensive loss of blood but at the same time, I wish I was granted the opportunity to be a medical doctor as per what my childhood dream was. I mean, I faced such a brutally gross injury ever witnessed and I had blood all over my hands etc but not once did I freaked out from the blood or the gross-ness of it. Also, I wish I had learnt Biology back in secondary school and also continue to hone my skills in First Aid. I want to be a certified First-Aider and hopefully then, I will be better equipped with even more medical knowledge than the average Joe. But for now, I think I will continue to be the unofficial doctor on call at work.


A Prowling Cougar

Today at work, I was doing Water ZOVB with eleven other colleagues at Singapore Sports School. Seems as though Singapore Sports School was hosting the Youth Friendship Camp 2010 whereby all the youth athletes participating in YOG next year are given a snippet of what Singapore is like and also to bring forth the different cultures that will be present on Singapore shores next year just like any major international event to be held here. We arrived early despite work being slated for 1700 hours hence I took the opportunity to walk around and immerse myself in the numerous national costumes the youth athletes were donning. Sure, I managed to see everything through my eyes as I seem to always conveniently forget to bring my camera for any of my work deal.

=.=” Major toot, I know. For a camwhore such as me, forgetting to bring my camera for 100% of my deals equates me to a total non-camwhore. I shall strive to bring my camera next time, at least then I will have a valid reason to not be subjected to the surprise throws into the pool when I least expect it. Heh, thank God I have a colleague who is a certified lifeguard (and she’s a girl – beat that boys!) as if not, trust me when I say that I will carry a floatation device if I go for any Water ZOVB deal. I am serious. I know I love the water very much and I have my Cancer crab as prove but throwing me into the deep end pool equates to an early death for me so do not ever attempt to throw me in there. I will strangle and dunk your head in the pool until you pass out.

Okaye, just kidding 😀

I had such a blast there today. Seeing youths who are on the verge of becoming the next Usain Bolt and Micheal Phelps made me silently wish that I was an athlete too as, who doesn’t want to date someone who is super-fit like 24/7 of the time? Better still if they are swimmers, they can persuade me to complete my swimming lessons which have been left to the dust of April 2008. After doing a poll of the average age of the youths present today, I have to say that I am immensely over-age as they are all between thirteen and eighteen while I am an adult with the ripe age of twenty-one. Hence, my chance of scoring with that NZ rugby boy or the Jamaican Leap Frog was shot down to a zero as seriously, they are too young for me and have the rugby balls and pole vaults to think about as compared to me.

Then again, I am game for some cubs if it is pre-destined that I become a cougar and snag a young and hotter man for life. I know Hollywood has been glamourizing the cougar women but really people, I was a cougar when I was 15 – that’s like infinity years before the Cougar Town series was even coined out by the producers and way before Ashton Kutcher married his cougar wife, Demi Moore – I was dating a 13-year-old boy 🙂 Haha, when you think about it, it seems as though I was dating someone young enough to be my younger brother but really, it wasn’t all that bad okaye. The best part, it lasted two years before I called it off due to my looming “O” levels back in 2004. Yes, I was a heartbreaker then yet he still continues to pursue me six years on to rekindle the old romance. It’s nice but when you think about it, hell no am I going to mother a younger boy till he reaches 25 and then marry him. I may just end up being the breadwinner and hell no; that’s like marrying into a permanent emotional baggage and marrying a man who will always be a baby to you.

Unless of course he can be someone who proves to be just as capable as the other men who are like 5, 6 years older than him. If he can prove that he is man enough as compared to his older peers and that age is not an issue to him, I suppose, why not?


A Short Getaway!

Dear ladies & gentlemen,

It is which much excitement that I announce that I continue to fulfill my yearly holiday escapades this year after all! Initially, I thought the year 2009 will be a year sans holidays as it is already December (gasps!) and I have yet to jet out of this country to R&R yet! Oh my Lord, I am either too free or too busy to plan my holiday all these while man that I need my boss to plan a holiday for me! Hee hee 😀  Then again, ever since I graduated from SHATEC Institutes, I am on a “holiday” as per what my friends tell me ‘cos  I was neither working nor studying. But hey, I had family commitments to take care of okaye 😛 Anyway, I am heading to an Indonesian Island, Batam and / or Bintan with my company and we will be celebrating Christmas for the first time in the company’s history, overseas!

So officially, I will be out of Singapore from December 22nd to 26th 2009 hence to my dearest readers, please take note of the dates that I won’t be in Singapore! And oh, don’t miss me!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Boy oh boy, things sure are going to get better by the days, I can smell it! It’s going to get better before I usher in 2010; I just know it.


Today I had back-to-back work slots spanning 1130 hours to 1830 hours at West Coast Park, Bouganvillea Park & Astrids Meadows; super fun but major tiring! Also, I have better news to come! My OJE is slated for this coming Wednesday, December 9th 2009 at Changi Airport Terminal 2 branch at 0900 hours! I sure as hell am looking forward to going behind the scenes of how McDonald’s burgers are served and made behind the kitchen!


The Tony & Jason Feature

For the blog readers in Singapore, I’m sure every one of us have heard of Xiaxue, the infamous blogger who shot to online stardom (I call it infamy) for being the only Asian girl who loves to bleach her hair regularly so that she looks like a ditzy blonde and her grasp of the English language… well, I highly suspect Ris Low (who is in this month’s Singapore FHM – what the bloody hell is that about, I have no idea) took her English lessons from her. The only good thing about her is she snagged a Caucasian boyfriend who happily splurges on her 24/7. However, I have no idea as to whether they are still an item as of press time. I don’t care, really. Anyway, in the video below allow me to introduce to you, Tony & Jason; two of my biggest and fittest seniors at WOW. They are so super damn strong, they can carry two girls on their sides like it’s a piece of cake without huffing and losing their breaths, believe me. Watch it for some outdoor survival knowledge and also if you are really in dire need of a beech to bitch about. Really, I can’t think of any other Singapore girl who is as dumb as her with the platinum locks to boot. And for God’s sake, cut down on the fake eye-lashes, platform flip-flops and extensive make-up. You are in the jungle woman!